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When BAD WEAVES Happen to GOOD People

When BAD WEAVES Happen to GOOD People

When BAD WEAVES Happen to GOOD People

Ok ladies! I’ve don’t the best that I can do and I just can’t take it anymore! Not another minute. If I see
one more woman with a bad weave I’m going to scream. And loud!!! I mean one of those top of the
lungs screams. It is the year 2018 and we still have people out here walking around looking like “who
done it and who gone help fix it?” Now don’t get me wrong I understand bad weave happen to good
people, but something must be done… and NOW!!

I already know what you’re thinking… Damn! She’s in her feelings about this. LOL and maybe I am a little
bit. Well a lot of bit, but I am so tired of seeing women (esp. women of color) out here looking crazy. But
what really grinds my gears is the women that are well put together, meaning their makeup is flawless.
They have on nice clothes and shoes. Lawd forbid if they’re wearing a LV bag or Gucci bag. And once you
get to their hair it looks like a birds nest.

Like did you run out of money before you got to your hair?
I personally feel like its way too much knowledge out here and so many talented hair stylist for one not
to take full advantage of how far the hair extensions game has come. I understand not everyone can
afford luxury hair extensions.


When BAD WEAVES Happen to GOOD People


When BAD WEAVES Happen to GOOD People

Hell, I even get that not everyone can go to the hair salon to get their hair
done by a professional. Believe you me, I GET IT!! I haven’t always been in the position I am in now. But I
have always taken the time out of my day to make sure my hair looks good, well groomed, and
presentable. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but a woman’s hair should always represent her in a
classy and sophisticated way.

If you are one of those good people that have had a bad weave (I’m sure most of us have been there a
time or two in life) if you don’t take anything away from this blog, please take away that YouTube is your
friend! There are so many videos and step by step guides and tutorials on sew-ins, installing lace frontals
or closures and my personal favorite making wigs. Start practicing if you can’t afford or choose not to go
to a professional. Also PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your best to purchase high quality hair extensions.
Believe me, this will make your life so much easier and your hair should always look phenomenal.


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