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3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

3 Simple Ways to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color

Your natural hair’s color is beautiful and you don’t have to temporarily change your hair color. However, there are some instances when you might want to switch up your look. For example, a Halloween hairstyle might not perfectly suit a wedding look. On such instances, coloring your hair inevitable. You might want to change your color, but only for that specific occasion. The methods shared in this article will help you do exactly that. Temporary hair dyes give you the option of going back to your natural hair color by simply washing them off. Semi-permanent colors last for up to 24 washes whereas semi-permanent colors make your hair shiner thus enhancing its natural color. You can choose to hide those tough headed grey hairs using a permanent dye or a semi-permanent dye.

  1. Color shampoo

The hair products’ market is saturated with many color shampoo brands. A majority of them last a couple of washes before your hair gets back to its natural color. The coloring process involves massaging the color onto your hair strands, allowing it to sit for some minutes then rinsing it out. The only set back with color shampoos is that you cannot get the exact shade that you desire. For example, brown hair cannot be dyed a lighter shade, or some trendy colors such as blue, pink, torques, purple, etc. Its intensity may not be evenly distributed, with noticeable color patches where the color does not stick.


  1. Hair extensions

This is the most advocated for method. You don’t need to alter your hair color in any way to achieve excellent results. You are free to mix up several colors, blend them, to achieve your desired style. Alternatively, you can choose to highlight certain areas to achieve that balayage or ombre effect. Parties and special occasions won’t be a headache anymore.

  1. Clip in extensions

Clip-ins prove you the possibility of installing hair wefts and styling them as you desire. Their ease of installation allows you to DIY at home, hence saving some coins! There is no rule as to how you should place them, as long as you achieve your desired style. Clip in hair extensions are also used to add volume and length. After all is said and done, clip ins will blend with your hair so naturally that no one will notice any additions. Once the party is over, you can uninstall them and enjoy the natural state of your real hair. Well, whenever the need arises, you can install them back and style them as you please.

Temporarily Change Your Hair Color


Hair extensions are ultimately the perfect way to switch up your look if you want to change your hair color. They are safe, don’t require any hair treatment or dying. Your hair protected and does not get damaged. Any kind of altering done to your hair, even if it’s temporary dyeing, will ultimately damage your strands in the long run. Even worse, rarely will you achieve the exact desired results, not to mention how expensive dyes can be plus they require a professional’s application. Whereas hair extensions can be reused over and over, temporary dyes will require a purchase ever time you want to use them.


Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig- What it is and How to DIY

Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig- What it is and How to DIY

Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig- What it is and How to DIY

Wigs are increasingly becoming the modern woman’s hair solution, with the Pre-Plucked 360 lace wig topping the list. There is a good reason why. First, this type of wig offers an incomparably realistic look, with the mesh going all around the hairline. This means all of your hair protected, and there’s no need for a leave-out. Individual hairs are manually sewn, giving the scalp a real look. There are numerous styles that one can rock with a 360 wig, ranging from ponytails, to braids, to different up dos. Their versatility meets even the most demanding customer’s need.

When shopping for a wig, you might notice some of them are indicated as “pre-plucked” and you might be wondering what this means. In simple terms, a pre-plucked wig is one who’s hairline looks natural, with the baby hairs already customized by plucking. Most weaves have a uniform hair density, and if not properly customized, end up looking fake.

Plucking a wig reduces the hair density on the top part, mimicking the exact look of your natural hair. A natural hairline has hairs of unequal length, as hair is constantly growing hence they cannot be uniform in length. A wig that is to imitate your natural hairline should follow this exact pattern. Plucking a 360 wig gives it a flawless hairline and realistic baby hairs. Even though pre-plucked wigs are a bit pricier, their appearance is usually superior to other hairpieces.

If you have a wig that’s not pre-plucked, do not worry. You can do it yourself, or have a professional do it for you. Nobody should wear a fake looking wig because they don’t know how to pluck their pieces. This is why we are going to share an easy customization procedure, so that you can have your wig looking more realistic and natural.

