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How to Make Your Curls Last Longer This Summer: 5 Rules

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer This Summer: 5 Rules

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer :Raise your hand if you have ever left the house on a beautiful summer morning with gorgeous bouncy curls just to return home later in the evening without a curl in site! I personally hate it when this happens. I spend time to curl my hair and make sure it looks perfect just for them to lose the good fight to the summer heat and humidity. What a tragedy!!

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer:

Today I’ll be sharing with you my top 5 secrets on how to make those curls you worked so hard for last all day. Are you READY? BTW these tricks work wonders on virgin hair extensions as well.

Rule # 1: Allow Your Curls to Cool
This is by far one of the most important rules, always and I do mean ALWAYS allow your curls to cool down before you release it. You can simply do this by letting the curl drop into your hand for a few second while keeping the shape of the curl. DON’T disturb the shape, just allow it to rest in your hand. This will set the curl into place. This is normally good enough but if you are extra like myself then you can also use clips or bobby pins to do the pin curl method. I let them set in the pin curls for about 20 minutes or while I’m doing my makeup.  This will definitely ensure your curls last for a longer period of time.


Rule # 2: Invest in High Quality Styling Tools

Ladies this means no more dollar store flat irons and curling tools. And yes, this does mean digging into your pocketbook a little deeper. But wait.. wait.. wait.. Before your bit my head off this means BETTER AND LONGER LASTING CURLS.  High quality styling tools are essential in getting those flawless bouncy curls to last all day. And plus there are other pros in getting better styling tools such as less heat damage, better heat distribution, your hair looks and feels more healthy, and they last longer so you don’t have to replace them for at least a few years. It’s a win win situation.

WARNING!!! I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLIST, but I recommend setting your curling iron heat temperature to at least 300-350 F to get the best possible curl and if you are curling virgin human hair extensions I suggest using a lower setting.

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer Continued:

Rule # 3. Use the Right Size Barrel

My go to barrel size is 1’” or sometime a 1.5”. I use these for any and every kind of curl you can think of. Yes, that includes big beautiful beach waves.  I have found that when I use a barrel size that’s too big, often times my curls loosen faster and drop at record speeds (and ain’t nobody go time for that)! When I use a smaller barrel my curls look neater and lasts longer.  Plus I can manipulate the curls to style them however I please.

Rule # 4: Using the Right Hair Products
First and foremost, I hope you have some type of heat protectant in your curl regimen! Doesn’t make much sense to have nice luscious curls if you are damaging your hair in the process. Next, you should have products that aid in keeping your curls alive. I always use a setting foam or lotion on my hair before it dries. This helps to give my curls a good foundation and prolong their lifespan in the summer heat. Also use a good holding spray during and after curling. Make sure to use one that will not make your curls hard and crusty. We want nice bouncy curls not stiff and rock hard curls.
Rule # 5: Left Over Curls

You can thank me later.  So you’ve made it home and your curls lasted all day. Now what? You can do 1 of 2 things. Use the pineapple method so your curls will still be popping for tomorrow or use the pin curl method. Wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet. On the next day hit your curls with a little (just a little) glossing spray and holding spray and you should be good for a least one more day.

I hope these tips and tricks have helped you and your curls fight the summer heat. Let me know how your curls held up in your city’s summer weather.

Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer

Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer



Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer

Wherever you are when summer arrives, short shorts come out, tank tops are thrown on and everybody, ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY gets just a little bit happier and joyful. Well along with all the other wardrobe changes comes the desire for hair style change or at the very least a hair color change. So Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting a professional stylist (always Suggested) here are some of the best colors to dye your hair extensions for the summer.
Burgundy: This is safe color, so safe, I have often worn it in the winter as a change up, but if you want a change that won’t be too drastic, no one can go wrong with burgundy, no matter what color your skin tone.
Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer
Blue Denim: THIS IS MY FAVORITE THIS YEAR. With a lot blues and warm fashion colors my plan is to rock a blue denim long bob as soon as June hits. I’m also Thinking about a Ombre blue denim, cascading from dark blue to light blue highlights.
Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer
Honey Blonde: This color is a staple for women with a lighter caramel to vanilla skin color. It’s a great color for
high lights on darker Natural color 1B hair extensions. I’ve worn it once and loved it. This will be my go to color for fall.

Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer

Russian Blonde 613: We all have seen it and we all love it, but we’re not all brave enough to rock it. It’s a fantastic look in body wave especially, but think of adding low lights to it,
Best Colors to Dye Hair Extensions for Summer
it will give the hair a more blended textured look. We actually have a series coming up of one of our girls going blonde for the day and you wouldn’t believe the reactions, stay tuned for the blog.  Later Dolls and finish off spring with a bang.

Wholesale Hair Vendors- How to Find One PART 1

Wholesale Hair Vendors- How to Find One PART 1

Wholesale Hair Vendors – How to Find One PART 1

You’ve decided to start your hair business and you need a wholesale hair vendor. You’ve got your business cards made, chose a great name, waited a couple weeks to get your company logo designed to your liking and you still haven’t found a great wholesale vendor. Notice i said great, not good… anyone can find pretty good vendor but a great vendor takes time, patience and focus. 
Don’t get frustrated is the first thing you need to remember. I know we all think google has the answers to very question, but THAT’S JUST NOT THE TRUTH. When it comes to the delicacy and competition mind set of hair extensions, there is so much information on google that you can, and probably already have been misinformed.
What you desperately need to know is that it takes the average person 1 year to find the perfect wholesale hair vendors that meets all their needs using google. Now for an above average person, I’m sure it will take less, but its important to note that IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME…. maybe a little, maybe a lot, but some time…

