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Reasons To Wear Hair Extensions

Reasons To Wear Hair Extensions


At most times, we want to get hair extensions but are not really sure if they’re really worth going for. If this is the position you find yourself in, then we’re here to help you make that decision to take the step towards hair extension.

In this blog, we will be highlighting some reasons why you need to wear hair extensions. It’s no news to you that they are great for added volume and length and that no surprise. Have you ever considered hair extensions as a way of hiding a bad haircut? Or having a color experiment? Or even achieving those hair goals of yours?

Among the numerous reasons why you should go for hair extensions are:


We totally understand how frustrating it is to have your hair grow to a certain point and then stop. No matter how patient you are, how gentle or how caring, it won’t just grow past that certain point. This sound like an issue that a hair extension will solve. You get to achieve that long hair you’ve been dreaming of in a matter of minutes. It sounds so simple, right? But it’s real!


Have you ever wanted to try different colors on your hair, but you’re worried how it might look on you or the damage it’s going to cause to your hair? These are actually reasonable thought, think no more because hair extensions can save your hair from that damage. You can play around with different colors of hair extensions and finally get that perfect one for you without having to cause any damage to your hair. One main beauty of using hair extensions to try out colors is: if you don’t like the color or result, you can always take the extension out of your hair. No stress!


One main fact you need to know is that hair extension instantly changes your hairstyle and makes it more beautiful and also interesting. With the added volume, length, and even color that your hair now have, you can easily make a bun, a simple braid or even a ponytail. The options of style that can be achieved using the hair extension are endless. You can even invent your own styles and check them out on yourself.


Absolutely right! This is the best part of using hair extension. It causes no damage to your hair. Unlike using other hair extension alternatives, that restricts your hair growth and even cause more damage to your hair than you’ve been dealing with.


The only job you have to do is to look for the extension type, application method, and style, the color that you’d love and leave the rest to the extension.

Bottom line: Hair extensions are actually worth investing in.







Of all the questions asked by women about their hairs, how to choose the best hair extension? Is one of the most common of them all.

The questions go on and on:

How do I get the best hair extension? What is the best hair extension you can find in the market? What is the best type of hair extension money can buy? The questions are endless. Choosing the best extension as always entails putting into consideration your requirements, personal preferences as well as your available budget. These days, you can find amazing hair extensions at affordable rates from renowned providers. Owing to this, the first thing to determine is the best provider to use as well as the best provider to gain independent advice.

After considering your budget and provider, you should then consider the best types of hair extension there is in the market as well as how to select the best one for you personally.


If you decide to go for the synthetic extensions, one of the benefits that are immediately enjoyed is the price. Though at first, the synthetic extension looks incredible, their lifespan is really shorter compared to their other completion. Due to their fragile state, it is impossible or inadvisable to dye, styled or heated with appliances like hair dryer and curlers.


When you come in contact with a hair professional and ask the question: what hair extension is best? There is a very high chance that their response will be “human hair extension” through the synthetic hair has an amazing potential, but nothing replicate the feeling and the look of human hair “real human hair” the human hair extension are more durable, they can be styled and dyed in the exact same way as you would your own hair.



You shouldn’t look down on the importance of choosing the perfect and ideal color for your hair extensions. Fortunately, the human hair is made available in practically all color as well as shades you could think of. Be it a direct replicate of your existing hair, or something different so as to create an amazing contrast. You should place color into consideration before going ahead, or better still seek the advice of an expert.


There are a variety of ways to attach your hair extension. Amongst all, your requirement should be the determinant of the type of extension attachment to use. You should consider the current hair on your head, the type of extension you are looking to use and most importantly your budget. You should endeavor to discuss this with your stylist so as to get the best available option.


Elimination of additional maintenance requirements is one of the highest benefits of getting the human hair extension. If you’re making use of human hair extension, then you don’t need additional effort, just the same care you show for your existing hair. When you go for synthetic hair extension, you should be more careful as these ones are not as strong as the human hairs.


Hair Extensions: Types and Application Methods

Hair Extensions: Types and Application Methods

Hair Extensions: Types and Application Methods



There are different types of hair extensions and they have various uses: longer hairs, fuller hairs, and even thicker hairs. Not only are the uses of extension limited to the ones listed above they can also be used to achieve a variety of hair looks. Hair extensions differ, and so does their way of application.




