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Be it that you’re looking to go platinum, hone or golden, you should be aware that in order to keep a vibrant Russian blonde hair, there are some works you should do.

Most experts are with the impression that one of the golden rules to take care of the blonde hair is to build it up to a lighter color over the time so as to get rid of any form of damage. Once this height has been attained, i.e. once you’ve achieved the lightness of hair which you so desire, you should endeavor to keep your hair in a bright, light as well as beautiful shape using the proper products as well as these tips for taking care of your hair:


We recommend that you go for hair shampoos that have been designed specifically for taking care of as well as protecting the blonde color. In order to avoid any form of brassiness in your hair’s blonde be it the silver tones or the white tones, you should make use of the purple-tinted product at least once or twice in a week. You should make use of shampoos and conditioners that have been designed to help cool unnecessary warmth, and at the same time softening the strands and then adding shine to the natural as well as the blonde hair that has been color-treated.


If you don’t have natural blonde hairs, this means that your hair has been damaged, and at the same time really thirsty. Provide your hair with nourishment on a daily basis. Make sure that you apply to leave in-treatments that seals as well as repairs the hair cuticles with moisturizing blends.


Your color-treated blonde hair is mostly treated by hot tools or other hot treatments. Avoid the use of heating tools on your hair in order to avoid damage to the hair.


The best immediate defense against the sun is Scarves and Hats, but in cases where the hair will be receiving direct sunlight, make use of products that have UV filters.




Confidently take a dip. Make sure to apply your favorite hair conditioner on your hair before entering the water, be it an ocean or a pool. This is to create a kind of barrier between the chlorine or salt water and your hair. After coming out of the water, properly rinse your hair immediately, in order to get rid of the remnant on your hair. If you are a regular swimmer, and you’re noticing a kind of buildup or a greenish tinge, you should get rid of it by using a clarifying shampoo.


Your color should be refreshed in-between your color service using this two options: you can do it at your salon using gloss treatment, or at your house using customization color conditioning system mixed for you by your hair stylist.

Five Common Hair Problems



Showing off a variety of hairstyles as well as healthy hairs can boost the beauty and looks of a woman. This has made hair loss as well as hair fall very serious problems that is been faced by women. Whenever something goes wrong with the hair of a woman, she tends to go through a lot of distress. Many people go through common hair problems, and this has led to the discovery of these solutions.

Here is a list of some common hair problems:


Anytime the outer part of the hair begins to split in two or three, the hair is said to have split ends. This is usually as a result of over-brushing of hair, constant use of hair straighter, sometimes, the use of bad conditioner can also cause this. One of the most effective ways to get rid of split ends in hairs is to undergo professional trimming at least every three weeks. You can also make use of split end serums in order to fix the broken strands so as to make your hairs healthy and hydrated.


Among all hair problems faced by women, the issue of dandruff is the most common. It is the manifestation of little scaly particles that can be found at the hairs root. At most times, accumulation of dandruff can be caused by poor diet, stomach infection, or even stress and work pressure. Properly washing of hair regularly and avoidance of all this can effectively reduce dandruff on your hair.


One of the main causes of frizzy hair is drop in the moisture of the hair i.e. a drop below normal moisture level of the hair. Sometimes, constant brushing of the hair can lead to these frizzy hair. At times, frizzy hair can be passed through genes i.e. parents passing it on to children. In order to tackle the problem of frizzy hair, it is important to identify the causes and deal with it, or better still seek the help of an expert.



It is usually nice to dye your hair, but there is also risk associated with using these products. It has been discovered that chemicals in hair dye have some harmful effects on the hair. Using hair dye can also be traced to allergic reaction not just to the hair but also to your health generally because it causes respiratory disorder and other breathing related diseases and at rare times cancer. Due to the loss of color in women hair, the application of dye has been in place, neglecting the harmful effect.


