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3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

Your natural hair’s color is beautiful and you don’t have to temporarily change your hair color. However, there are some instances when you might want to switch up your look. For example, a Halloween hairstyle might not perfectly suit a wedding look. On such instances, coloring your hair inevitable. You might want to change your color, but only for that specific occasion. The methods shared in this article will help you do exactly that. Temporary hair dyes give you the option of going back to your natural hair color by simply washing them off. Semi-permanent colors last for up to 24 washes whereas semi-permanent colors make your hair shiner thus enhancing its natural color. You can choose to hide those tough headed grey hairs using a permanent dye or a semi-permanent dye.

  1. Color shampoo

The hair products’ market is saturated with many color shampoo brands. A majority of them last a couple of washes before your hair gets back to its natural color. The coloring process involves massaging the color onto your hair strands, allowing it to sit for some minutes then rinsing it out. The only set back with color shampoos is that you cannot get the exact shade that you desire. For example, brown hair cannot be dyed a lighter shade, or some trendy colors such as blue, pink, torques, purple, etc. Its intensity may not be evenly distributed, with noticeable color patches where the color does not stick.


  1. Hair extensions

This is the most advocated for method. You don’t need to alter your hair color in any way to achieve excellent results. You are free to mix up several colors, blend them, to achieve your desired style. Alternatively, you can choose to highlight certain areas to achieve that balayage or ombre effect. Parties and special occasions won’t be a headache anymore.

  1. Clip in extensions

Clip-ins prove you the possibility of installing hair wefts and styling them as you desire. Their ease of installation allows you to DIY at home, hence saving some coins! There is no rule as to how you should place them, as long as you achieve your desired style. Clip in hair extensions are also used to add volume and length. After all is said and done, clip ins will blend with your hair so naturally that no one will notice any additions. Once the party is over, you can uninstall them and enjoy the natural state of your real hair. Well, whenever the need arises, you can install them back and style them as you please.

Temporarily Change Your Hair Color


Hair extensions are ultimately the perfect way to switch up your look if you want to change your hair color. They are safe, don’t require any hair treatment or dying. Your hair protected and does not get damaged. Any kind of altering done to your hair, even if it’s temporary dyeing, will ultimately damage your strands in the long run. Even worse, rarely will you achieve the exact desired results, not to mention how expensive dyes can be plus they require a professional’s application. Whereas hair extensions can be reused over and over, temporary dyes will require a purchase ever time you want to use them.


Gym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair Extensions

Gym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair Extensions

Gym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair Extensions

The new year is just around the corner. Many have already started planning on their resolutions, and I bet fitness ranks high. Everyone wants to keep fit! With metabolisms and treadmills filling up, sweat is also piling up on hair and scalps-something that can be disastrous to your virgin hair extensions.  This is why some knowledge on how to preserve your hair while working out comes in handy.

First things first, keep your hair away from your forehead and neck. Sweat is acidic, and can easily dry out your hair extension. Buns, topknots, and ponytails are your go-to style. Alternatively, clip the hair in place, off your neck. If you opt to wrap your tresses in order to keep them dry, use two scarves. One should be satin (to secure your hair in place) and then a cotton one that absorbs the sweat. This is highly recommended in winter, because it helps keep your head warm.

Quick and Sexy Updos

Gym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair Extensions Gym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair Extensions


Don’t stress your hairline when styling your hair for the gym. High tension will end up pulling out your hair extensions, and may result in a loosened weaving base and a frizzed out look. You actually might end up wearing your extension for a short period of time that you had anticipated! Do you know what that eventually means? Digging into your pocket way before the time you had intended to! Go for a loose, sexy style that allows your hair to breathe and the sweat to evaporate.


 Powerful Ponytails

Gym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair Extensions


Not only do they give you that “I am ready to kick ass” look, but also keep you in the mood of working out for a longer period- hence more calories burnt! Isn’t that the reason 90% of ladies go to the gym for?

In addition, lengthen your trips to the steam room or sauna. Even while at it, be in a swimming cap to keep away frizz. Moisture tends to ruin hairstyles after some time.