The two main hair extensions are synthetic hairs and human hair. The human hair can withstand different hot hair tools and unlike the synthetic hair be treated with chemicals and dyed. At most times, hairs used for this type of extension has never undergone any kind of treatment using chemicals and this has made it possible for the extension to be treated with chemicals as well as colored whenever you want.


Unlike human hairs, it is inadvisable and impossible to style with the use of hot tools. The hairs are usually fake, so any application of heat will melt the hair. Right from the place of manufacture, the synthetic hairs are already styled so you don’t have to worry about styling them.


These hairs are placed in this category based on their area of origin. Amongst others in these categories are Asian, African-American and the European. The Asian hairs are usually dark, more coarse and then thicker than the European hair. Most of them with their origin from China.


The African-American hairs come in three types: the wavy, the curvy, and then the kinky. Just like the Asian hairs, they are usually dark and coarse but thicker and more coarse than the Asian hair.




Amongst the different types of hair, the European hair is the lightest and the thinnest of them all. They are either straight or wavy.

When picking a hair extension, it is usually advisable not to go for the looks, but for the type that is more matching to your hair type.



Weaving – this method involves bounding tracks of the hair extensions and sewing. At most times, it is impossible to do this yourself, as it requires the help of a professional hairstylist to help braid your hair into several rows. If it’s going to be sewn, then a C or J-style needle will be used to sew the tracks to the braids. It is usually advisable to use this type of needle so as to avoid pricking of the scalp that is common with using the I-style. This method takes a lot of time unlike the bounding method that takes lesser time because all the stylist needs to do is to apply bonding glue to the tracks and then attach the extension.


This method issued to apply for the keratin hair extensions. Before the hair extension can be applied using this method, your hair has to be sectioned, then a heating tool will be used on the keratin glue to bond the tracks to your hair.


The most time saving and easiest way to apply hair extension is by clipping them in. not only is this method easy to apply, but it is also easy to remove. You can either get hair extensions without clips and attach the clips yourself or buy the ones with clips already.


When picking a hair extension and application method, it is usually advisable not to go for the looks, but for the type that is more matching to your hair type.




Wearing hair extension mistakes is really tricky, and without the help of an expert and sometimes with help, you tend to get everything wrong still. Wearing a hair extension makes total sense once you know the right hacks even though it’s hard to get a hang of, it’s actually worth it. You might be feeling uncomfortable with the looks of your hair extension are even getting discouraged. It’s normal to feel that way when you’re getting it wrong.

Below are some hair extension mistakes, and correcting them can give you that amazing feeling you’ve always wanted in your hair extension.


It is really important to take note of where you place your clip-in hair extension weft as you don’t want this weft to be showing. Clipping your hair extension too high will leave little or no hair to help cover them and that seamless blend won’t be achieved.


It gets very obvious that you’re wearing a clip-ins when you wear the wrong side of your extension and will be totally impossible to look great or get that amazing blend.


One of the biggest ways to know you’re wearing a hair extension is the short piece of the hair extension poking ours around your neck. This little thing can really ruin the whole blend. Most especially for those with short hairs, you shouldn’t skip this step. It is really important.


If you have really short hair and you’re going for an extension set that is super long, then hiding the disconnects will take a lot of struggle. A clip-in extension is not usually recommended for people with short hairs as blending it will be very hard as well as having enough length to cover the hair clips.




We don’t recommend regular washing of hair product. Why? This is because your hair extension doesn’t get the natural nutrient and supply of oil as your hair does. This can lead to building up of heavy product on your hair if you’re using an excess of them. On the long run, your hair extension will start looking dull and no longer attractive as it uses to be.


You’re definitely placing it too high if you’re one of those people who clip their extensions right on the line where they have parted their hair. It is one sure give away that you’re wearing an extension as putting it too high will create a bump and once you’re looking to cover that section, you expose other sections.


It’s a big no-no for you to sleep on your hair extensions as this can cause very big damage to your hair and also the extension. The tossing and turning you don in your sleep can pull a strain on your natural hair and then you start dealing with hair loss or even scalp injury.


These hacks are super simple, but getting them wrong can lead to havoc and getting them right can give your extension a seamless blend.


Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

Have you been endlessly searching for premium clip-in hair and how to buy quality clip-in extensions? Perhaps you can’t tell the difference between high-quality extensions and regular ones. These numerous ways to judge for quality will help you save your time and money. So, what should you look out for?

  1. Weft strength

A thorough check through the hair wefts will let you know if an extra effort was put into manufacturing them. How comfortable are they? They should not start shedding immediately they are installed.

