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How to Save Money and Still Rock High-Quality Hair Extensions

How to Save Money and Still Rock High-Quality Hair Extensions

How to Save Money and Still Rock High Quality Hair Extensions

Is your budget tight yet you still desire increased hair volume and length by rocking high quality hair extensions? Everyone wishes to get high-quality extensions and still save some coins. Being on a tight budget should not mean wearing low-quality hair extensions. Hair extensions can make you dig deep into your pocket, especially when you have no idea of what to look out for. The pieces of advice shared in this article will help you save money and still wear that extension you have always coveted while not running bankrupt. A tight budget should not limit you!

Why should you avoid low-quality extensions?

Many ladies think that buying synthetic, low-quality extensions is the best way to save money. Such hair comes from untrusted sources and their labels are usually not an accurate representation of what is actually being sold. What’s more, synthetic extensions cannot last for even a month, as they easily get damaged and shed a lot. They say, cheap is expensive.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Extension type

Since you intend to save some coins, you may want to go for the hair extension type that makes you save the most amount of money. Clip-in extensions are believed to be the cheapest type of extension. This is true, even though they are not the only type of affordable hair extension. Some stores have micro rings, i-tip extensions and even tape-ins that cost pretty much the same as clip-ins. You are at liberty to choose from any of these styles.

Identifying the right store

Check out the reviews of the seller you intend to buy extensions from. They should be transparent and trusted. The number of stores that sell synthetic extensions at the same price as Remy hair is huge, and you need to beware of this.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Choosing length

A 30″ mermaid-like extensions may sound appealing, but it is not very necessary. Lesser lengths can still be used to achieve the desired looks. 8-15 inches should help you achieve the style you are aiming for.

Weight guide

Choosing extensions that are reasonably thick could save you some bucks. Their weight is measured in grams and ranges from 40 to 220 grams. For regular use, you do not need a whopping 220 grams. 50-100 grams should give a significant amount of volume and thickness.

Shipping and return policy

If you shop from a store offering free shipping, the cost of your extension will be significantly lowered. Be sure to check that the store has a return option should the extension not meet your preference.

Do It Yourself

Having a hair professional install the extensions for you is much more expensive as compared to installing them yourself. Most installation methods are pretty simple and can easily be done at home.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Maintenance and refitting

Both of these services can be quite pricey if offered at the salon. Clip-ins do not require regular refitting, and might be the best option for you if you are looking to save some coins. Other extensions such as keratin extensions, microbeads and tape-ins require regular refitting and this means an additional cost. Going for simpler extensions would save you money, time and are beginner friendly.

We hope the tips shared will make your shopping experience a memorable one, as you will get to save some money and still wear high-quality hair extensions.



Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig- What it is and How to DIY

Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig- What it is and How to DIY

Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig- What it is and How to DIY

Wigs are increasingly becoming the modern woman’s hair solution, with the Pre-Plucked 360 lace wig topping the list. There is a good reason why. First, this type of wig offers an incomparably realistic look, with the mesh going all around the hairline. This means all of your hair protected, and there’s no need for a leave-out. Individual hairs are manually sewn, giving the scalp a real look. There are numerous styles that one can rock with a 360 wig, ranging from ponytails, to braids, to different up dos. Their versatility meets even the most demanding customer’s need.

When shopping for a wig, you might notice some of them are indicated as “pre-plucked” and you might be wondering what this means. In simple terms, a pre-plucked wig is one who’s hairline looks natural, with the baby hairs already customized by plucking. Most weaves have a uniform hair density, and if not properly customized, end up looking fake.

Plucking a wig reduces the hair density on the top part, mimicking the exact look of your natural hair. A natural hairline has hairs of unequal length, as hair is constantly growing hence they cannot be uniform in length. A wig that is to imitate your natural hairline should follow this exact pattern. Plucking a 360 wig gives it a flawless hairline and realistic baby hairs. Even though pre-plucked wigs are a bit pricier, their appearance is usually superior to other hairpieces.