Hair fall is a well-known and common problem faced by women today. Medication, change in hormones due to age and at times stress can be the reason for hair loss. One other cause of this hair loss is the use of hair styling products that leads to damaging and killing of hair cells. One of the most effective methods to tackle this problem is to reduce the use of heat products, as well as opting for products that contain Tea Tree oil.

3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

Your natural hair’s color is beautiful and you don’t have to temporarily change your hair color. However, there are some instances when you might want to switch up your look. For example, a Halloween hairstyle might not perfectly suit a wedding look. On such instances, coloring your hair inevitable. You might want to change your color, but only for that specific occasion. The methods shared in this article will help you do exactly that. Temporary hair dyes give you the option of going back to your natural hair color by simply washing them off. Semi-permanent colors last for up to 24 washes whereas semi-permanent colors make your hair shiner thus enhancing its natural color. You can choose to hide those tough headed grey hairs using a permanent dye or a semi-permanent dye.

  1. Color shampoo

The hair products’ market is saturated with many color shampoo brands. A majority of them last a couple of washes before your hair gets back to its natural color. The coloring process involves massaging the color onto your hair strands, allowing it to sit for some minutes then rinsing it out. The only set back with color shampoos is that you cannot get the exact shade that you desire. For example, brown hair cannot be dyed a lighter shade, or some trendy colors such as blue, pink, torques, purple, etc. Its intensity may not be evenly distributed, with noticeable color patches where the color does not stick.


  1. Hair extensions

This is the most advocated for method. You don’t need to alter your hair color in any way to achieve excellent results. You are free to mix up several colors, blend them, to achieve your desired style. Alternatively, you can choose to highlight certain areas to achieve that balayage or ombre effect. Parties and special occasions won’t be a headache anymore.

  1. Clip in extensions

Clip-ins prove you the possibility of installing hair wefts and styling them as you desire. Their ease of installation allows you to DIY at home, hence saving some coins! There is no rule as to how you should place them, as long as you achieve your desired style. Clip in hair extensions are also used to add volume and length. After all is said and done, clip ins will blend with your hair so naturally that no one will notice any additions. Once the party is over, you can uninstall them and enjoy the natural state of your real hair. Well, whenever the need arises, you can install them back and style them as you please.

Temporarily Change Your Hair Color


Hair extensions are ultimately the perfect way to switch up your look if you want to change your hair color. They are safe, don’t require any hair treatment or dying. Your hair protected and does not get damaged. Any kind of altering done to your hair, even if it’s temporary dyeing, will ultimately damage your strands in the long run. Even worse, rarely will you achieve the exact desired results, not to mention how expensive dyes can be plus they require a professional’s application. Whereas hair extensions can be reused over and over, temporary dyes will require a purchase ever time you want to use them.


10 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

10 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

10 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

Have you ever wanted to prevent your hair from tangling and your mind wanders away, you start asking why your hair isn’t as flawless as others? Why your hair can’t twirl and dance in the wind? Are tired of horrendously tangled strands? Are you still counting the number of combs you have broken when trying to brush your hair? Well, I am sharing 10 simple ways you can easily keep your hair detangled. But before we dive in, lets first understand what causes tangling.

Causes of Hair Tangling

  1. Dehydrated strands

When your hair lacks hydration, it tends to experience friction and tension. The outermost hair shaft breaks, leaving your hair exposed and very rough. It looks (and feels) tangled. The overall health of your hair is also compromised.

  1. Going to bed with your hair down

Sleeping without trying your hair up results in tangles. Never go to bed with wet hair, as it is in its most fragile state in this condition. This means it could easily break if not get frizzy. The nightmare that follows the morning after going to bed with wet hair is an experience one would not wish to experience.

  1. Not Brushing

Leaving your hair unbrushed for long poses a serious threat to your hair. Eventually, kinks are created. In addition, the hair product build up that comes with not combing your hair could disrupt the natural state of your hair.

  1. Untrimmed ends

Dry, untrimmed ends lead to split ends that are frizzy. Split ends beak easily and their effects cannot be reversed. The longer you harbor split ends, the more your hair frizzes and tangles.

