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Trendy Hair Styles Ideas for Fall 2018

Trendy Hair Styles Ideas for Fall 2018

Trendy Hair Styles Ideas for Fall 2018

Is it just me or did summer fly by? The kiddies are already on their way back to school and summer vacations are officially over. While I love the summer months, along with all of the fun things that they bring, like pool parties, booty shorts and back yard BBQ’s. I am happy to know that autumn is amongst us. I LOVE everything about fall. It is by far my favorite season of the year. I LIVE for the fresh crisp air you feel in your hair while still feeling the warm sun on your skin. I love the changes in the trees and how beautiful the colors of the leaves look. But what I love most of all, is the new trendy hair style ideas for fall that I just cannot wait to try out. This blog will be covering some of the most trendy hair style ideas for the fall of 2018. Whether it be school girl plaits, the return of old hair accessories or new hair colors, this new seasons brings with it the perfect opportunity to try out some of the hottest new hair styles featured on the catwalk or passed down to the New York City streets.

BIG HAIR DON’T CARE! Big hair has made a major come back. No matter if it’s straight, wavy, kinky or curly. For the fall of 2018 the bigger the hair the better. While we are skipping the loads of hair spray like they did in the 80’s, we are embracing a more natural look with textured and voluminous hair styles that are soft but still have a glamour’s look and feel to it. So, pull out your blow dryers and hair rollers and get on this big haired roller coaster ride with us.

Trendy Hair Styles Ideas for Fall 2018

Wet, Messy, and Undone For the fall of 2018 we are loving this wet, mess and undone look. While this style is no longer so slick that its stuck to your scalp we have put a more modern twist to the style by giving it some texture to add a little extra humph. This style works best when you leave your hair loose and tousled. Think of it like this, you wanna go for that “just got out of the pool and I still look freaking amazing look”.

School Girl Plaits 2018 has taken on a whole new idea of what school girl plaits should look like. We’ve added a twist to this traditional look by getting rid of the tidy, well put together braids and by giving them an edgy feel by messing them up a bit. You can achieve this look by making your braids

Trendy Hair Styles Ideas for Fall 2018

appear less put together and frizzier. You want to look like the student that’s always being sent to the principal’s office versus the teacher’s pet. You want to keep this look lose and a bit untidy – unlike the look of last year’s super neat boxer braids.

Head Bands and Scarves While headband or head scarves are not new to the game they are making a huge statement this fall. This is not your grandma’s neck tie, we’re not incorporating these fabulous accessories by choosing up to date prints and patterns. Embrace this modern 40’s look by wearing your headband or scarf with a slight bounce at the crown, but make sure to keep some texture to keep this look young, chic and cool.


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