If you have a wig that’s not pre-plucked, do not worry. You can do it yourself, or have a professional do it for you. Nobody should wear a fake looking wig because they don’t know how to pluck their pieces. This is why we are going to share an easy customization procedure, so that you can have your wig looking more realistic and natural.

How to customize a Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig


  • A 360 lace wig
  • Pins
  • Tweezers
  • Styrofoam wig stand
  • Scissors

Step 1

On receiving your hairpiece, first, confirm that it snags like a glove. You don’t want to start plucking the hair right away only to realize when wearing it that it is not an exact fit.

Step 2

Thoroughly wash your wig once you’ve confirmed that it fits perfectly.

Step 3

Secure the wig on the Styrofoam stand using the pins. Ensure it is firmly pinned down so that it doesn’t give you any trouble.

Step 4

Study the wig hairline. You will notice how dense the hair along the hairline is. This is what you want to do away with. Carefully start plucking the hairs from one side as you gradually proceed to the other one. Quality tweezers should give you an easy time. It is advisable to pluck a little bit of hair, checking to see if it looks okay then going back in until you get the desired look.

Step 5

Do not form a straight hairline as it automatically will look fake. Aim for a smooth transition. Try to get a close imitation of your natural hairline as much as you can.

Step 6

Choose where to have your parting and pluck some hairs as well. Track your progress by trying it one a number of times. This will help you know exactly where to go in a little more.

That’s how you get to create a perfectly realistic 360 lace wig that looks flawless!


Beautiful Ponytails – All you Need to Know!

Ponytail extensions are a perfect way to create a low maintenance and easy to do hairstyle. As if that is not enough, these extensions can be used by ladies with short hair

Beautiful Ponytails – All you Need to Know!

Ponytails are a perfect choice for someone going for a classy yet laid-back look. Not only are they trendy, but also very easy to achieve! For someone wishing to have a ponytail yet they have short hair, we have you covered! Clip in ponytail extensions is the easiest way to achieve that look you are going for without any hassle.

You might be having a certain event coming up and wondering if you should do a ponytail. To make matters worse, you are not even sure of the kind of ponytail that will suit the occasion. Could be you are planning to go out with your girlfriends or just camping. This is why this post will help you in understanding which kind of ponytail is ideal for a given event, and even provide guidance towards the right direction.

If you are having a work-related event the next day, such a ponytail would be ideal. It is both stylish and appropriate. If your hair is short, use it create a “mini” ponytail while creating body at the top of your had. Then gently blow-dry and brush the hair for it to lay flat. While at it, don’t forget to use your ideal hair products, because you want to be all set when morning comes. We have a variety of clip-on ponytail extensions for you to choose from. To achieve a flipped ponytail at the end, use a flat iron to curl its ends and create layers.


Going for a night out with your girlfriends? Ponytails are a perfect way of looking really good while not overdressing. You must have been looking forward to this day especially because there’s so much freedom! This, however, does not mean you can’t be cautious of how you dress-especially your hair. Our wavy clip in extension gives you the freedom of making your ponytail as long as you’d wish to make it! A wavy hairstyle symbolizes freedom, fun, and independence! With such a sassy hairstyle, you will be all set to step out into the night with your girls.

Alternatively, you can opt for a curlier look, which can be achieved using our curly clip-in ponytail extension. This style never goes out of season, and can even be worn when going for a camp out! One thing you’ll love about curls is how they effortlessly dress you up or down. Forget about your curling iron and be all set on the go!


Extensions are a perfect way to create a low maintenance and easy to do hairstyle. As if that is not enough, these extensions can be used by ladies with short hair, as they hide the short ponytail under the extension! Add some style and taste to your ponytail by twisting it into a bun and pinning it up to achieve a fancy style. Don’t restrict yourself: have fun while styling your hair into that trendy yet laid-back style!

Is a Frontal the Same as a Closure?

Is a Frontal the Same as a Closure?

Is a Frontal the Same as a Closure?

If you are toying with the idea of making a wig of getting a weave, achieving a natural look is absolutely a must. Let’s say you have already purchased the hair, and are yet to decide whether to have the finished look with a frontal or closure. How do get to settle on what is best for you?