Resist the urge to work out in your clip-in hair extensions, even though many will be doing this. This is one of the simplest ways through which you can exercise extra love (and care) for your hair extensions. Safeguard your hair from becoming dirty, sweaty and matted. This significantly reduces the amount of handling and washing your hair tracks experience, thereby lengthening their lifespan.


 Headbands- Still in trend

Gym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair ExtensionsGym Proofing Your Beautiful Hair Extensions


Avoid chemically bonding your hair if you intend to be active. A reaction between bonding glues and body sweat is not something you’d enjoy going through, hence don’t leave anything to chance. Such styles are best worn over the weekends, or during periods that you don’t plan to exercise.

Alternatively, fusion application is fine for the woman that wants to stay active, provided you exercise extra care when tying your hair into a ponytail. You wouldn’t want to speed up the loosening of the edges of your hair, as they are usually the first ones to loosen out.

These tips are applicable for all kinds of hair extensions, whether net weaves, sewn-in weaves or partial lace wigs. Your hair extension are a beauty investment, just like the hours spent in the gym. So why should one beauty plan ruin the other yet they can peacefully co-exist?

Weave Terms Demystified!

Weave Terms Demystified!

Weave Terms Demystified!

Weaves are a great protective hairstyle as they give your hair a break from styling and heat damage, thus giving it a chance to grow. Sew in weaves help you to achieve any color, length and volume that you desire! If you have been considering trying out weaves, you must have been bombarded with all sorts of terms and maybe left in a confused state. Don’t let these terms do that to you, we are here to help you! Here’s a ort glossary that will come in handy especially if you are a first-timer.

The Glossary

Protective style- This is a style worn with the intention of restoring the health of your hair while promoting its growth.

Full weave-All your hair is braided up and covered under the weave. The only visible hair is your weave hair.

Partial weave– A portion of your hair is left out while the rest is braided up. This is a go to style for those that intend to achieve a natural look while attaining extra volume and protecting the rest of their hair.

Leave out-The section of your hair that’s not braided, but is left out to blend with the weave and achieve a natural look.

Cornrow-A tight braid that provides the base onto which the hair extension is attached. It also protects your hair.

Weft– A continuous track of hair that has been fabricated or sewn.

Machine weft-A continuous track of hair that has been sewn by use of a machine. They are the easiest kind of wefts to use as they make the installation process simpler. They are slightly thicker than hand-tied wefts.

Hand-tied wefts– These are a little thinner than machine wefts and allow the hair to lie flat on the head. They are almost undetectable and are pre-sealed to reduce shedding and maintain their thickness.

Track– The point of attachment of the weft.

Remy hair-Human hair that has its cuticles still intact. Such hair may have been processed to attaching a given color or texture, and therefore cannot be considered virgin.

Virgin hair– 100% pure and natural human hair. It has not undergone any processing hence posses its natural color and texture.

Single sourced– Used to refer to hair that has been collected from a single donor, and posses a natural gradation from root to end.

Double sourced– Refers to hair collected from several donors. Combination of this hair to form a weft results in a uniform length throughout.

Closure-A piece created to mimic a natural part or hairline. Generally, closures are used during the installation of full weaves. Check out our store for a wide range of closures to pick out from.

It is our hope that this glossary has equipped you in preparation for the protection of your hair. We hope that it will make you more confident and help you make an informed decision when settling for a weave! Share this post with your friends and family so that they can also decide to protect their hair!

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Braid installation has never gotten out of season! They are among the top protective hair styles that allow your hair to grow and rest. The number of styles in which they can be worn are numerous not forgetting how easy it is to work with them. However, just like any other hairstyles, braids require a considerable amount of attention. Here’s what you need to know.

Have your hair ready

Installing braids on prepared hair makes them last longer and ease the installation process. Having a protective style on for a month or so needs a clean scalp with conditioned hair. A dirty scalp results in clogged pores and a stunted hair growth. After clarifying your scalp, restore its moisture because braided hair will need as much moisture as it can possibly get.

Don’t neglect your hair during the night

Take care of your braided hair just as you would your natural hair. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent it from frizzing due to friction. Alternatively, lay your head on a silk pillowcase. This will keep your hair in shape for a longer period, thus reducing the need for touchup.