  1. Damaged Cuticles

Regular heat styling breaks the hair shafts and damages the hair cuticles in the long run. As a result, your hair becomes dry, and tangles easily. Damaged hair means an exposed and unprotected shaft. As a result, the rate at which your cuticles damage is exponentially increased.

I know this sounds scary, right? There is some good news! There are tips that if faithfully implemented, will help you nature your tresses and prevent them from tangling. Read on to know what you need to do.

How to Do Away With and Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

  1. Regular Conditioning

Merely shampooing and styling your hair is not enough. In fact, it is far from enough. Finishing off with a moisture locking conditioner increases brush slips through your strands without any obstacles such as tangles and knots. Conditioning makes your hair softer, and smoothens it effectively. Allow the conditioner to sit in your hair for some time before rinsing it off.

  1. Wide-Toothed Comb

Tangled hair and rat-tailed combs never go hand in hand. They tend to tear your hair shafts and accelerate damage. A wide-toothed comb allows you to detangle your hair without pulling it. Always work your way up your strands starting from its ends.

  1. Applying Detangling Products

Products such as serums, conditioners, and detangling sprays ease the process of undoing tangles. They effectively eliminate interweaves and soften the strands. If you come across a stubborn knot, simply apply a generous amount of detangler around it. Gently massage the product into your hair before gently brushing it down. You can also use some help with your fingers to ease the process.

  1. Applying Hair Masks

Hair masks drastically improve hair texture. If applied once a week, they smoothen hair cuticles, leaving the strands very smooth. The best hair mask ingredients include honey, almond oil, and yogurt. Generously apply a mixture of this three and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Apply hair masks consistently and you will definitely notice a change in a few weeks’ time. If you are the lazy type, a message of a few drops of lemon in two cups of water is all you need. Be ready to notice a transformation in a few days.


Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

  1. Regular Oiling

Feed your hair with an extra dose of moisture on a regular basis. Show it some love by applying some organic coconut oil. Gently massage warm coconut oil on your scalp and watch wonders unveiling. It’s amazing how coconut oil works wonders on all hair types. For best results, mix the coconut oil with some drops of olive and jojoba oils. This mixture effectively detangles hair as well.

  1. The Cold Rinse

It may sound very simple, but it is a very effective step. Rinsing your hair with cold water helps in closing up any open cuticles and safeguards the strands from breakage. Keep any rough strands at bay.

  1. Stay Away from Heat Styling

Tolls such as straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons tend to take a toll on your hair, especially if used frequently. If you really need to heat style your hair, be sure to have the tool you are using at its lowest heat setting. To further protect your hair from damage, generously apply a heat protectant before styling.

  1. Easy up with the towel!

Vigorously rubbing your hair with a terrycloth in an effort to dry it up can be disastrous. Besides disrupting your hair’s natural structure, it plays a key role in split ends, breakage and hair fall. instead, you should gently squeeze your hair or better still, let it air dry. For quality results, use microfiber towels.

  1. Cover your hair when going to bed

Your beautiful strands need as much rest as your body does. Silk pillowcases or headscarves are the best as they reduce friction and tangling. Cotton pillowcases tend to rip your hair of its moisture and accelerate breakage.

Detangling messy hair can be such a painful endeavor. Escape from such tortures by implementing the tips shared and watch your hair blossom! Be sure to share with us the tip that helped you most by commenting below!


Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

We all know that trends come and go just like wild and crazy colored hair. While some trends stick around for a little longer than we wouldlike, we have other trends that come along and have everybody and their mamas involved. One of the
biggest trends anyone with eyes can see, is the colored hair movement. Rainbow hair, dipped colored
hair and galaxy hair is in full effect right now. You have just about every other mega celebrity
experimenting with unnatural hair colors. Ranging from our favorite celebs such as Kylie Jenner,
Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Keash, and Katy Perry. I could go on and on. And this doesn’t include the dozens of
reality TV stars and popular Instagram models.