  1. Enough thickness

Finely-crafted hair extensions should have a uniform thickness throughout. To be sure about this, hold a single weft against light so that you can check if there are any gaps. You should be able to tell if the thickness at the bottom is equal to the thickness at the top. Otherwise, the extension does not meet high-quality standards and you are better off looking for something different.

  1. Shedding

High-quality extensions should not shed a lot, even after lots of styling. Gently glide your fingers through the hair and take note of the amount of shedding. For an extension that you are about to pay a good amount of money for, you can only allow a few strands of shedding.

  1. Length of wefts

The typical lengths in which extensions are sold include:

  • 16″ which fall right above the chest in the front and are bra-strap length on the back.
  • 20″ that fall below the bra-strap length at the back and just below your chest at the front.
  • 24″ that fall on your waistline.

Tips and Tricks: How to Buy Quality Clip-in Extensions

High-quality hair extensions should have a uniform length, unless customized on purpose.

Your natural height also plays a role when selecting the length of your extensions. For example, a given extension would look longer on a shorter person as compared to how it will on a taller person.

Also, if you want longer extensions, you may have to get accustomed to heavier hair. Such extensions are not ideal for thin hair as the additional weight could cause breakage. Experiment with shorter extensions as you move to longer options after some time.

  1. Quality of wefts

Check whether each and every strand is correctly sewn in its respective weft and that none of them is protruding.

  1. Weight

Typically, hair extensions are measured in grams. It is important to understand what the measurements mean, as this will act as your guide on the amount of volume to expect with each added bundle. This also helps in deciding if you are only adding volume or length.

  1. Extension type

Your purpose for installing hair extensions determine the type of extension to go for. Synthetic hair does the job at a fairly lower price, but real human hair allows you to style your hair vigorously. Remember, synthetic hair cannot be heat styles as the silicon coating will melt away, leaving the hair deformed.

Remy hair extensions have all the cuticles in the same direction and are naturally sourced. Their expensive price tag is worth every coins as you will reap all the benefits that come with it for a long period of time.

Clip-in extensions are quickly gaining popularity, and it is for a good reason. Unlike traditional hair accessories, clip-in hair extensions can transform you from an ordinary Jane to a hair model candidate in an instant! The tips shared should help you look glamorous in high-quality extensions in very little time.

The Best Way to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions (with Thin Hair)

The Best Way to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions (with Thin Hair)

The Best Way to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions (with Thin Hair)

If you have thin hair, perhaps the biggest question you have been asking yourself is whether you can wear clip-in extensions. I can identify with that longing that never goes away, the desire to try new looks. With thin hair being the least ideal canvas, one ends up sleeking back the hair and going about their everyday activities. Girls with thin hair deserve a chance to enjoy the versatility that comes with clip-ins too! Incorporating clip-in extensions would mean shaking hands with gorgeous hair and kissing thin, boring hair goodbye. However, for one to enjoy a seamless illusion, it is important that they follow the steps outlined below.

A Step by Step guide to seamlessly blending your clip-in hair extensions

  1. Go for the correct extension

Selecting an appropriate hair type goes a long way into disguising extensions as our natural hair. Choosing the ideal thickness also helps in having the extensions lie flat once installed. You are free to choose from thin, medium or thick types.

The texture of your clip-in extension helps in matching with the texture of your natural hair. since we will be trying to achieve styles that are suitable with our hair types, it is important to pay attention to the type of texture you go for.

  1. Establish the ideal zone

The perfect hiding spot will allow your natural hair to lie flat after installation. You might have to play around with your clip-in before finally getting the best spot. Since your hair is thin, you should avoid placing it on the highest point of your head.  To easily establish the ideal installation point, draw an imaginary line from the area behind your left ear to the right. You clip-in extensions should go to the area below this line.

  1. Installation of wefts

Do not apply your extensions too close to the roots, as this area experiences the most movement and it may be hard to conceal them. Do not force all the clips into your hair, as this counteracts the look you will be trying o achieve. Strategically place the wefts to avoid the embarrassment that comes with having to explain to people that it wasn’t your natural hair after all.

Thin hair means a lot of slippages. To counter this problem, you might need to create a solid base by lightly spraying some dry shampoo or hairspray. This helps in achieving a secure hold and leaves you worry free!

  1. Blend it in

To have an appealing finish, you’ll need to style the extension together with your natural hair. For example, when using a flat iron, wrap a section of hair that includes both your natural hair and extension. This leaves it flowing nicely and looking sleek.