Braid Installation


Your scalp is bound to dry out more now that you will have your hair in braids and it won’t be washed as often as you would your natural hair. Sprinkle some water on your scalp to hydrate your hair. In addition, apply coconut oil to avoid product build up and sooth your scalp. Keep it clean and ever moisturized to prevent it from being itchy and dry.

Do not leave your braid on for too long

Unravel your braids in time to avoid serious damages. In as much as braids are a protective style and you may be tempted to keep them on for long, protective styles are temporary. Overdoing it will result in pulling your hair and may even damage your hairline! Once an installation is done, keep in mind how soon you will need to take it out.

Let your hair breathe!

Braids may be fun and among the easiest options for protecting your hair. However, you need to give your hair a break and let it breathe before putting on the next style. Utilize the break by deep conditioning, applying strengthening masks and keeping it hydrated.

Braids help your hair grow. To keep your hair moisturized throughout the installed period, we strongly recommend that you use human hair rather than synthetic hair. Check out site for the available perfect options of braids!


Easy Steps for Making a Clarifying Shampoo at Home

Easy Steps for Making a Clarifying Shampoo at Home

Easy Steps for Making a Clarifying Shampoo at Home

The moment your hair feels like it is bogged down by dirt or styling products, or just loses its soft glow, it is probably time for you to cleanse it using a good clarifying shampoo. A clarifier cleans off all the residues left by hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair food, and dirt. Clarification will leave your hair feeling soft with a rejuvenated movement and color. Not all store-bought clarifying shampoos are expensive, but some can be quite harsh to your hair, depriving it of all the moisture it has. It is for this reason that I will be sharing a simple recipe for a homemade clarifying shampoo. This shampoo guarantees to leave your hair moisturized, soft and supple, without affecting your hair color.


2 cups warm water

1 tablespoon baking soda

1 teaspoon ACV (apple cider vinegar)

Easy Steps for Making a Clarifying Shampoo at Home



Scoop baking soda into a cup and add water. Warm water is recommended as this aids in the dissolving of baking soda. Note that this mixture will not lather, hence the addition of ACV is recommended for a foamy wash. Gently stir the mixture and ensure the baking soda has completely dissolved. The mixture is now ready for use.

Expert advice: Pour the shampoo on wet hair over the scalp and work through the tresses for at least 3 minutes. Leave it to sit in your hair for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Your hair should now feel silky, clean and have more volume. This would be an awesome cleanser especially if you have hair that’s naturally kinky.

Do you have a working DIY beauty secret? Be sure to share them in the comments!



Apple Cider Vinegar: The Hair Care Doctor!

Apple Cider Vinegar: The Hair Care Doctor

Apple Cider Vinegar: The Hair Care Doctor!

Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) is a beneficial natural hair care doctor treatment, regardless of your hair type; whether kinky, curly or straight. You may not be very familiar with this concept, or you may not be sure as to whether you’d like to wash your hair with ACV (understandable! LOL because this stuff has a bit of an order), so I will be exploring the mystery behind apple cider vinegar and how to go about doing a good ol’ AVC rise!

What Constitutes a Healthy, Well Balanced Scalp?

Your scalp is slightly acidic, as it has a pH of around 5 in its natural state. The cuticle layer of your hair has to be kept flat and closed hence the reason for the acidity. In addition, your cuticle layer results in smooth, shiny soft hair that frizzes less often. It prevents breakage, tangling and hair loss because it retains moisture which smoothens the hair strand and prevents them from tangling.

Many of the shampoos in the market are alkaline, with a pH of above 7. This results in disruption of the acidity environment on your scalp, leading to the opening up of the cuticle layer. In the end, your hair becomes dry, frizzes, tangles and prone to breakage. Who wants that? “Not me”, said the cat.

The ACV rinse plays a major role in regulating your scalp’s pH, thus reducing the effects of alkaline hair products. Even though ACV has a pH of 3, one can normalize this to the scalp’s acidity level by simply diluting it with water.

The Hair Care Doctor

Why do the ACV Rinse?