Today I pose the question, why has this beauty trend become so popular?

There are many answers to this questions, but I’ve managed to come up with a few of my own.
Wild and crazy colored hair has become a social norm. We can give this credit to the many celebrity that
change their hair color on a daily to weekly bases. We all know that most people like to mimic their
favorite artist or entertainer. Many of us have begun doing this by imitating their style. This is often
done by recreating their hair or wardrobe in some fashion or another.

When I was a kid, for me that was
Aaliyah. I would style my hair like hers and even try to pull off some of her outfits. There is no wonder
you can go to a grocery store or restaurant on any given day and see a young woman with blue, green or
pink hair. We have adapted to making these vivid hair colors apart of our everyday lives.

Trendy Movements

As a youth, there were not many everyday people with unnatural hair colors. If you did see someone
rocking a wild color more than likely they were a hair stylist or lead a gothic / heavy medal type of
lifestyle. It’s crazy how times have changed, right? Listen to this fun fact. Midge Wilson, PhD, Professor
of Psychology at DePaul University described how in the past blonde hair was seen as dull and
unattractive. That is until the hair care product company, Clairol came out with the "Blondes Have More
Fun" ad campaign. Which totally transformed the ever so popular opinion of the color. This made having
blonde hair more acceptable and more exciting.

Trendy Movements: Wild and Crazy Colored Hair

Society as a whole makes the major decisions on how we feel about a certain hair color. If a society is
now accepting of colors such as pink, purple, blue or gray hair, it gives the everyday person the courage
to step outside the box and do something that would normally be out of their confront zone.
Social media has also played a major role in the crazed hair color trend. Platforms such as Instagram,
Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest are places where you can view pictures and videos of beautiful hair
colors to get your inspiration. When you see people that look like you, over and over again rocking a hair
color that you have always wanted to try, your inner self says “self, we can rock that hair color too. And
it’s gonna look better on us”.

I know I can’t be the only one who has conversations with myself, right?! lol

Not only that, we always have gone crazy over this trend because many of us want to do something that
will allow us to stand out as an individual. Which can be hard during the internet age.
There are so many reasons the wild and crazy hair color trend is so popular. Tell me some of the reasons
you think colored hair is so trendy right now. I would love to hear from you.

Trendy Hair Colors that are Office Appropriate

Trendy Hair Colors that are Office Appropriate

Trendy Hair Colors that are Office Appropriate

Everywhere I look there is a woman rocking a beautiful trendy hair colors (THAT I WANT!!!). You can simply scroll
down your time line on Instagram or Facebook and see tons of women with just about every color you
can think of from hot pink, purple, blue, red, or even neon green. O how I envy them! I think to myself
how I wish I could change my look and rock a fiery red or a really cute rose gold pink. I’m loving this
“express yourself through your hair color trend” but I can’t partake in it because my corporate job has
strict rules and regulations against “unnatural hair colors” in the workplace.

And plus it’s seen as
unprofessional. (Mama didn’t raise no fool). But it’s such a disappointment. I’m young and sometimes I
just want to do something wild and crazy with my hair, but I don’t want to get fired in the process. I got
bills to pay. And plus I like to eat! Lol No hair color is worth my quality of living. Luckily, I have figured
out a way to cheat the system and get the best of both worlds. So if you are in the same boat as me
keep reading because I’ll be giving you a some tips on how to get away with rocking trendy hair colors
that are office appropriate in the workplace.

Bold Tips
Dyed tips are a great way to push the norms of trendy hair colors at work. For instance if your hair is already
dark in color such as a jet black you could try dying your tips a deep royal blue or a really dark red or
purple. You should use a color that will blend well with your natural hair and not cause too much of a

Trendy Hair Colors that are Office Appropriate


Trendy Colors that are Office Appropriate

Ombré Styles
Ombré hair colors are the perfect compromise for trendy hair colors for the workplace. Don’t go wild
and crazy now lol. Stick to more natural colors and hues such as honey blondes, browns, and coppers.

