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How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions?

How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions?

How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions?

I can remember it like it was yesterday when I first got my hair done with hair extensions. It was time for
the infamous “back to school” season and I was soon to be a 5 th grader. My mother decided box braids
would be the best options because we were on a tight schedule to get me to school on time in the
mornings. So doing my hair was the last thing she wanted to have to have on her mind. This was a big
step for myself and my mother because hair extensions were not meant for young children when I was
growing up. Hair extensions were considered to be “too grown” for little girls. However, my mom saw
nothing wrong with me wearing short box braids (which a lot of girls my age were doing at this time).
While I wanted the long braids like the girl Joi I saw in the Friday movie, my mom thought the shorter
braids were more age appropriate for me.

When I finally got to high school, I was able to have a little more freedom of expression with my choices
in hair styles. While my mom was still very much concerned about what would make me look “too
grown” for my age she always monitored my choices. I was never allowed to wear any hair styles that
would make me look much older than my age and when I did wear hair extensions they were never
longer than the length of my bra strap length. Mind you, virgin hair was not as popular as it is now. We
mainly relied on beauty supply pack hair or Kanekalon hair if we want hair extensions. . Lol My how the
days have changed.

How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions?

Now a days, I see many high school girls with hair extensions that falls pass the small of their backs, it
can be hard for me to understand sometimes. Maybe I’m just old school and think young girls should
looks, act, dress and behave as young girls. While I do think high school girls should be able to wear hair
extensions, I still think the style should look and be age appropriate.


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