It’s time to flaunt it!

Having thin hair no longer needs to worry you. Clip in extensions helps you switch up your look and enjoy the faux pas you have always longed for. You will now have endless ways to enjoy gorgeous looks with your newly added volume and length.



Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Forget about diamonds, clip-in extensions have replaced them and become the current girls’ best friend! There’s no limit as to what you can achieve with clip-ins. Regardless of the color, style or length, clip-ins make your desires come true. Not only are they simple, but also require very little effort.  This is probably why many relax  when it comes to taking care of clip-in. Read on to find out how you can play by the rules so that your extensions get to last long.

Sleeping with you clip-in extensions on

It is normal to feel overwhelmed at the end of the day, to the extent of not taking off your make up. The same could apply to clip-ins. Everyone has been there, but then the state of your hair the next morning can be quite a mess! Not taking off your clip-ins before bed can lead to serious matting and tangling which will eventually shorten its lifespan. Instead of just throwing yourself on bed after a long day, get yourself collected, clean off your make up, remove the clip ins and store them safely. You will definitely thank yourself in future for that!

Incorrect wash routine

Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Washing hair extensions may seem really simple, but many don’t understand why they need to go through some steps especially when clip-ins are involved. Wash your clip-ins at least once a week if you wear them on a daily basis, otherwise after every 4-5 wears will be fine. Be sure to wash off the entire hair product to cleanse and restore it to its natural texture. After a thorough wash, apply some hair oil and store them safely ready for the next wear.

Give your clip-ins the same care you would give to your hair. Avoid harsh chemicals and remember your hair extensions need as much nutrients as your natural hair. Harsh chemicals deprive your clip-in extensions of their moisture, leaving them worn out and unsuitable for the long term use. Avoid products with alcohol and sulfates as these are the number one damager of natural hair.


Clip-in Extensions



 Mistakes to Avoid With Clip-in Extensions

Wrong products

You will be surprised how many disregard the kind of products they should be using on their hair extensions. In as much as the hair has come from a different source and is not anchored on your scalp, it still needs the same care your real hair would have received if not more! Identifying the correct products for your hair will see you wearing your extensions for even more than one year!

Be sure to have your clip-ins installed by an experienced hair specialist if you can’t do the installation by yourself.



Why Your Hair Extensions Don’t Last Long

Why Your Hair Extensions Don't Last Long

Why Your Hair Extensions Don’t Last Long

To be honest, stating that a number of hair extensions that you buy won’t last is an exaggeration. You’d be surprised at how long the cheapest of all extensions can last, should it get proper care and treatment. Having said that, there are still a number that will never meet your standards regardless of the amount of care you give them. If you’ve been regarding your extension’s care more of a chore than a necessity, let’s find out what is bound to happen.

Non-Authentic Human

I can imagine how disappointing it can be chunking out a good amount of money with the intention of acquiring an authentic extensions only to discover it is far from authentic. This is why it is highly advisable to conduct a thorough research before deciding on what (and where to buy. Stalk the company you intend to purchase from, check out their review and get a clear picture of who they really are. Avoid a company that sells hair that’s not authentic like a plague. Even inform your friends of your finding so that they don’t have to go through the trauma.

You haven’t been using sulfate free products

The number one rule in caring for your hair extensions should be the use of proper products. Unhealthy hair product should be the first thing to eliminate. Say a big NO to sulfates ladies. This is among the top chemicals that are going to leave your hair extensions looking dull and worn out.

Your hair extensions have been processed with chemicals.

Buying at a very high price is like buying high valued organic food. Imagine if this food contains chemicals-it won’t make any sense. There are companies that sell human hair extensions that have been processed, essentially depriving the hair the value you are paying for. So, if you are finding it hard to keep your tresses soft and luscious, they might have undergone the chemical processing.

Too much stress on your hair extension

Human hair extensions are pretty much like your natural hair, as they can be dyed, flat ironed, chemically treated and even swam in. This is why they are bound to get damaged due to too much of anything. So if you are ever making salon trips to change its color and then flat ironing it, you better reduce these trips and treat your hair extensions as you would your hair.

Non-Remy quality hair extensions

Even though human hair extensions are meant to be of higher quality than their synthetic counterparts, not all of them are of a good version. You may have noticed a variance in the market price of hair extensions, and this is because of their varying qualities. Better quality comes at an extra cost, and Remy hair tops this list. Remy hair comes with its cuticles intact and is simply the best.

