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Peruvian Hair – Loose Curl

Peruvian Hair , Can I Stay Woke & Wear Hair Weave Too?

Peruvian Hair


I have been a supporter for years of Brazilian hair extensions. Whether it be straight or body wave really didnt matter, Both are great. Then I some how dwindled over to Malaysian deep curl when I got a bit fancy and wanted a different look. I have been hearing about all sorts of hair types for years. Japanese, Bohemian, Dominican, Burmese, Arthurian, as well as Peruvian.


Although most of these names sound exotic, the least thought of was Peruvian. Peruvian hair has come up in conversation occasionally with the slightest bit of interest from me. It just seemed a bit foreign to me and I’ll be honest… I DON’T LIKE CHANGE.

Finally 2 months ago a friend of mind who is a freelance photographer had to travel to Asia for 9 months for a job. She had just purchased a bundle deal of the famous Peruvian loose curl hair she raves about so much. As she was complaining about how she cant wear it in Asia cause she always wears braids when on location for jobs.

I saw an opportunity…….being honest I saw the opportunity to possibly get an early birthday present from a friend. But a good friend would at least offer to buy the hair from her” I thought … so I made her an offer, and after a lot of hesitation of her part she finally settled and sold me the Peruvian hair.

Peruvian Hair Extensions

Now I didn’t think much of it at first, just hair extensions from a friend Right?. BOY WAS I WRONG, when I finally got ready for my install I pulled that Peruvian loose curl hair out of the satin bag and I was jealous and mad at the same time. Mad cause I hadn’t looked at it or felt it until that day… and jealous cause now my hair stylist had her hands all through it, complimenting it, talking about the bouncy curls,and soft feel. She even invited a couple other stylist from their stations to come and pet my hair.Yep I got in my feelings about it……


Fast forward , when I left the salon that hair had me on cloud 15……cloud 9 is too low…….it was bouncy, shiny, soft, silky all at the same time….. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and I got a few looks from a group of girls that passed me by twice but didn’t think too much of it….finally they showed up again behind me at the checkout counter. “ your hair is so bomb” while reaching with her hand to begin to touch it. It seemed like her hand was moving in slow motion as my eyes gazed upon its movement.

Peruvian Hair Extensions

Apparently my Mr Tee “I PITY THE FOOL THAT TOUCHES MY PERUVIAN HAIR” expression on my face gave her the message to pull that hand back, and surprisingly enough she did….I practically ran out of the store like I had a lottery ticket on my head so no one would take it from me (or try to touch it) and I as I drove home I thought to myself how the few women I know that wear Peruvian hair rarely wear anything else. They pretty much swear by it. And Now I know why… Thanks friend, and thank god for the freelance job you took in Asia.

All About Good Hair

All About Good Hair

All About Good Hair

Why is hair so important?, We’ve all heard that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory. But why? Is it really that important?, does hair or “GOOD HAIR” really matter. I took this subject to women and men of all races and backgrounds to get a consensus on IF and WHY, hair is so important to us.
Lets get the men out of the way. What I found was that the men were split down the middle on long or short hair. Some men love long locs flowing down a woman’s back, while other men thought that very short cuts made a woman look spunky and sexy. However only 20% of men found that hair and hair quality was unimportant. 80% thought that hair quality contributed greatly to a woman’s visual attractiveness and appeal. Making her look more healthy, vibrant, and interesting: leading to the idea that she has a strong sense of self, high moral and confidence which are all qualities that both sexes find make a partner more attractive.