Trendy Hair Colors that are Office Appropriate

Highlights and Lowlights
Highlights and lowlights are perfect for adding depth and dimension to your hair. It’s great for turning an
outdated style and color and making it trendier. Now a days highlights are considered to be acceptable
in an office setting. However, if you are concerned about being a little to risqué, you should consider
babylights which is a method used to make your highlights look more natural.
Stay away from bright and unnatural hair colors. However, if you are some shade of blonde or have
really light hair you can get away with highlighting with discreet colors such as silver, lavender, light
pink, or even red if you have strawberry blonde hair. Make sure to select a color that will blend quietly
and readily with your natural hair color.

Trendy Hair Colors that are Office Appropriate

Peak-A-Boo Hair
The peak-a-boo method is probably my favorite option, because I can choose any color I want and it not
can be seen unless I expose that layer of my hair. If you are little confused, the peak-a-boo coloring
method is simply a way of hiding your desired hair color by dying the bottom layer of your hair. You can
choose any bright or off the wall the color and it will never show unless you style your hair in a way to
show it off.
When your hair is down, the vibrant and bright color(s) underneath will disappear and are no longer

Trendy Hair Colors that are Office Appropriate

Trendy Colors that are Office Appropriate

If all else fails you can always use hair extensions. No one can dictate how you wear your hair once you
are off the clock. Clip in hair extensions are a great way to play around with trendy hair colors. And the best part
about them is you can instantly change your look in a matter of seconds. You can always experiment
with wigs, which is another great options. Corporate woman by day and fun girl by night.
I hope these tips has helped to give you an idea of some of the ways you can play around with color in
an office setting. Please let me know if any of these has worked for you.

Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Take is from somebody who knows, dry hair is the worst but dry blonde hair takes the cake! I have been
wearing blonde hair and blonde hair extensions for years and I guess you can say I’ve learned a thing or
two about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing blonde hair. Today I will be sharing with you a
few things to avoid when wearing blonde hair extensions. These simple tips and tricks will help you to
maintain the quality of your hair and make your hair extensions last longer.

When it comes to blonde hair extensions and blonde hair in general chlorine is public enemy #1.
Chemicals on top of already chemically processed hair can only cause more damage. So ladies before
you turn yourself into the Little Mermaid, keep in mind that chlorine is not your friend and can damage
your blonde extensions.
I know summer is right around the corner and we all want to hit those pool parties. So, if you must swim
in chlorine I would advise one of two things.

Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions
1. Wear a swim cap while swimming. I know it’s not sexy but do you want to protect your blonde
hair extensions or not?
2. Fun Fact: if your hair is already wet before, the chlorine has a harder time attaching and
damaging your extensions. So, try wetting your hair before taking a dip in the pool.


Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions


Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Too Much Heat
With any hair texture, type or color, too much heat on your tresses is never a good thing. Heat can be so
damaging on your hair. This is especially for blonde hair extensions. Being careless with the amount of
heat you are using on your hair can lead to permanently frying the hair. Once your extensions become
fried, they will become extremely dry and brittle and you may even experience a lot of shedding.
I suggest using a heat protectant and reduce using heat as much as possible.

Sun Damage
Sun damage. Ummm.. Yeah there is a such thing. Let me school you really quick. Extreme climates rather
hot or cold can me damaging to your hair and your skin. However, it seems to be extra harsh for blonde
hair. So before you head to the beach to soak up some sun find you one of those really cute sun hats
with the extra-large brim to cover and protect you hair color for fading and look dull and lifeless.

De-hydrating Hair Care Products
Blonde hair and blonde hair extensions especially need nourishing and moisturizing shampoos and
conditioners. So at all cost avoid products that can strip your hair of all its natural essentials. Instead use
products that are color safe and sulfate free.