No Leave Out

Both frontals and closures are awesome because you will not have to leave out any of your hair in an attempt to have a natural look. If you are looking for an option that will come in handy due to hair loss, you can go for either of the options. A closure will be ideal if you intend to cover a section of your hair that’s experiencing thinning, especially at the top of the head. However, a frontal would be perfect if you prefer more coverage, as your hairline is completely covered.

Is a Frontal the Same as a Closure?

Wide Range of Sizes

This is one of the features that sets apart a closure from a frontal. Typically, closures are 4*4 and this size ideally covers the top of your head. Frontals, however, come in various sizes. The most common closure size is ear-to-ear and provides coverage for the entire hairline. This increases the parting options during the styling of your hair. The 360⁰ frontal has proved to be a gamechanger in the industry. This option covers the head perimeter, allowing you to experiment on more styling options ranging from ponytails to other updos.

Is a Frontal the Same as a Closure?

Base Material

It is important to consider your needs when contemplating a hair extension purchase. Closures are usually on silk, swiss lace and skin base materials. Both closures and frontals commonly use the swiss lace as a base. This type of base facilitates easier blending with the skin as its color is usually a universal one. Light silk materials mimic a natural looking scalp and is highly preferred by those that want a more realistic natural look. The skin base looks and feels like the scalp itself. It is highly recommended that closures are glued down during fixing as other installation methods may result in the damage of the base.


These are the most common and offer the simples solutions to hair problems. If you intend to stick to a budget while maintaining the same hairstyle for a long period of time, closures are ideal for you.


If you intend to have a versatile look from time to time, frontals are for you. They allow you to switch from one style to the other without having to worry about how the end result looks like. Go for a regular lace frontal if you just want to pull your hair back. The 360° frontal would be of better service to you if you really desire absolute freedom in styling your hair. The 360⁰ frontal has a higher volume of hair, hence you will use fewer bundles while exercising full control over your hairline

Easy Tips to Take Care of your Human Hair Wig

Easy Tips to Take Care of your Human Hair Wig

Easy Tips to Take Care of your Human Hair Wig

If you are new to wearing wigs, then I have to stress the importance of GOOD HAIR CARE MAINTENANCE
when it comes to your virgin hair wigs. Over the years I have learned quite a few things about how to
ensure that my wigs last as long as they possibly can.

After all, it is an investment and I do everything in
my power to get my monies worth. I can not begin to tell you the amount of wigs I have completely
destroyed, simply because I did not know how to properly take care and maintain them. To be honest,
it’s really quite simply. All you need to do is follow these few easy tips.


Easy Tips to Take Care of your Human Hair Wig

Human Hair Wigs Maintenance Tips

1. Cleaning your wig:
Shampoo and condition your human hair wig at least once 1-6 times a month depending on how
often you wear it. Make sure to use luke warm to cool water.

2. Air Dry Your Hair Wig
Avoid using blow dryers if possible. Instead allow your wig to air dry. This will help to prevent
breakage and shedding.

3. Invest in a wig comb or brush
Invest in a steel or metal wide tooth comb. If you have a curly textured wig, try finger combing
instead. Always start combing or brushing from the ends and work your way up to the roots.
Never the other way around.

Easy Tips to Take Care of your Human Hair Wig

4. Avoid Hair Spray and Heavy Styling Products
Avoid hairspray, gels, pomades and heavy products on your hair wig. It may make the hair very
oily and hard to style.

5. Shedding
Shedding is normal. However, excessive shedding is a major problem. If necessary, seal your
wefts and/or secure the knots on the lace frontal by using a sealant.

6. Storing Your Wig
Properly storing your wig is a must. You should either place your human hair wig in the original
packaging when you’re not wearing it, or use a wig stand. I like to store my wigs on a mannequin
head with the hair in a bonnet or silk scarf. This helps to keep the wig styled, soft and well-

These easy to use tips can help you save your human hair wig and keep it in excellent condition. What
are some of your favorite ways to keep your wigs intact? I would love to hear from you.