Good Hair

Now for the Drama, THE WOMEN!!. Woman had opinions that were so varied that a percentage analysis still left me confused. A lot of the women didn’t feel It was fair to judge a woman based on something as superficial as hair, HOWEVER most of those same woman admitted that they not only judged others by their hair quality/style, but also tend to their own hair or hair extensions with a lite obsession to avoid judgement and be considered more attractive.
Some women felt that Good hair was just an accessory, something to put up, down, and change around based solely on how you feel that day. While other woman had a deep connection to hair, mentioning that it should be planned, and calculated. Many admitted that they have driven their boyfriends and husbands crazy by obsessing over the subject, and some how fitting it into every conversation when it was time to get a new style or hair extension install.
I even interviewed a few women about Good Hair while they were with their male spouses, and I watched each spouse roll his eyes at least once in discontent over the discussion. To this day I’m unsure if the men were just bored or slowly enduring torture. 
What i learned was simple, whether you like hair or don’t care…IT IS IMPORTANT!! its important as a first impression, its important on a job interview, its important to your boss, and is especially important to you if your idea of beauty is synonymous with beautiful hair… So whether it be hair extensions, an Afro, all natural, human hair wigs or even faux locs. Take care of it with class, The world is watching.


Never Buy Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Never Buy Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Never Buy Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Raise your hand if you are a product junkie? Don’t be shy! We’re NOT here to judge you. If you are anything like me, then you can’t wait to get your hands on the next best product to test out. It’s almost like a “high”. 
The bottle is all brand new and squeaky clean. And they know just what to do with the packaging that just keeps calling out to you.. buy me.. buuuuy me! It’s so hard to resist.
This year I promised myself that I would resist the urge and learn to make some of my favorite products at home. You know? Like a DIY type of thing.  Today I will be showing you one of my favorite DIY products that will help you fight the good fight and starch off one thing at time on that product list of must haves (that your really don’t need in the first place) when your visit the store.
Today I’ll be showing you how to make (drum roll please) DIY co-wash. For me a good co-wash is a must have. Like seriously, I must have this product in my hair care routine in order to keep my hair shiny and healthy. About 3 or 4 years ago I all together stop shampooing my hair and instead starting co-washing. Don’t get me wrong I still shampoo my hair maybe once a month, if that. I can’t tell you how big of a difference this has made in my hair. My hair is no longer dry, weak or brittle. I cannot imagine not using some kind of co-wash.

 Co-Wash Again, Make it Yourself-DIY

Now, the problem for me is that I have a ton of thick hair and I use a lot of product. And if you know like I know co-wash conditioner is not very cheap at the store. At least not the ones I like to use. So one day I decided to whip up a match of my very own and see how my hair reacts to it. And I must say my hair loved it just as much as the store bought brands.
What you will need
  1. Pure Natural soap (pH10) 50ml
  2. Natural conditioner (pH) 200ml
  3. Rose Mary Essential Oil 12 drops
  4. Peppermint Essential Oil 12 drops
First make sure you have a clean container or bottle with a lid to put your co-wash. Next, mix conditioner and soap together. Follow by adding each of the essential oils. Make sure everything is blended well. Your co-wash is now ready for use.
I cannot tell how much I love this co-wash. It helps with stimulating my scalp, which helps to promote hair growth. It also cleanses and conditions. Try it out for yourself and please leave a comment to let me know how it turned out for you.


How to Have Great Hair and Still Hit the Gym and Pool

How to Have Great Hair and Still Hit the Gym and Pool

How to Have Great Hair and Still Hit the Gym and Pool

Here’s the deal, I can’t speak for everybody, but I’m trying to get summer time fine! We’re already in the late part of March and we only have a few more months to go. I wanna be beach ready and to do that it requires going to the gym and working out. Now the problem with that is, I’m sweating out my hair and my hair extensions. If you are like me and having the same problem, keep reading.
If you are anything like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. On some days I have a whole conversation in my head about going to the gym or sacrificing my good health for my hair style. I know.. I know.. lol it may sound silly, but this is an on-going problem. I want to stay healthy but I want my hair to look and stay healthy as well. Is that too much to ask for?!
hair extensions and the gym or pool , How to Have Great Hair