Liquid Bleach
Are you a DIY type of gal? If you are new to dying your hair or hair extensions blonde then my biggest
advice to you would be to use a powered bleach to lift the color versus using a liquid bleach. I suggest
using a powder bleach because it isn’t as harsh on the hair. It also helps with getting the perfect shade
or tone of blondes you may be looking for.

I hopes this had helped in some form with what you should avoid when wearing blonde hair extensions.
While I’m sure there a dozens more these are the most important to abide by.

Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer

Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer


Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer

Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer

Wherever you are when summer arrives, short shorts come out, tank tops are thrown on and everybody, ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY gets just a little bit happier and joyful. Well along with all the other wardrobe changes comes the desire for hair style change or at the very least a hair color change. So Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting a professional stylist (always Suggested) here are some of the best colors to dye your hair extensions for the summer.
Burgundy: This is safe color, so safe, I have often worn it in the winter as a change up, but if you want a change that won’t be too drastic, no one can go wrong with burgundy, no matter what color your skin tone.
Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer
Blue Denim: THIS IS MY FAVORITE THIS YEAR. With a lot blues and warm fashion colors my plan is to rock a blue denim long bob as soon as June hits. I’m also Thinking about a Ombre blue denim, cascading from dark blue to light blue highlights.
Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer
Honey Blonde: This color is a staple for women with a lighter caramel to vanilla skin color. It’s a great color for
high lights on darker Natural color 1B hair extensions. I’ve worn it once and loved it. This will be my go to color for fall.

Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer

Russian Blonde 613: We all have seen it and we all love it, but we’re not all brave enough to rock it. It’s a fantastic look in body wave especially, but think of adding low lights to it,
Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer
it will give the hair a more blended textured look. We actually have a series coming up of one of our girls going blonde for the day and you wouldn’t believe the reactions, stay tuned for the blog.  Later Dolls and finish off spring with a bang.

How to Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair in 8 Simple Steps

How to bleach or dye your virgin hair the correct way.

How to bleach or dye your virgin hair the correct way.

I’m pretty sure I am not the only one that watches thousands YouTube videos and suddenly feel like a pro. And when you finally do test out your skills, it’s an EPIC fail!!!  When Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair , I’m here to give you a fool proof guide on how to correctly and properly bleach or dye your virgin hair extensions. Using this method is a sure way to lift your virgin hair for either toning that beautiful beach blonde bomb shell color or  to use for the base for more vivid colors like your reds, blues, pinks and purples. Rainbow, Galaxy, Unicorn and Super Shero hair colors are so in right now. So you must know how vital it is that you know exactly what to do to get the perfect foundation to achieve these color looks.
Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair :
What you will need
  • Clairol BW 2 Bleaching Powder
  • Clairol Pure White 30 and 40 Developer
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Applicator Brush
  • Applicator Bottle
  • Foil
  • Gloves
  • Shimmering Shampoo
  • Neutralizing Shampoo
  • Desired Hair Color Rinse / Hair Color Dye
hair extensions dye bleaching , Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair

 Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair  :

Step 1
Lightly spray hair with clean water. This helps open up the cuticle to speed up the process.
Step 2
Add 2 scoops of bleach powder and 20V or 30V crème developer together (50:50 ratio) and mix them together completely. You want the mixture to be like pancake batter. Not too thick and not too thin.
*For higher lift and a faster process, you may use 40V developer. However, please watch carefully as it may cause more damage to the hair cuticles.

How to bleach or dye your virgin hair the correct way.