I Wore a Blonde Wig for A Day, and Here’s What Happened

I Wore a Blonde Wig for A Day, and Here’s What Happened

I wore a blonde wig for a day, and here’s what happened/ Do blondes have more fun?

Story time. I wore a blonde wig for a day, and here’s what happened.
This is how it all started. Years ago I watch these guy on Youtube calling wigs and weaves hair hats. Lol
At first I was offended because I am an avid weave wearer, but after I thought about it for a while, I
realized he was right. Wigs are pretty much like a hair hat, which got me to thinking about how I can
change me wigs to match any outfit or mood I’m in for the day. What a brilliant idea!

Now a days, wearing a wig is no longer a trade secret and doesn’t have to be kept quiet by any means
necessary. With so many celebrities proudly rocking wigs, everyday woman are now expressing
themselves through elaborate hair styles and hair color jobs, while keeping their natural hair healthy
and intact. All by wearing wigs or hair weaves. We all want to stay camera ready for those infamous
selfies or random Instagram video, wigs are a great solution to keep that hair slayed while avoiding the
dreaded heat or color damage styling may cause on your hair.

While I have worn many wigs and weaves, I have always done so on the more conservative side of
things. No wild hair styles. No off the wall looks. And definitely no bright, vivid or crazy colors. I’ve
always opted for the more natural, plain and simple styles.
After getting pretty bored with my “good girl look”, I decide to do something totally out of the norm for
me and wear a blonde wig for a day.

Do blondes have more fun?

I really just wanted to see if I could pull it off, but most of all I
wanted to get the answer to the long time myth, “Do blondes really have more fun’?
Before selecting just any ol blonde wig, I did a ton of research to figure out what would be the best
shade and tone of blonde for my skin color. (Don’t judge me lol) I’ve never worn blonde hair before and I
wanted it to be perfect. Since my skin tone and color is similar to Beyoncé, I decided to use her as my
inspiration. I had my hair stylist do something that was bold, big, blonde and curly. (Especially since I
already love curly hair anyways) It just made sense!

Just to give you an idea of what the wig looked like, it was a very pretty loose deep curly/ wavy hair
texture. With dark brown roots and a mixture of honey blonde and platinum blonde high and low lights.
Once my stylist slipped the wig on me and did a little extra tweaking to make sure it looked as natural as
possible, you couldn’t tell me NOTHING!!! I felt likea brand new person. Hell, I felt Sasha Fierce in the
flesh baybaay!! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to hit the city.

I Wore a Blonde Wig for A Day, and Here’s What Happened

Side note. I hadn’t told anyone about my extreme change. I wanted it to be a surprise. I had already
planned a girl’s night out with a few of my closest friends. Just to ensure no matter what the outcome of
my little experiment was, I would be forced to go out and see how people would react to me with
blonde hair.
When I arrived to the bar, my friends barely recognized me. "You bleached your hair?! They all
screamed at what seemed to be in unison as if they were in a singing girl group. They loved it and so did I!

Do blondes have more fun?

I felt like a SUPER STAR!!! I got all kinds of looks and stares from peoples who admired my new look. I
even got us into a VIP section and the hook up on some free drinks for me and my girls. I had a blast
wearing my blonde wig for the day. And to answer the huge myth, Do blondes having more fun, the
answer is YES! I suggest you try it out at least once and see how people treat you and how you feel with
a different hair color. It was a very liberating experience for me and I will definitely be pulling my Sasha
Fierce wig out at least once or twice a week.

How Many Bundles Do You Need?

How Many Bundles Do You Need?

How Many Bundles Do You Need?

If you have worked for a hair extensions boutique or if you are a hair stylist, I’m sure this is one of the
most commonly asked questions. “How many bundles of hair do I need?” Although I know you are
probably tired of giving a reply, you have to admit it really is a pretty smart question to ask. There is no
set or standard answer to this question. It really varies from person to person, depending on the desired
look you are going for, how full you want it, what texture of hair you will be using, what length will be
used and whether or not if you’ll being using a closure of frontal.
Probably wasn’t expecting such a complex answer huh?