 How to Have Great Hair

I have been pretty active for most of my life and I have recently started swimming as part of my workout regimen. While I love this exercise plan and the results I’m getting, I’m hating what the chlorine is doing to my hair. Who knew chlorine could be so freaking drying? It leaves my hair so dry and brittle, I hate it. I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you use a swimming cap? Believe me, I’ve done that and my hair still finds a way to get wet.
While I normally wash my hair once a week, I am finding that my tresses need a completely different cleansing schedule, and different products, too.
Now here comes the good news. Instead of washing your hair every time you have a sweaty head from the gym or decide to take a dip in the pool just use a co-wash. I am not sure who invented this stuff, but it has been like a God send for me. I love it! It helps to cleanse my hair but somehow keep it moisturized all in the same token.  
hair extensions and the gym or pool , How to Have Great Hair
I normally like to pair my Co-washing products with my regular conditioners and moisturizing products to keep my hair healthy, shiny and luscious. What I love most about this hair cleansing regimen is that I can also use it on my all of my virgin hair extensions. It works wonders on my
Malaysian curly hair extensions and on my Brazilian straight hair extensions as well. The cleansing is so gentle it’s beneficial to all hair types. So, if you are having the same problem, skip the shampooing and do a co-wash instead. Just shampoo once a week or once every couple of weeks.
How to Have Great Hair

The 5 Golden Rules of Good Hair Care

The 5 Golden Rules of Good Hair Care

The 5 Golden Rules of Good Hair Care

For anyone who knows me, they know that I am a straight up product junkie. I love trying new hair, skin, nails, and make up products. You name it! Lawd knows I’ve probably bought it and I gotta tell you not all products are created equal. Today, I’ll be listing some of my favorite good hair care products that I just cannot live without.
#5. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
I am in love with this products. It’s been with me for a long time. We go way back to my freshman year in college when I was a skinny mini with relaxed hair. Yall should have seen me. I thought I was super cute and had good hair. I look back on some of my old pictures and look at my makeup choices and wonder where my friends were. Then I see them close by in the same pix with makeup that looks just as bad as mines did lol. Thank God for YouTube. We have come a long way.  But back to the topic at hand. When I transitioned to being a natural chic this shampoo and conditioner duo worked miracles on my hair. I love this product no matter if I am relaxed or natural.

Good Hair Care

#4. Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner
When your tresses need some extra love and attention, this is the way to go. This is my go to choice when my hair is long overdue for taking my hair extensions or braids out. This will leave your hair soft, healthy, and manageable.
#3. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturize
Your hair can never get enough moisture. This is why this is a staple in my product cabinet.  Its a rich moisturizing cream that helps keep them thirsty strands hydrated. This stuff works for all hair types. Curly, straight, kinky and relaxed. I even use it on me weaves and wigs.
 #2. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style & Shine Foaming Mousse
Who doesn’t love a well-defined curl? One thing about me, is that I love a good ol’ flexi rod set. I love how they make my hair or my hair extensions look flawless without the added heat. When doing any flexi rod or perm rod set the type of setting foam/lotion is very vital to the way your hair style turns out. I love this product because it gives your curls a lasting hold without the stiffness or hardness. There is also no residue left on your hair after drying.
#1.Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control
No hair style is complete without the perfect edge control. I don’t know what it is about a good edge control that makes any hair style like clean and polished. My heart flutters when I think about how good this product has been to me. (Don’t judge me yall) but this product has been with me through thick and thin. It always holds up no matter what the weather is like and it smells like a piece of heaven.
If you guys use some of these hair care products or have some suggestions please leave a comment and let me know. I love to add a few new ones to the list.


6 Things Women With Great Hair Do

6 Things Women With Great Hair Do

6 Things Women With Great Hair Do

1. She avoids using heat when styling.

I know, I know. Women with great hair; its hard to pull this one off and look red carpet ready when you’re pressed for time. If you have to use heat, try steam rollers, They don’t get too hot, and the steam has a great affect in getting your hair the curls you may be looking for. 

 However, if you absolutely have to use heating tools (blow dryers, curling iron, flat irons, hot rollers) on your hair to style it properly, then you should always use a spray-on heat protector before applying the heat.