How to customize a Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wig


  • A 360 lace wig
  • Pins
  • Tweezers
  • Styrofoam wig stand
  • Scissors

Step 1

On receiving your hairpiece, first, confirm that it snags like a glove. You don’t want to start plucking the hair right away only to realize when wearing it that it is not an exact fit.

Step 2

Thoroughly wash your wig once you’ve confirmed that it fits perfectly.

Step 3

Secure the wig on the Styrofoam stand using the pins. Ensure it is firmly pinned down so that it doesn’t give you any trouble.

Step 4

Study the wig hairline. You will notice how dense the hair along the hairline is. This is what you want to do away with. Carefully start plucking the hairs from one side as you gradually proceed to the other one. Quality tweezers should give you an easy time. It is advisable to pluck a little bit of hair, checking to see if it looks okay then going back in until you get the desired look.

Step 5

Do not form a straight hairline as it automatically will look fake. Aim for a smooth transition. Try to get a close imitation of your natural hairline as much as you can.

Step 6

Choose where to have your parting and pluck some hairs as well. Track your progress by trying it one a number of times. This will help you know exactly where to go in a little more.

That’s how you get to create a perfectly realistic 360 lace wig that looks flawless!


What is the Best Way to Store Hair Extensions?

What is the Best Way to Store Hair Extensions?

What is the Best Way to Store Hair Extensions?

How you store your hair extension plays a key role in determining its lifespan.

Regardless of the hair extension type, it needs proper care for it to last long. Neglecting your piece by not brushing or washing it could lead to tangling, matting, and even a bad smell. Who wants to wear such a hairpiece? Are you aware that the way you store your extension also matters and is an extension of hair care?

Many ladies do not pay attention to how they store their hairpieces, inevitably leading to unbearable pieces. Prepare to have damaged wigs if all you do at the end of the day is shove it into a drawer or throw it in the closet. The kind of tangling that will happen isn’t something you’ll look forward to the next morning. And since the detangling process is quite hectic, you’d rather pay attention to how you store your extension at the end of the day. Why spend so much money to buy high-quality extensions if they will become unusable in a number of days?

Proper storage is very simple, as the main requirement is that the strands are away from moisture, in a cool dry place. Have this in mind when deciding on where to store your extension. Spending a few minutes to safely store your hairpiece will save you from spending hours detangling and trying to undo the mess.

The following quick and simple storage methods are intended to make your life easier, ad your extension lasting longer.

  1. Storing in boxes

This is among the easiest ways to safely put away your hair piece. You could choose a regular shoe box, or the box in which the hair came. This option is highly recommended for pieces that need to be stored for longer periods of time. Gently brush the hair to ensure there are no tangles or knots. Then stack the wefts such that one lies on top of the other and then roll them up. Brush I once again and lay it in your box. You can now store the box in a drawer, shelf or closet.

  1. Storing on hangers

Hair extension hangers or regular hangers are a cool storage option that is ideal for extensions worn on a daily basis. Clip the wefts in the hangers one after another then gently brush the hair. Place the hanger in your closet and lock it up.

  1. Storage bag

These are bags specifically made for storage of hair extensions. They come with hangers that securely shield the hairpiece. The wefts are clipped into the hangers one by one then the bag is placed on top and zipped up. You can then place the bag in your closet and rest assured that your extension is safe.

Storage tips

  • Always close the clips.
  • Never store wet extensions! Such an environment would be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.
  • Use a bag with a breathable material such as cotton, or better still, one with mesh vents.

What is the Best Way to Store Hair Extensions ?

How do you store your hair extensions? We’d love to hear about other ideas! Be sure to comment in the section below to share your hair storage ideas.

Perfect Hair Ideas for Kinky Hair

Perfect Hair Ideas for Kinky Hair

Perfect Hair Ideas for Kinky Hair

Nappy, kinky curls, resistant, bad, coarse-you’ve heard all these terms describe 4c hair. This is such a big misunderstanding! Little do people realize how versatile this hair is, and if given proper care, can do a lot.