Step 3
Make sure to unrivaled the hair and starch out the weft to ensure even distribution. Lay the hair flat on a large sheet of foil to avoid a mess to clean up later. Using an application brush, apply the mix on to your virgin hair extensions. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots. Remember whenever you start will be the lightest. Make sure that the mix is well and evenly saturated. Flip hair over and repeat with applying the mixture.
Step 4
Once the hair is completely saturated on both sides, work the mixture in with your hands.
Step 5
Wrap the applied area well with foil and time it for 15-20 minutes.
*Make sure to use the hairdressing foil.
*Be sure to check the hair every 5 minutes to see how much the hair is lifting, as the time of processing may vary depending on the products and hair you use.
Step 6
First Shampoo the hair extensions with a shimmering lights shampoo thoroughly in lukewarm or cool water making sure all the chemical residue is washed out. Then repeat with the neutralizing shampoo.
*Do not use a hydrating shampoo or conditioner during this wash because these products will close the hair cuticles and make it difficult for the hair to absorb the dye color.
Step 7
Apply the hair color dying products to the bleached area. Let the hair dye color process for 30-45 minutes.
Step 8
Apply a deep conditioning treatment for at least 15-30 minutes and rinse well.
*During this step while the conditioner is still on,  I like to put the hair in a shower cap or plastic bag and place in my hooded hair dryer for about 10-15 minutes. This helps to seal in moisture and ensure my hair is super soft and silky.
*Once rinse out thoroughly, if the hair is wavy or curly slightly scrunch the hair to keep the curl pattern. And then, lay the hair on the towel to air dry completely. Do not hang the wet hair to dry because that can stretch out the curl pattern.
If you are a beginner these 8 simple steps should help you to achieve the color you are look for. It is also a great way to get beautiful blonde hair as well if you want to skip the coloring all together.

Look 10 Years Younger With Hair Extensions

Look 10 Years Younger With Hair Extensions

Look 10 Years Younger With Hair Extensions

Call me vain and shallow, but I can’t imagine life without my hair extensions, they have made such a difference to the way I look and feel.Before extensions, every day was a bad hair day. But not anymore!!! I can Look 10 years younger as These days my hair even manages to look good first thing in the morning (which is a first for me).
My only regret is not having them sooner, but I was afraid they’d ruin my hair (like a lot of us, I’d heard all the bad press about them). Remarkably and much to my amazement, my own hair has benefited since I started wearing them in June 2009.
Far from making it thinner, my own hair looks thicker and healthier and the condition has definitely improved. I can only assume the extensions have put a wall of protection around it, that and fabulous hair products I’m obliged to use on it.
So if you loathe your hair, don’t despair. There’s another solution besides hiding under a hat or wearing a wig. And you don’t have to be a singer, actress or model to qualify!

 Look 10 Years Younger

One thing is for sure, extensions will knock years off you and make you feel fabulous.
A word of warning though, it’s vital you choose the hair brand and salon with great care, after all, those bad rumors didn’t start without good reason! Make sure you find someone highly skilled who applies extensions regularly.
Russian Blonde Hair Extensions, Brazilian Human Hair , Look 10 Years Younger With Hair Extensions

Choose your brand of hair extensions with care. Ideally, you should buy from a company who sell hair that has been ethically sourced and the hair is top notch quality. Brazilian hair is recognized for being the best quality, it is also the most expensive, but can make you look 10 years younger. In second place is Indian hair and in third Asian. This is simply because Indian and Asian hair extensions have to go through far more severe chemical processes in order for the texture and color to resemble and match up to most hair types and textures.

 Look Younger With Hair Extensions

I did my research thoroughly and found a company who besides using hair that’s ethically sourced they also spoke to me about the condition of my hair and what would be the best to suit my needs. They were also able to recommend a stylist in my local area.  The purpose of this was to make sure my own scalp was healthy first so the hair extensions wouldn’t harm my hair in anyway. So I knew I was in safe hands.
But the real clincher was reading in the national press how this same company were doing wonders for women in recovery from cancer and other hair loss related illnesses. It made me realize I’d be dealing with people who genuinely cared about making all women feel better about themselves. The rest as they say is history.
I’m telling you all this because my hair extensions have made the world of difference to me. I’ve hated my hair all my life and now for the first time ever I love it.
So if you feel the same way, maybe you should consider getting them too. Anyone can look 10 years younger without a doubt, our hair affects the way we feel. When it looks good, we feel good! That’s all there is too it and besides, life’s too short to go through it feeling miserable.


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