2. She always sleeps on silk or satin

This is an easy one, cause using head wraps, and silk scarfs to wrap your hair at night is an old pastime to keep hair from being dried out by cotton pillow cases and bedding. Don’t forget satin pillow cases can do the job just as well

3. She keeps her hair clean.

We’ve all heard that refusing to shampoo your hair allows the natural oils to build up and enriches and nourishes..HOWEVER!!!Listen to your hair ladies.

If it smells, itches, looks heavy, or becomes hard to manage suddenly…. give it a good wash, at the very least a good Co-Wash….It will avoid split ends and give your scalp some much needed stimulation…. Thank me later for this 


Women With Great Hair Do


4. She doesn’t skimp on moisturizer.

Remember to condition your hair, EVERY SINGLE TIME when you wash it. Its not just about the hair, but also about your scalp. If you moisturize your face and skip the skin on your head, you are likely not getting the growth or luster you may want in your hair and probably building light dandruff on your scalp. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

5. She steers clear of snarls.

Remember this: BOTTOM TO TOP!!… That’s how you should brush and comb. if you have a little tangling, don’t rip thru your hair to get them out. Be gentle and use a wide tooth comb starting at the bottom and slowly working your way to the top of the scalp, brushing/combing downward the entire time.

6. She keeps it cool in the shower.

I love a boiling hot shower, but truth is that heat removes the volume from your hair. a warm shower is better and when conditioning, ice cold is best so your hair can lock in the moisture and nutrients.


Silk and/or Lace Closure -Stylist Arguments

Silk and/or Lace Closure -Stylist Arguments

Silk and/or Lace Closure -Stylist Arguments


Wanna see a heated debate between two passionate hair stylists?, simply pose the question, “Silk and/or Lace Closure?” It’s almost like stepping inside of a meeting with a discussion on foreign policy with the democrats and republicans. Debates have gone on for hours and hours for the argument on which is better, which has the more flawless install, and which gives the illusion of a more natural hairline or scalp appearance.

Personally, I prefer a lace closure over silk base any day. Even though silk base closures look more natural and “scalp-like”. If you want a more natural appearance with a lace closure all you have to do is simply bleach the knots. You also have the option of using a concealer, foundation or powder to cover the knots if you feel you may damage the hair piece. In my experience lace closures require less skill and know-how than silk closures and you get close to the same results. However, many people still live for and swear by silk closures.

I love the look of silk base closures but I find that they do not lay as flat as lace closures during an install. You also must keep in mind when purchasing any silk closure or lace closure that they all are not created equal and some brands are better than others. You must be careful, and choose a company that has high quality products and hair extensions.

Silk and/or Lace Closure :
No matter if you are installing a silk base closure or lace front closure it is important to follow a few simple guidelines to achieve that flawless and natural hairline or scalp appearance.

Tips On A Flawless Install:
Bleach or conceal the knots if necessary.
Plucking the hair and hairline.
Pluck along the hairline and part to give the install a much more natural look.

Sturdy braid pattern foundation
The braid pattern for the install of the closure should be small and sturdy. The smaller the braids, the flatter the closure will lay.


Silk and/or Lace Closure

Use TENSION when installing.
Tension is the key to making the closure lay flat as possible. Therefore, sturdy braids are extremely imperative when installing silk or lace closures.

Mold/set the closure.
Use a setting foam to lay the hairs on the closure in the proper direction then place under a hooded dryer.

Apply a foundation, powder, or concealer along the part to mimic the scalp and cover the line of demarcation.

USE EDGE CONTROL! It always finishes an install and places the baby hairs perfectly.

With any install using a closure, the hair piece will eventually shift backwards due to new growth. Just like any sew-in or hair style they are not meant to be worn for months and months at a time. However, with the proper install and a trained hair stylists they can be fixed or readjusted.
As far as the debate for which is better, silk base closures or lace closures, it is completely about preference. Whichever one feels better and works better for the look you are seeking, then that’ the one you should use. And no one ever said you have to choose a side and stay there. Use the one the works best for you now and switch it up at a later time.

Hair Extensions in NYC Can Make A New Person Out Of You

A little dedication towards maintaining a proper after-care procedure will ensure that you can fully utilize the benefit of hair extensions. We can now also get rid of the monotony of the same hairstyle and look different every time we look into the mirror.