Correct installation plays a key role in the durability of any hair extension. I cannot overemphasize on why it is important to opt for high-quality extensions, hair products, and proper fixing. We have you covered for the first two, and the only role you need to play is the third one! Shop with us if you are looking for high-quality and sulfate free hair care products; you won’t be disappointed.

How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions?

How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions

How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions?

I can remember it like it was yesterday when I first got my hair done with hair extensions. It was time for
the infamous “back to school” season and I was soon to be a 5 th grader. My mother decided box braids
would be the best options because we were on a tight schedule to get me to school on time in the
mornings. So doing my hair was the last thing she wanted to have to have on her mind. This was a big
step for myself and my mother because hair extensions were not meant for young children when I was
growing up. Hair extensions were considered to be “too grown” for little girls. However, my mom saw
nothing wrong with me wearing short box braids (which a lot of girls my age were doing at this time).
While I wanted the long braids like the girl Joi I saw in the Friday movie, my mom thought the shorter
braids were more age appropriate for me.

When I finally got to high school, I was able to have a little more freedom of expression with my choices
in hair styles. While my mom was still very much concerned about what would make me look “too
grown” for my age she always monitored my choices. I was never allowed to wear any hair styles that
would make me look much older than my age and when I did wear hair extensions they were never
longer than the length of my bra strap length. Mind you, virgin hair was not as popular as it is now. We
mainly relied on beauty supply pack hair or Kanekalon hair if we want hair extensions. . Lol My how the
days have changed.

How Young Is Too Young For Hair Extensions?

Now a days, I see many high school girls with hair extensions that falls pass the small of their backs, it
can be hard for me to understand sometimes. Maybe I’m just old school and think young girls should
looks, act, dress and behave as young girls. While I do think high school girls should be able to wear hair
extensions, I still think the style should look and be age appropriate.

Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Take is from somebody who knows, dry hair is the worst but dry blonde hair takes the cake! I have been
wearing blonde hair and blonde hair extensions for years and I guess you can say I’ve learned a thing or
two about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing blonde hair. Today I will be sharing with you a
few things to avoid when wearing blonde hair extensions. These simple tips and tricks will help you to
maintain the quality of your hair and make your hair extensions last longer.

When it comes to blonde hair extensions and blonde hair in general chlorine is public enemy #1.
Chemicals on top of already chemically processed hair can only cause more damage. So ladies before
you turn yourself into the Little Mermaid, keep in mind that chlorine is not your friend and can damage
your blonde extensions.
I know summer is right around the corner and we all want to hit those pool parties. So, if you must swim
in chlorine I would advise one of two things.

Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions
1. Wear a swim cap while swimming. I know it’s not sexy but do you want to protect your blonde
hair extensions or not?
2. Fun Fact: if your hair is already wet before, the chlorine has a harder time attaching and
damaging your extensions. So, try wetting your hair before taking a dip in the pool.


Things to Avoid When Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions


Things to Avoid Wearing Blonde Hair Extensions

Too Much Heat
With any hair texture, type or color, too much heat on your tresses is never a good thing. Heat can be so
damaging on your hair. This is especially for blonde hair extensions. Being careless with the amount of
heat you are using on your hair can lead to permanently frying the hair. Once your extensions become
fried, they will become extremely dry and brittle and you may even experience a lot of shedding.
I suggest using a heat protectant and reduce using heat as much as possible.

Sun Damage
Sun damage. Ummm.. Yeah there is a such thing. Let me school you really quick. Extreme climates rather
hot or cold can me damaging to your hair and your skin. However, it seems to be extra harsh for blonde
hair. So before you head to the beach to soak up some sun find you one of those really cute sun hats
with the extra-large brim to cover and protect you hair color for fading and look dull and lifeless.

De-hydrating Hair Care Products
Blonde hair and blonde hair extensions especially need nourishing and moisturizing shampoos and
conditioners. So at all cost avoid products that can strip your hair of all its natural essentials. Instead use
products that are color safe and sulfate free.

Liquid Bleach
Are you a DIY type of gal? If you are new to dying your hair or hair extensions blonde then my biggest
advice to you would be to use a powered bleach to lift the color versus using a liquid bleach. I suggest
using a powder bleach because it isn’t as harsh on the hair. It also helps with getting the perfect shade
or tone of blondes you may be looking for.

I hopes this had helped in some form with what you should avoid when wearing blonde hair extensions.
While I’m sure there a dozens more these are the most important to abide by.

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