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Why do I Wear Hair Extensions?

Why do I Wear Hair Extensions?

Why do I Wear Hair Extensions?

Why do I wear hair extensions? Now, that’s a good question. My answer simply put… I’m tired y’all!!! That pretty much sums up my biggest reason.
I am T.I.Red!!! lol

Between working a full time job, kids, a husband, parents retiring, my goals, working out, cooking, grocery shopping, going back to school and still trying to have somewhat of a social life. I’m exhausted! If I didn’t wear hair extensions, I’d have to grow Dread locks, and even those would probably be a hot mess because I would not have the time to take care of them the way they need it.

The little time I take to go to the salon every couple of months for a sew in is like meditation time for me. It’s the only opportunity I have to rest my mind and take a few hours to myself. It’s like a social hour.  I get to hear the ladies cackle on and on about tnheir man problems, nosey next-door neighbors, slutty friends, and the latest celebrity gossip.
I even get to chime in and add my 2 cents here and there.

After my stylist has hooked me up, it’s out the door for me. Feeling good.. Feeling fine like a glass of wine because my hair is slayed and I’ve had a chance to catch up with the girls and have a well needed therapeutic moment for myself.


Why do I Wear Hair Extensions?

Why do I Wear Hair Extensions? , hair extensions, Extensions, Weave hair, Weaves, clip in hair extensions, hair weave, human hair weave, hair storeNow, unfortunately having a moment like that every week trying to visit the hair salon to keep up with my real hair getting done, would have me flunking my classes (that I pay for out of pocket, because my student loan amounts are maxed out)Not only that, I’ll be missing out on what family time I could have at home with my kids and husband.  Not to mention, hearing my stylist talk about the new man she slept with EVERY WEEK!! will no doubt eventually push me to leave her to keep my own self-image intact, and that would have me in these streets desperate and looking cra cra in search for a new stylist to hook me up. (Like a newly single girl at the club for the first time in years.)

So,Yes for now, I think I’ll keep doing my hot oil treatments, making sure my hair is in a protective style, and keep getting my sew in weaves until my tresses scrape my ankles. But who knows, from what I hear about long hair care stories, and all the work, that goes into the hair care treatments, and overpriced hair products it takes to keep your hair healthy, I’d probably cut my hair into a short bob for the summer and be back in my 26-inch hair extensions for the winter… Why do you wear hair extensions???


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