  1. ACV lowers the pH of your hair and scalp, thus flattening and closing hair Your hair becomes smoother, shinier, easier to detangle and which results on less breakage because it is more moisturized. Even though ACV will not lower the porosity of your natural hair or seal the holes formed on the cuticle layer due to chemical or heat damage, it will mitigate the effects of highly porous hair by flattening the hair cuticle.

pple Cider Vinegar: The Hair Care Doctor

  1. ACV maintains the health of the scalp by preventing fungal infections and bacteria growth. It helps with hair loss and dandruff by acting as an inflammatory since the main cause is usually bacteria.
  2. ACV benefits your hair with nutrients such as potassium, vitamins B, and C. We can all use more nutrients, right?
  3. ACV removes dead skin and product build-up, hence clarifying and exfoliating your scalp.
  4. Since ACV does not weigh down hair strands like silicone-based conditioners, it helps with curl definition and volume. Need I say more? I was sold at curl definition and volume.
  5. It increases blood circulation to your hair follicles hence stimulating hair growth. Sign me up!
  6. ACV preserves your hair because it does not contain any preservatives.


The Hair Care Doctor

pple Cider Vinegar: The Hair Care Doctor

The Magical ACV Rinse (How to)

  1. Your ACV of choice should be raw, organic and unfiltered. Go for one that is slightly cloudy rather than the clear one as the sediments contain a majority of the nutrients. Shake well before starting to use.
  2. Dampen your hair if you don’t intend to cleanse it, otherwise, do the ACV rinse just after shampooing your hair.
  3. Using the 1-3 ratio (ACV to water) mix the ACV with water.
  4. It is easier to apply the mixture using a spray bottle from the roots of your hair to the ends. Give your scalp a thorough massage while at it to enhance blood circulation and exfoliation.
  5. Allow the mixture to sit in for at least 5 minutes before thoroughly rinsing your hair.

Be sure to note how your hair responds to this treatment! You are free to repeat this once every week or every month. We recommend doing this ACV rinse every two weeks if you are just starting out before adjusting to a frequency that you feel would be best for your hair

How to Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair in 8 Simple Steps

How to bleach or dye your virgin hair the correct way.

How to bleach or dye your virgin hair the correct way.

I’m pretty sure I am not the only one that watches thousands YouTube videos and suddenly feel like a pro. And when you finally do test out your skills, it’s an EPIC fail!!!  When Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair , I’m here to give you a fool proof guide on how to correctly and properly bleach or dye your virgin hair extensions. Using this method is a sure way to lift your virgin hair for either toning that beautiful beach blonde bomb shell color or  to use for the base for more vivid colors like your reds, blues, pinks and purples. Rainbow, Galaxy, Unicorn and Super Shero hair colors are so in right now. So you must know how vital it is that you know exactly what to do to get the perfect foundation to achieve these color looks.
Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair :
What you will need
  • Clairol BW 2 Bleaching Powder
  • Clairol Pure White 30 and 40 Developer
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Applicator Brush
  • Applicator Bottle
  • Foil
  • Gloves
  • Shimmering Shampoo
  • Neutralizing Shampoo
  • Desired Hair Color Rinse / Hair Color Dye
hair extensions dye bleaching , Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair

 Bleach or Dye Virgin Hair  :

Step 1
Lightly spray hair with clean water. This helps open up the cuticle to speed up the process.
Step 2
Add 2 scoops of bleach powder and 20V or 30V crème developer together (50:50 ratio) and mix them together completely. You want the mixture to be like pancake batter. Not too thick and not too thin.
*For higher lift and a faster process, you may use 40V developer. However, please watch carefully as it may cause more damage to the hair cuticles.

How to bleach or dye your virgin hair the correct way.