Many black women are aware that their kinky hair can be texturized, relaxed, pressed or even weaved for that versatile style they may wish to have at any time. New natural hairstyles are taking the market with a swing, and everyone is noticing it. Micro-blades, two-strand twists, locks, afros and afro puffs are taking the scenes by a storm, and are definitely here to stay.

If you are a woman with type 4 hair and reading this, you are privileged! Your hair type gives you the best of both worlds. Your hair versatility lets you rock any look, and switch it up in whichever way you please. You can go an extra mile with a sew-in weave, human hair wig/weave or tape-in. You are at liberty to play with any style you have in mind. While at it, consider the following:

Mix and match a few styles here and there. For example, flat twists and Bantu knots can be held high in a ponytail, with half a wig on the back side or a clip-on extension added. You can switch up the dram by accessorizing your style in whichever way you deem best.

Perfect Hair Ideas for Kinky Hair

Or, if that does not fancy your liking, you can explore the fishtail style that involves laying the sides and back flat to achieve a short, textured style on the top part. For a wavy look, hair extensions will come in handy. Alternatively, you can achieve curls by twisting on braiding your hair loosely the previous night then unraveling the twists the next morning.

Attain extra control of your kinky hair by applying twist-outs, braid-outs or flat twist-outs: just braid, two-strand twist or flat-twist your wet tresses in small sections. The smaller the sections, the tighter the curls achieved. Sit under the drier or allow your twists to air dry then undo them to unleash beautiful ringlets by the help of shea butter or pomade. This is such a versatile style and can be done on either natural or relaxed hair.

Pro tip: Achieve bigger, bouncy curls by trying a Bantu-knot out, medium curls will be achieved by setting the hair with twists and extra tiny waves by braid-outs.

Go simple by trying out a neatly swept back afro,  secured with a fancy, jeweled headband.

Ladies with curly hair can also rock a mo-hawk! This is achieved by braiding, cornrowing or flat-twisting either or both sides of your head, and allowing the rest of your hair to pouf in a gorgeous eruption of volume. Your hair length will determine whether you should set your hair in braids, Bantu knots or twist-outs for those extra curls. Go extra by setting your hair in wavy yet sexy curls by wetting your hair on rollers or perm rods and spraying a little setting lotion.

This just to mention but a few. The list goes on and on! Keep it locked for more tips on natural hair styling suitable for type 4 hair.



I Wore a Blonde Wig for A Day, and Here’s What Happened

I Wore a Blonde Wig for A Day, and Here’s What Happened

I wore a blonde wig for a day, and here’s what happened/ Do blondes have more fun?

Story time. I wore a blonde wig for a day, and here’s what happened.
This is how it all started. Years ago I watch these guy on Youtube calling wigs and weaves hair hats. Lol
At first I was offended because I am an avid weave wearer, but after I thought about it for a while, I
realized he was right. Wigs are pretty much like a hair hat, which got me to thinking about how I can
change me wigs to match any outfit or mood I’m in for the day. What a brilliant idea!

Now a days, wearing a wig is no longer a trade secret and doesn’t have to be kept quiet by any means
necessary. With so many celebrities proudly rocking wigs, everyday woman are now expressing
themselves through elaborate hair styles and hair color jobs, while keeping their natural hair healthy
and intact. All by wearing wigs or hair weaves. We all want to stay camera ready for those infamous
selfies or random Instagram video, wigs are a great solution to keep that hair slayed while avoiding the
dreaded heat or color damage styling may cause on your hair.

While I have worn many wigs and weaves, I have always done so on the more conservative side of
things. No wild hair styles. No off the wall looks. And definitely no bright, vivid or crazy colors. I’ve
always opted for the more natural, plain and simple styles.
After getting pretty bored with my “good girl look”, I decide to do something totally out of the norm for
me and wear a blonde wig for a day.

