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Why Are My Hair Extensions Dry, Matted and Tangled?

Why Are My Hair Extensions Dry, Matted and Tangled?

Why Are My Hair Extensions Dry, Matted and Tangled?

So you’ve had your virgin hair extensions installed for about a week or two. Now they are frizzy, dry, and
ratchet looking. And now you’re feeling desperate to get them back to the way they looked in the
packaging. There are a plethora of reasons why your extensions are now dry, matted and tangled.
Take it from me. I’ve been wearing hair extensions for years. I’ve wore some of the finest quality virgin
hair and I’ve also wore that cheap S#!* as well; and trust you don’t wanna go there. It’s a complete
waste of money in the long run. But to get back to the subject at hand. Over the years I have found that
the number one contributing factor to dry, matted and tangled hair extensions is plain and simple. IT’S

Why Are My Hair Extensions Dry, Matted, and Tangled?

To avoid this I would advise to stick with premium quality hair extensions. When you buy your hair from
a shifty vendor you can expect a shifty product. I encourage you to buy your hair from a company you
can trust or at least one you have done your research on.
Other than that, if you know you have high quality hair extensions there are several things that can
cause dry, matted and tangled hair extensions. Check out the list below.


Why Are My Hair Extensions Dry, Matted, and Tangled?

 Lack of natural oil- No different than your natural hair, your hair extensions need moisture to
stay healthy.
 Hard water exposure – This can damage your extensions causing them to become dry and

 Sun exposure – Too much sun can damage your hair extensions, making them prone to
becoming dry and brittle.
 Chlorine –Don’t even get me started on chlorine. Public enemy #1 for your hair extensions.
Chlorine contributes to your extensions becoming matted, tangled and unmanageable.

 Sea water – Not much different for hard water and chlorine. Sea water can also cause damage
to your hair extensions.
There are many factors that can affect the quality of hair extensions. To avoid causing further damage to
your hair extensions always make sure to keep them properly washed and conditioned. Give your hair
extensions the love and affection they deserve by giving them some extra TLC. Take care of your hair
extensions just like you would your very own natural hair.
Ladies, please let me know if this blog was helpful in any way. I would love to hear from you!


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