Hair Extensions in NYC Can Make A New Person Out Of You

We have often seen in movies that a person can completely disguise his or her looks by just adopting a new wig. This has been a time tested ploy for the villains to escape from police and the good guys to hideout from the bad guys. The point to be noted here, is the impact that a hairstyle can have on our appearance. Just changing one’s hair color or getting a haircut in a different style can make a person look stunningly different.
Even the family and close friends react to you when you simply changed your hairstyle. Then imagine the impact of adding length to hair when friends and family have recently seen you with a shorter length maybe just a day before. Yes, hair extensions in NYC or any other state can make this possible.
Beyonce Hair Extensions, Arjuni,

Many of us do not opt for any kind of hair styling or hair treatment as we fear the consequences of chemicals being used on our precious hair that could permanently damage it. Hair extensions can completely relieve you of this worry as it is a process where only natural human hair is attached to your original hair to increase the length, volume and style. A painstaking effort is made to ensure that a perfect match is found for your hair in terms of color and texture so that even a close inspection will not make your hair extension look artificial. Most reputed stylists offering hair extensions procure natural hair from various places across the globe directly from the owners and hence the authenticity and quality is assured.

Hair Extensions in NYC Can Make A New Person Out Of You

A thick volume of good quality hair is a matter of pride for all the owners. It earns them flattering compliments at any social gathering and also enhances their looks and personality. However under certain circumstances such as a prolonged illness people may lose their hair, which affects their looks and causes their self confidence to dip. Hair extensions can be the perfect solution even in such cases where loss of hair can no longer be a hindrance to our lifestyle.
Also in today’s world where the fashion industry and the media in general are promoting the idea of physical beauty and equating it with success, everyone wants to move with the times. Hair styles also keep changing with the fashion.
Beyonce Hair Extensions, Arjuni

We are left with limited scope of changing our hair style unless we vary the length of our hair. However once the length has been shortened we cannot increase it within a short duration. Hair extensions can  now provide us with the option of increasing the length of our hair at will.
A little dedication towards maintaining a proper after-care procedure will ensure that you can fully utilize the benefit of hair extensions. We can now also get rid of the monotony of the same hairstyle and look different every time we look into the mirror. A simple hair extensions procedure can change your look and make you feel like a new person all over again. It helps to add a new charm to your life and is sort of a revitalizing process for you. 



What Is Good Hair?

Interlude: Grandmother: *touches granddaughter’s hair*
“Ooooh chile!!! You got that good hair from ya’ daddy’s side of the family!”
Good Hair?…. What the heck does that even mean anyways!? Lol
“Good Hair” is a popular term in the African-American / black community, used to describe a black person’s hair that closely resembles the hair of a typical white person (i.e. soft, manageable, and long: as opposed to “nappy” or “coiled” hair). The closer your hair is to a white person’s, the “better” your hair is.  It is typically used to describe black people with softer, wavy, looser-curled, and less kinky looking hair. This type of language stems from a history of colorism and Societal Assimilation due to centuries of being taught that lighter skin, softer hair and Caucasoid features are somehow more beautiful.
WHAT IS GOOD HAIR? , hair extensions, Extensions, Weave hair, Weaves, clip in hair extensions, hair weave, human hair weave, hair store
Generations later, why do we still use the term “good hair”? But most importantly, why do we still feel that nappy or kinky hair is considered to be “bad hair”?
As far back as slavery, the African American community has always praised lighter skin and looser curls because it allowed us to resemble the standards of European beauty. It is believed that the lighter skinned slaves were treated better and got more privileges. This could be a dishearteningly but large contributing factor to our internalized shaming of darker skin and “nappy” hair.
Over the years the media has also played a huge part in keeping this notion alive. Many entertainers such as Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and Tracy Ross perpetuated the “Good Hair” pervasive cultural messages by elevating loose curls and fair skin as being a form of acceptable blackness. However, there are more entertainers like Viola Davis and Erykah Badu that has proudly represented the “Happy to be Nappy” movement.
“Good Hair” should not be exclusively based on a person’s hair texture, but rather described as strong and healthy hair grown from the scalp. “Good Hair” is soft and manageable no matter if its curly, wavy, straight or kinky. “Good Hair” is well moisturized, with little to no breakage, in great condition, glossy and lustrous.WHAT IS GOOD HAIR? , hair extensions, Extensions, Weave hair, Weaves, clip in hair extensions, hair weave, human hair weave, hair store
As long as a person’s hair is strong and healthy, shouldn’t it all be thought of as “good hair? Hopefully this phrase will eventually go away and stopped being used by the black community like phrases such as “dynamite” and “can you dig it baby?” lol The term “Good Hair” connoting less kinky hair or less nappy is a trivial misconception and we should stop using it to describe a hair texture.
WHAT IS GOOD HAIR? , hair extensions, Extensions, Weave hair, Weaves, clip in hair extensions, hair weave, human hair weave, hair store