Step 3
Make sure to unrivaled the hair and starch out the weft to ensure even distribution. Lay the hair flat on a large sheet of foil to avoid a mess to clean up later. Using an application brush, apply the mix on to your virgin hair extensions. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots. Remember whenever you start will be the lightest. Make sure that the mix is well and evenly saturated. Flip hair over and repeat with applying the mixture.
Step 4
Once the hair is completely saturated on both sides, work the mixture in with your hands.
Step 5
Wrap the applied area well with foil and time it for 15-20 minutes.
*Make sure to use the hairdressing foil.
*Be sure to check the hair every 5 minutes to see how much the hair is lifting, as the time of processing may vary depending on the products and hair you use.
Step 6
First Shampoo the hair extensions with a shimmering lights shampoo thoroughly in lukewarm or cool water making sure all the chemical residue is washed out. Then repeat with the neutralizing shampoo.
*Do not use a hydrating shampoo or conditioner during this wash because these products will close the hair cuticles and make it difficult for the hair to absorb the dye color.
Step 7
Apply the hair color dying products to the bleached area. Let the hair dye color process for 30-45 minutes.
Step 8
Apply a deep conditioning treatment for at least 15-30 minutes and rinse well.
*During this step while the conditioner is still on,  I like to put the hair in a shower cap or plastic bag and place in my hooded hair dryer for about 10-15 minutes. This helps to seal in moisture and ensure my hair is super soft and silky.
*Once rinse out thoroughly, if the hair is wavy or curly slightly scrunch the hair to keep the curl pattern. And then, lay the hair on the towel to air dry completely. Do not hang the wet hair to dry because that can stretch out the curl pattern.
If you are a beginner these 8 simple steps should help you to achieve the color you are look for. It is also a great way to get beautiful blonde hair as well if you want to skip the coloring all together.

Never Buy Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Never Buy Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Never Buy Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Raise your hand if you are a product junkie? Don’t be shy! We’re NOT here to judge you. If you are anything like me, then you can’t wait to get your hands on the next best product to test out. It’s almost like a “high”. Even Co-Wash products.
The bottle is all brand new and squeaky clean. And they know just what to do with the packaging that just keeps calling out to you.. buy me.. buuuuy me! It’s so hard to resist.
This year I promised myself that I would resist the urge and learn to make some of my favorite products at home. You know? Like a DIY type of thing.  Today I will be showing you one of my favorite DIY products that will help you fight the good fight and starch off one thing at time on that product list of must haves (that your really don’t need in the first place) when your visit the store.
Today I’ll be showing you how to make (drum roll please) DIY co-wash. For me a good co-wash is a must have. Like seriously, I must have this product in my hair care routine in order to keep my hair shiny and healthy. About 3 or 4 years ago I all together stop shampooing my hair and instead starting co-washing. Don’t get me wrong I still shampoo my hair maybe once a month, if that. I can’t tell you how big of a difference this has made in my hair. My hair is no longer dry, weak or brittle. I cannot imagine not using some kind of co-wash.

 Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Now, the problem for me is that I have a ton of thick hair and I use a lot of product. And if you know like I know co-wash conditioner is not very cheap at the store. At least not the ones I like to use. So one day I decided to whip up a match of my very own and see how my hair reacts to it. And I must say my hair loved it just as much as the store bought brands.
What you will need
  1. Pure Natural soap (pH10) 50ml
  2. Natural conditioner (pH) 200ml
  3. Rose Mary Essential Oil 12 drops
  4. Peppermint Essential Oil 12 drops
First make sure you have a clean container or bottle with a lid to put your co-wash. Next, mix conditioner and soap together. Follow by adding each of the essential oils. Make sure everything is blended well. Your co-wash is now ready for use.
I cannot tell how much I love this co-wash. It helps with stimulating my scalp, which helps to promote hair growth. It also cleanses and conditions. Try it out for yourself and please leave a comment to let me know how it turned out for you.


How to Have Great Hair and Still Hit the Gym and Pool

How to Have Great Hair and Still Hit the Gym and Pool

Here’s the deal, I can’t speak for everybody, but I’m trying to get summer time fine! We’re already in the late part of March and we only have a few more months to go. I wanna be beach ready and to do that it requires going to the gym and working out. Now the problem with that is, I’m sweating out my hair and my hair extensions. If you are like me and having the same problem, keep reading.
If you are anything like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. On some days I have a whole conversation in my head about going to the gym or sacrificing my good health for my hair style. I know.. I know.. lol it may sound silly, but this is an on-going problem. I want to stay healthy but I want my hair to look and stay healthy as well. Is that too much to ask for?!
hair extensions and the gym or pool , How to Have Great Hair