There are many things you must take into consideration when determining the number of bundles you’ll
need for an install or for making a wig.

How Many Bundles Do You Need?

First, you must decide what look you are going for. What is your desired look? How full and voluminous
do you want your style to be? Once you have come to this conclusion everything else will pretty much
fall into place.

To make the best and most informed decision, use these few simple guidelines as a rule of thumb. That
way you do not have too little or too much. (Note: I suggest always guessing up, so you don’t run into
any situation where you don’t have enough hair to cover what you need.)

What’s your head size?
Ok ladies! Of course no one really wants to admit that they have a BIG Head, but in this scenario you
have to be real with yourself and your hair stylist. While some girls may get away with only using 2
bundles, your head might require more than that. A LOT more than that. LOL
We don’t want our install or wigs to look thin and wispy, now do we?
If your head is on the smaller or bigger side you will definitely want to adjust the number of bundles
needed accordingly to your head size. On average a woman’s head size is normally around 22.5 inches.
Measure your head and if it’s bigger than that, then you will more than likely wanna get that extra
bundle, just to be on the safe side.

How Many Bundles Do You Need?

Length of Your Bundles
If you didn’t know, now you know. Virgin hair is sold by the gram (the weight), so the longer it is, the
thinner it is, meaning there is less hair on the weft to cover your head, because its weight it mainly
distributed all in the length. (I hope this makes sense). So long story short, the longer your bundles are,
the more you’ll probably need.

Texture of Your Bundles
Straight hair and curly hair are on two different sides of the density spectrum. Which means, you can get
away with less bundles of curly hair to achieve a full look. Since straight hair is less dense, you will need
more bundles to get a really full and voluminous style.

Using a Frontal or Closure?
If you are using a frontal or closure then you will not need as many bundles to cover your head. Frontals
and closures can take up quite a bit of space. Typically a frontal is 13×4 inches and a closure is 4×4. So
when using an additional hair piece you can ultimately use less bundles for the style.

All in all, I recommend buying 2-3 bundles for a naturally full look and 3-4 bundles for more volume or
fullness. As mentioned before these numbers can vary depending on the length, the texture, and if you
are using a hair piece. My biggest tips is to always buy an extra bundle. I’m sure you’ll use it at some
point and time anyways.

The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

So What’s The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig?

I must admit that the hair extensions / hair weaves industry is changing and changing fast. Just when I get used to the idea of one commodity, type of product or installation method here comes another. I’m sure I can not be the only one. I can barely keep up! However, I am always willing to try out the newest sensation. As of lately I’ve been shopping for a new wig and I realized there are probably dozens of people in the same boat but have the slightest clue as to the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig. If that’s you, no worries I’ve  got you covered.


What is a Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig is exactly that. A wig that has a lace frontal. Nothing more nothing less. Should be less confusing already. Right? However, if you need a little more information, a lace front wig or aka a lace frontal wig is a wig that uses a lace frontal at the front of the wig (the portion that sits closer to your hair line) along with wefted or tracked hair towards the back part of the wig. If you don’t know or is unclear as to what a lace frontal is, a lace frontal is simply a piece of sheer lace with hair strands embedded in to the base. Using a lace frontal allows the wearer to give the illusion of a more natural hair line.


Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

What is a Full Lace Wigs?

Remember what I told you earlier about what a lace frontal is? A Full lace human hair wigs is pretty much the same thing. To make it simple a full lace wig is just like a lace frontal with the same embedded method used over the entire surface or base of the wig. Full lace wigs have a base that is created fully of lace unlike the lace front wig.

In short this makes the full lace wig is more versatile than a lace frontal wig. Mainly, because they can be worn in many different hair styles. You can even part or section the full lace wig anywhere you want and anyway you desire. Versus the lace front wig that will only allow you to part the lace frontal portion of the wig.  Not only that, full lace wigs are typically at a higher price point than a lace frontal wig and have a different method for installation.