Do blondes have more fun?

I really just wanted to see if I could pull it off, but most of all I
wanted to get the answer to the long time myth, “Do blondes really have more fun’?
Before selecting just any ol blonde wig, I did a ton of research to figure out what would be the best
shade and tone of blonde for my skin color. (Don’t judge me lol) I’ve never worn blonde hair before and I
wanted it to be perfect. Since my skin tone and color is similar to Beyoncé, I decided to use her as my
inspiration. I had my hair stylist do something that was bold, big, blonde and curly. (Especially since I
already love curly hair anyways) It just made sense!

Just to give you an idea of what the wig looked like, it was a very pretty loose deep curly/ wavy hair
texture. With dark brown roots and a mixture of honey blonde and platinum blonde high and low lights.
Once my stylist slipped the wig on me and did a little extra tweaking to make sure it looked as natural as
possible, you couldn’t tell me NOTHING!!! I felt likea brand new person. Hell, I felt Sasha Fierce in the
flesh baybaay!! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to hit the city.

I Wore a Blonde Wig for A Day, and Here’s What Happened

Side note. I hadn’t told anyone about my extreme change. I wanted it to be a surprise. I had already
planned a girl’s night out with a few of my closest friends. Just to ensure no matter what the outcome of
my little experiment was, I would be forced to go out and see how people would react to me with
blonde hair.
When I arrived to the bar, my friends barely recognized me. "You bleached your hair?! They all
screamed at what seemed to be in unison as if they were in a singing girl group. They loved it and so did I!

Do blondes have more fun?

I felt like a SUPER STAR!!! I got all kinds of looks and stares from peoples who admired my new look. I
even got us into a VIP section and the hook up on some free drinks for me and my girls. I had a blast
wearing my blonde wig for the day. And to answer the huge myth, Do blondes having more fun, the
answer is YES! I suggest you try it out at least once and see how people treat you and how you feel with
a different hair color. It was a very liberating experience for me and I will definitely be pulling my Sasha
Fierce wig out at least once or twice a week.

The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

So What’s The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig?

I must admit that the hair extensions / hair weaves industry is changing and changing fast. Just when I get used to the idea of one commodity, type of product or installation method here comes another. I’m sure I can not be the only one. I can barely keep up! However, I am always willing to try out the newest sensation. As of lately I’ve been shopping for a new wig and I realized there are probably dozens of people in the same boat but have the slightest clue as to the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig. If that’s you, no worries I’ve  got you covered.


What is a Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig is exactly that. A wig that has a lace frontal. Nothing more nothing less. Should be less confusing already. Right? However, if you need a little more information, a lace front wig or aka a lace frontal wig is a wig that uses a lace frontal at the front of the wig (the portion that sits closer to your hair line) along with wefted or tracked hair towards the back part of the wig. If you don’t know or is unclear as to what a lace frontal is, a lace frontal is simply a piece of sheer lace with hair strands embedded in to the base. Using a lace frontal allows the wearer to give the illusion of a more natural hair line.


Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

What is a Full Lace Wigs?

Remember what I told you earlier about what a lace frontal is? A Full lace human hair wigs is pretty much the same thing. To make it simple a full lace wig is just like a lace frontal with the same embedded method used over the entire surface or base of the wig. Full lace wigs have a base that is created fully of lace unlike the lace front wig.

In short this makes the full lace wig is more versatile than a lace frontal wig. Mainly, because they can be worn in many different hair styles. You can even part or section the full lace wig anywhere you want and anyway you desire. Versus the lace front wig that will only allow you to part the lace frontal portion of the wig.  Not only that, full lace wigs are typically at a higher price point than a lace frontal wig and have a different method for installation.


I hope this helped you by clearing up some of the confusion when it comes to the difference of what a lace frontal or full lace wig is. Now you should be a more informed buyer and decide what will work better for you.