 How to Have Great Hair

I have been pretty active for most of my life and I have recently started swimming as part of my workout regimen. While I love this exercise plan and the results I’m getting, I’m hating what the chlorine is doing to my hair. Who knew chlorine could be so freaking drying? It leaves my hair so dry and brittle, I hate it. I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you use a swimming cap? Believe me, I’ve done that and my hair still finds a way to get wet.
While I normally wash my hair once a week, I am finding that my tresses need a completely different cleansing schedule, and different products, too.
Now here comes the good news. Instead of washing your tresses every time you have a sweaty head from the gym or decide to take a dip in the pool just use a co-wash. I am not sure who invented this stuff, but it has been like a God send for me. I love it! It helps to cleanse my locks but somehow keep it moisturized all in the same token.
hair extensions and the gym or pool , How to Have Great Hair
I normally like to pair my Co-washing products with my regular conditioners and moisturizing products to keep my locks healthy, shiny and luscious. What I love most about this hair cleansing regimen is that I can also use it on my all of my virgin hair extensions. It works wonders on my
Malaysian curly hair extensions and on my Brazilian straight hair extensions as well. The cleansing is so gentle it’s beneficial to all types. So, if you are having the same problem, skip the shampooing and do a co-wash instead. Just shampoo once a week or once every couple of weeks.
How to Have Great Hair

Secrets to Natural Hair Care When Wearing Extensions

Secrets to Natural Hair Care When Wearing Extensions

How to properly take care of your natural hair underneath your sew-in hair extensions

Are you new to wearing hair extensions? Don’t have a clue as to how to take care of your natural hair underneath it all? I’ve put together a simple guideline Secrets to Natural Hair Care to help you protect your hair and keep it healthy while wearing your favorite Mink Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair or Malaysian Hair extensions.
Secrets to Natural Hair Care
First thing first. A few must haves when wearing hair extensions is a good spray bottle, an applicator bottle with a narrow nozzle (this will help to control the amount of oil you are using), a moisturizing oil and / or leave in conditioner.
Spray Bottle for hair extensions , Secrets to Natural Hair Care

After having your weave installed you want to make sure to moisturize your scalp every 2-3 days. If you have extremely dry hair then you may want to moisturize your hair daily.

Secrets to Natural Hair Care: Moisturizing Your Hair

Step 1
Fill a spray bottle with your favorite liquid moisturizer. I normally use a leave in conditioner mixed with water or a conditioning braid spray. Lift up each track and spray the mixture directly on to the braids.
Step 2
Next, using an applicator bottle apply an oil on to the braids and the scalp. This will help to seal the moisturizer into the hair. Repeat this process for each layer of tracks until you have covered your entire head.  Be sure to get the oil on your hair and scalp and not the weave. Nobody wants greasy hair
Side Tip:
I suggest do this in the morning instead of at night to avoid product and oil from getting on your pillow cases/sheets. As well as to prevent the products from getting on to the hair extensions which may cause matts/tangles and cause the extensions to become weighed down or over saturated with product buildup. However, if you prefer to do this at night style as usual and cover with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet for bed.

Cleansing and Washing Your Hair

Cleansing your hair and scalp is vital for maintaining optimal hair health.
Be sure to Wash Your Real Hair Underneath your sew-in AND make sure to wash the Weave.
Step 1
Start by combing through the hair with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush. Be sure to remove all tangles. If you are wearing a curly weave, I recommend using your fingers to detangle. Always start from the ends and work your way up to the roots.
Step 2
Fill a spray bottle up with diluted shampoo and water. Begin by spraying your scalp in between each track. This will ensure you are getting as close as possible to the scalp for cleansing. Massage/ lightly scrub the scalp to lift any dirt, soil or product build up. Wash the hair extensions very gently to avoid mats and tangles. Rinse the shampoo out of the hair like normal using warm water. Make sure to rinse the scalp thoroughly to remove all of the shampoo from the scalp and hair.
Step 3
Repeat step 2 but instead use your favorite conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit for a while.  At least 5-10 minutes. I prefer to use a conditioner that is designed for dry hair just to give my tresses a little extra love. Rinse the conditioner out with cool water as per usual.
Step 4
Moisturized your natural hair underneath as describe earlier and allow your hair and the weave to air dry.
Please note that this process should be done weekly! Wearing hair extensions can be very taxing on your hair if you are not properly taking care of your hair. Although, your Mink Brazilian hair extensions may look gorgeous while you are wearing them, you should also want your natural hair to look just as gorgeous and healthy when you take out your sew-in.


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