Hair & The Black Dollar – The Ugly Truth!

Hair & The Black Dollar - The Ugly Truth!


Hair & The Black Dollar – The Ugly Truth!

Recently, journalist Roland Martin, cited a figure that has often been used to illustrate just how little blacks spend in their very own community compared to other racial and ethnic groups.  The study claims, “the lifespan of a dollar in the Asian community is 28 days, in the Jewish community the lifespan of a dollar is 19 days and the lifespan in the African-American community is approximately six hours.” There has been much speculation as to whether or not these claims are true; but if this is the case, we have to wonder why and what are the issues.

With studies indicating that the black community doesn’t support other blacked owned businesses as much as other ethnic groups is just flat out sad, but we have to ask ourselves, why is that?!

Well, I can’t speak for everybody else, but to me and I’ll say it again.. TO ME… and this is just MY opinion, but most, and NOT ALL black owned businesses lack professionalism. I hate to say it, but it’s true! And I know many people are going to try to “come for me” but this has been MY experience.

For those that know me, know that I am all about uplifting the community and “fighting the good fight against the man”, but for a large majority of the time, I am always disappointed whenever I try to support the next brutha man’s or sistah gurl’s business operations.


Hair & The Black Dollar

For example, yall know I gotta keep my hair looking right, so of course, by nature I would automatically patronize a black salon owner and black hair stylist before I went any place else. Now… this is where the problem lies. TARDINESS!!!! There’s a lot of things I can tolerate and overlook but playing with my time is not one of them. if I set an appointment with a so called “professional”, I expect him/her to be there on time.

For instance, my appointment is set for 9:30 a.m. and the stylist doesn’t come strolling in until 11:30- 12 o’clock (noon). Taking her sweet precious time, talking about “wat cha getting done today”. When the first words out of her mouth should be “oh, hey girl.. I apologize for being late.” And maybe, just maybe “I’ll give you a discount on your services for today”.  Now.. I am a very forgiving person, so if this happens 1 or 2 times, ok… ok.. No big problem, right? But when my stylist is late for every single appointment, that’s when it becomes completely unacceptable. And of course, she wants you to pay her the full amount for the services, plus a tip for her troubles (for doing her job). Which I always do anyway because that’s just the type of person I am.

Experiences such as this, amongst many other situations,

Like going to a blacked owned restaurant and they have over 20 items on the menu but only have 5 items available for you to order. And please don’t act like y’all don’t know what I am talking about. lol

Hair & The Black Dollar – The Ugly Truth!

These types of conditions have made it difficult for me to support or patronize black owned enterprises.  My biggest problem with the black community is, when we go to a business that maybe owned by an Asian or Latino, we expect them to have everything all together. Everything must be perfect. From the service to making sure they have everything in stock. And if they don’t, we make a huge commotion about it and declare we’re never coming back. In my opinion, Black business owners need to raise their standards and/or professionalism and take more pride in their accomplishments. When this happens, I truly believe that the black dollar will then circulate for a longer period of time in the black community.