3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

Summer is approaching dolls and hair styles are an important part of the Styles for summer vacation agenda.
Now depending on where you are located (because some locations are hotter than others) also remember that some locations have more humidity than others. Were going to put together an extensive list of Styles for Summer Vacation that will be versatile enough to wear anywhere.
1. First on the list is Braids for Styles for Summer Vacation…. But not any braids, the oh so popular boxer braids. I know today they are called corn rows, Bo Derek braids etc. but these are a great style when you’re on the go, jumping in the pool, hitting the beach and still have to get to work without spending 2 hours in the mirror the next morning. I like these because they are short, which means when its time to get them redone, it will be less time to restyle, and if using extensions, you don’t need a lot of hair.
3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation , Bob Cut

Styles for Summer Vacation

2. Next on the list is one of my favs, I use this style for the first style of summer as well as the first style of fall… it’s the long bob cut. I try to cut my hair twice a year and this style does it for me with out taking to much hair from my face. the long bob is famous among celebs like Meagan Good and Sharon Stone. It’s a classic cut from the 80’s that still turns heads and never goes out of style. You can use your very own hair or throw 1 bundle of extensions if you want to add a fuller look.
3. The Big Bun Look. The big bun is really just a high ponytail disguised, but if you can’t get a regular hair style due to constant sweating and humidity where you live and travel, the big bun will give you some style without the hassle. Just keep your hair clean and conditioned and get a bun that matches your hair color well…. And don’t forget to add flowers, beads, or bows on special days or just to jazz it up cause you’re make up is really beat that day.
Until next time dolls, Summer is approaching so stay cool, and stay dry.

CURLY Hair Extensions – Good, Bad & Ugly

CURLY Hair Extensions - Good, Bad & Ugly

CURLY Hair Extensions – Good, Bad & Ugly

Ok, so maybe I’m not super new to wearing extensions, but I am pretty new to wearing super curly extensions. I went natural a few years ago and haven’t worn hair extensions in quite a while. And Yes, I was one of those girls that thought curly hair extensions were just as easy as wearing straight or wavy hair extensions. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  Ow, you should get some deep curly hair extensions” they said. “They’ll blend great with your curly hair” they said. But nobody ever stopped and warned me about the maintenance they require. Why didn’t yall warn me!!!
Let me be the first to say, I love curly hair extensions (now that I know how to take care of them), but I was not expecting the hair care routine that comes along with them.
I’ll start at the beginning. I went to my hair stylist and asked her about some alternative styles and what I could do to keep the curly hair look but protect my hair at the same time. She suggested getting a sew-in with some deep curl or kinky curly hair extensions. She told me since my natural hair was already curly I would not have to worry about heat damage and this would be a great way to reduce any stress or manipulation on my natural tresses. Of course I was all in. For the first few days I was in UTTER LOVE. Everything was completely perfect and just what I had in mind. Going into day 4 or 5, I was starting to experience some mats and tangles; and my beautiful curls weren’t looking so beautiful.

CURLY Hair Extensions

I called my hair stylist frantic to ask “What do I do?” Her reply was “chyle, the same thing you do to your natural hair girl”. “You gotta be kidding me” I said to myself. I had an ideology that I was on vacation from any hair care routines or maintenance. WRONG! Again.
I had to get into the habit of treating this virgin curly hair just like I would treat my very own. So that meant, washing and conditioning, and making sure it stayed moisturized. I also had to make sure I slept with a satin scarf or bonnet on at night. And I always tied it up using the pineapple method so I can ensure my curls stayed popping for the next day.
Curly hair extensions are not hard to take care of, you just have to give them a little extra care versus straight or body wave hair extensions. All you have to do is, do some extra research and gain the knowledge on how to properly take care of and maintenance curly hair extensions and you’ll be just fine. Look at the bright side, at least you had me to warn you about what they entail and require from the wearer.






