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Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Take is from somebody who knows, dry hair is the worst but dry blonde hair takes the cake! I have been
wearing blonde hair and blonde hair extensions for years and I guess you can say I’ve learned a thing or
two about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing blonde hair. Today I will be sharing with you a
few things to avoid when wearing blonde hair extensions. These simple tips and tricks will help you to
maintain the quality of your hair and make your hair extensions last longer.

When it comes to blonde hair extensions and blonde hair in general chlorine is public enemy #1.
Chemicals on top of already chemically processed hair can only cause more damage. So ladies before
you turn yourself into the Little Mermaid, keep in mind that chlorine is not your friend and can damage
your blonde extensions.
I know summer is right around the corner and we all want to hit those pool parties. So, if you must swim
in chlorine I would advise one of two things.

Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions
1. Wear a swim cap while swimming. I know it’s not sexy but do you want to protect your blonde
hair extensions or not?
2. Fun Fact: if your hair is already wet before, the chlorine has a harder time attaching and
damaging your extensions. So, try wetting your hair before taking a dip in the pool.


Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions


Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Too Much Heat
With any hair texture, type or color, too much heat on your tresses is never a good thing. Heat can be so
damaging on your hair. This is especially for blonde hair extensions. Being careless with the amount of
heat you are using on your hair can lead to permanently frying the hair. Once your extensions become
fried, they will become extremely dry and brittle and you may even experience a lot of shedding.
I suggest using a heat protectant and reduce using heat as much as possible.

Sun Damage
Sun damage. Ummm.. Yeah there is a such thing. Let me school you really quick. Extreme climates rather
hot or cold can me damaging to your hair and your skin. However, it seems to be extra harsh for blonde
hair. So before you head to the beach to soak up some sun find you one of those really cute sun hats
with the extra-large brim to cover and protect you hair color for fading and look dull and lifeless.

De-hydrating Hair Care Products
Blonde hair and blonde hair extensions especially need nourishing and moisturizing shampoos and
conditioners. So at all cost avoid products that can strip your hair of all its natural essentials. Instead use
products that are color safe and sulfate free.

Liquid Bleach
Are you a DIY type of gal? If you are new to dying your hair or hair extensions blonde then my biggest
advice to you would be to use a powered bleach to lift the color versus using a liquid bleach. I suggest
using a powder bleach because it isn’t as harsh on the hair. It also helps with getting the perfect shade
or tone of blondes you may be looking for.

I hopes this had helped in some form with what you should avoid when wearing blonde hair extensions.
While I’m sure there a dozens more these are the most important to abide by.


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