I hope this helped you by clearing up some of the confusion when it comes to the difference of what a lace frontal or full lace wig is. Now you should be a more informed buyer and decide what will work better for you.


Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?


Am I the only one that has a huge reliance on weave and hair extensions? Anyone?! I know it’s not just me… Right?! I love Mink Brazilian Body Wave hair and Malaysian Curly hair just as much as the next girl, but sometimes I think I am a little too dependent on other people’s hair.

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave? :

For the past 10 years or so I have relied on hair extensions, weaves and wigs to have the appearance of shinier, healthier and fuller looking hair. For me it’s more about convenience more than anything. I hate having to deal with my natural hair. It’s just so much easier to straighten, curl, bleach or dye hair extension versus damaging my very own hair. For me, all kinds of types of hair extensions have been a life saver for me. You name it, I’ve probably had it. From cornrow, box braids, clips ins or even a full head sew-in. I love them all!

A few months ago, I called myself giving my hair a break from all hair extensions and weaves. I said to myself “you need to let your hair breathe” and “embrace your natural beauty”. I’ve been off of the “weave crack” for the last 6 months and I must admit I am feigning to get my hands on some long flowing luscious virgin hair bundles to have installed in my head.

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?


I called myself swearing off hair for at least for 1 year. However, I am struggling to keep this promise. I miss my virgin hair and how easy it is to maintain. However, after only six months in I want to sew in some tracks worse than ever. I’ve had to ask myself, why I feel so strongly about wearing weave and I can simply shrug it off for the convenience. But could it be more complex than that?

Do I not feel as beautiful rocking my natural hair? Do I feel less confident without the 20 inches of Brazilian Body Wave flowing down my back?

The truth is, weaves and wigs had become like a security blanket for me and I’m sure for other women as well (as much as they do not want to admit it). I had become addicted to the fantasy and accessibility of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I love hair extensions and don’t thing I will ever just do away with them for good but I have committed myself to being more and  feeling more comfortable in my own beauty. That includes my hair and skin. I guess you can say I’m pulling an Alicia Keys moments, but I think it’s important for woman to feel gorgeous on the inside just as much as on the outside with the assets only God has given them. I am growing and learning to do this. So that way I can have the best of both worlds no matter if I’m wearing my hair or virgin hair bundles.

Outstanding Advantages of Hair Extensions – You Must Know About

4. Ways to attach hair extensions A very great advantage of this accessory is that you can use them as much as you want and when you require. If you are going to a party then you can easily attach the extension to your hair without any trouble with extensions such as clip ins. 

Outstanding Advantages of Hair Extensions – You Must Know About

Hair extensions are made of human as well as synthetic hair. These days they are greatly in demand because they can be used for making different hair styles. One great advantage of this hair extensions is that you can attach them with the help of numerous different methods. Before you select a particular hair accessory it is very essential for you to match it with the texture and color of your hair.
Some great benefits and advantages of hair extensions are mentioned below.
1. They add volume and luster to your hair
If you have dull and bad quality hair then you can take the help of this product to add more volume and luster to them. If you choose extensions that exactly match your hair then people would never be able to know that they are fake. If you want you can also take professional help while attaching the extensions. Professional hair stylists and beautician would surely be able to tell you about all the different methods that you can use for applying hair extensions.
2. Used for highlighting your hair
If you want to highlight your hair then also you can take the help of this accessory. Different extensions are available in the market which can be easily used by you. You can get them in pink, blue, purple, golden and various different attractive shades. Highlighted extensions are also available in numerous different textures, lengths, styles and colors. If you want you can also curl or form ringlets with these extensions.

Outstanding Advantages of Hair Extensions – You Must Know About

3. Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions
Human hair extensions are much better then synthetic products but they are very expensive. You can buy the extensions from various different hair accessory stores. These days various hair stylists and beauticians provide their personal products to the customers. These extensions are made of extremely high quality hair.
4. Ways to attach hair extensions
A very great advantage of this accessory is that you can use them as much as you want and when you require. If you are going to a party then you can easily attach the extension to your hair without any trouble with extensions such as clip ins.


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