You’ve Heard it before, BUT I’ll say it again………GOOD HAIR IS’NT CHEAP, AND CHEAP HAIR ISN’T ANY GOOD.,,

I know, I know we cant all use the rent/mortgage money on hair every month. but its still important to demand and get quality hair at an affordable price…I refuse to believe we can go to mars,put a man on the moon, and have an I-Phone in our pocket that has more power in it than the first space shuttle…….but we cant get good hair without stealing out of mamas purse?

Cheap hair extensions are just that…. CHEAP!!…..i don’t care if they are from China, Brazil, Botswana or the Galapagos islands… if its too cheap, it cant be too good….and $20,00 is too cheap.



I mean think about it, you can’t take 2 people to the movies and have a popcorn for 20.00!!!!….and a movie is only a 2 HOUR EXPERIENCE!!!!!…… I want to look beautiful day after day, week after week….month after month…….Now I know that cheap hair is tempting, and sometimes the thought of “ILL JUST BUY MORE” comes to mind…… and you could do that… but at what cost? Say you spend $50.00 for a bundle deal and think to yourself, “I KNOW ITS CHEAP AND IT WONT LAST LONG, BUT ILL JUST BUY MORE LATER”.

I did this for a while until I realized that the impression  I was giving to people around me wasn’t my best. Cause strangers (including employers interviewing me) were thinking, I KNOW SHES CHEAP AND SHE WONT LAST LONG, BUT ILL GET ANOTHER HER LATER)……….it took me awhile, but once I got the revelation that if I invest in me, and other people see me investing in me……they automatically deem me as a good investment, and they want to invest in me too… with their time, money, attention, opportunity,ideas,, jobs, business, you name it…. My point is, hair says a lot about us, so make an impression. Lets not be cheap… but lets invest in ourselves with  quality and dignity and watch others follow in pursuit to do the same.




We’ve all heard the term used before, by our mom, auntie, or best friend. They went out and purchased hair extensions at a store or someplace else without checking reviews, and after they install the hair, they feel like a Beyonce video double………..UNTIL a few days later, when her hair HAS not, WILL not ,  and CANNOT untangle naturally with the fingers… combing after combing … and don’t forget the shedding because of the excessive combing……
Suddenly the Beyonce dream has turned into the Donald Trump nightmare (without the orange tan).. she frantically calls the hair store thinking that she will evoke some sympathy from them, but is quickly told NO REFUNDS… and is dismissed as the “customer they used to care about”… know until they got her money…..Several emotions set in…. frustration… followed by depression, and then down right outrage…… “HOW DARE THEY THINK THEY CAN TREAT ME LIKE THIS”…. She turns to the internet to look up the hair store while simultaneously thinking to herself that she should have done that BEFORE she bought the hair…….
To her surprise she finds complaint after complaint about BAD WEAVE… HAIR MATS, SHEDDING and just plain rudeness by a hair store that should be focusing on customer service and customer retention by looking at their reputation…..But I Digress…….


After it finally sets in that her money is lost, she calms down, and uses those same reviews online to find a company that will sell her good hair quality and keep her budget in tact at the same time. this was my story, from beginning to end……..i found many local stores to be un-comforting and refusing accommodations if their inconsistent hair quality ruined my experience… We buy Virgin Hair Extensions to look good, (for more than a few days). but to look good and most importantly feel good….. touching, combing, handling our hair. We want a natural and beautiful experience… That’s good hair, and that’s why we buy it…

So to avoid a BAD WEAVE. do your research, Look for reviews, on the site and on google, Facebook and YouTube. If you don’t find any good feed back, then you wont get good hair…. If you find some good, and some bad feedback, then you will get good hair sometimes, bad hair other times… but once you find feed back that’s at least 90% all good…you know that’s the one.. and don’t jump on the latest trending hair company. After all even Steve Harvey endorsed a hair company last year and even had them on his tv show…..but TODAY? the only thing that can be found of that hair company is their bad reviews…. no website, no google , no Facebook…..just dis-satisfied customers….


as seen and featured in

Dynasty Goddess Hair