Wholesale Hair Vendors

Its imperative to qualify each and every wholesale vendor you are considering… Can you reach them by phone and email ?… (If you have an emergency order, power could be out at your business or theirs making it difficult to send an email, but phones will normally work). If you cant reach them on both communication options, FORGET IT, and ON TO THE NEXT. Because the day will come when you need to reach someone right away by phone, and if you can’t, your business is stalled until you can.
I have heard horror stories like: waiting 3 weeks with no communication after an order is paid for…don’t be a victim of this.
The next qualifier is Communication. If you’re reading this in USA , I’m sure you speak English. So if English is your only language, Please,Please,Please, make sure you choose a vendor that speaks your language. It doesn’t matter if they are in India, China, Thailand, Russia, Brazil,or Peru. You need to be able to communicate effectively. Ineffective communication will lead to ineffective results and eventually an ineffective business.
NOTE: (This doesn’t apply to you if you are willing to hire and pay a translator) and i do mean PAY a translator. Relying on friends/family that are unpaid and are not partners will put your business in the position to depend on them… YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD ONLY DEPEND ON YOU.
OK, so they have passed the first two qualifiers…. They speak the same language as you do, and you can reach them by email, AND by phone. GREAT!!… Now its time for the biggest test. This is the one that will decide whether you make a profit. or whether this will be another one of those nonprofitable hobbies that your family and friends get benefit from.
The BIG Qualifier is………..
To be Continued in PART 2 of 
Wholesale Hair Vendors- How to Find One.. Stay tuned

Cheap Human Hair, and Those Who Love It

Cheap Human Hair, and Those Who Love It

Cheap Human Hair

“I love cheap human hair”, says no woman ever. Although, we may not want to pay for top grade hair extensions we still want the look of high quality expensive hair. I must admit, a lot of women tend to ask for way too much when it comes to buying hair extensions on a budget. They want to pay $9.99 and expect the hair to be made out of gold.
We go on sites like Aliexpress and see those gorgeous bundles (at least the pictures of the bundles are gorgeous) with prices and deals like, buy 4 – 30 inch bundles for the low low price of $49.99. We get excited, make the purchase and wait for our beautiful hair to come in the mail. While most of us have made this “steal” of a purchase out of sheer impulse, or based on the fact that the hair seems like its “good hair” just because of the pictures they use.
Just to later find out, after a few days of wearing the hair, that we’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the images they used and the fancy word play. “DANG IT!” we say to ourselves “I fell for it again!” As we shake our head in disbelief and try to rationalize how the hair had to be “good hair”. We thought we had a winner. 

Cheap Human Hair Extensions, Cheap Human Hair, Nadula, Arjuni, Hair Extensions

Cheap Human Hair, and Those Who Love It

After going through this time and time again, I’ve finally learned that if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Let’s be real. People say it all the time, “good hair isn’t cheap and cheap hair isn’t good”. Although I’ve had several cases of trial and error when it comes to buying hair extensions, I’ve finally learned what they mean by this saying. The statement is very much true!
I’ve wasted a ton of money on buying weave, trying to be cheap or save the few extra dollars. After I did the math, it makes more sense to do the initial investment and pay more money upfront versus paying for low quality hair and paying more on the back end. In my experience, its best to buy higher quality hair, because they’ll last a lot longer than re-buying cheap inferior quality hair that only lasts a few months at a time.
I understand that not everyone can go and spend a few hundred dollars on virgin hair in one sitting. I get it! If that is the case, then be sure to get the best quality hair you can on your budget. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy the first cheap thing that looks good. Do some extra digging by researching the company. Check to see if the company has any Google reviews or YouTube reviews. Read the comments and make a decision based off what the previous customers have to say about the company and the quality of the hair.






You’ve Heard it before, BUT I’ll say it again………GOOD HAIR IS’NT CHEAP, AND CHEAP HAIR ISN’T ANY GOOD.,,

I know, I know we cant all use the rent/mortgage money on hair every month. but its still important to demand and get quality hair at an affordable price…I refuse to believe we can go to mars,put a man on the moon, and have an I-Phone in our pocket that has more power in it than the first space shuttle…….but we cant get good hair without stealing out of mamas purse?

Cheap hair extensions are just that…. CHEAP!!…..i don’t care if they are from China, Brazil, Botswana or the Galapagos islands… if its too cheap, it cant be too good….and $20,00 is too cheap.



I mean think about it, you can’t take 2 people to the movies and have a popcorn for 20.00!!!!….and a movie is only a 2 HOUR EXPERIENCE!!!!!…… I want to look beautiful day after day, week after week….month after month…….Now I know that cheap hair is tempting, and sometimes the thought of “ILL JUST BUY MORE” comes to mind…… and you could do that… but at what cost? Say you spend $50.00 for a bundle deal and think to yourself, “I KNOW ITS CHEAP AND IT WONT LAST LONG, BUT ILL JUST BUY MORE LATER”.

I did this for a while until I realized that the impression  I was giving to people around me wasn’t my best. Cause strangers (including employers interviewing me) were thinking, I KNOW SHES CHEAP AND SHE WONT LAST LONG, BUT ILL GET ANOTHER HER LATER)……….it took me awhile, but once I got the revelation that if I invest in me, and other people see me investing in me……they automatically deem me as a good investment, and they want to invest in me too… with their time, money, attention, opportunity,ideas,, jobs, business, you name it…. My point is, hair says a lot about us, so make an impression. Lets not be cheap… but lets invest in ourselves with  quality and dignity and watch others follow in pursuit to do the same.




We’ve all heard the term used before, by our mom, auntie, or best friend. They went out and purchased hair extensions at a store or someplace else without checking reviews, and after they install the hair, they feel like a Beyonce video double………..UNTIL a few days later, when her hair HAS not, WILL not ,  and CANNOT untangle naturally with the fingers… combing after combing … and don’t forget the shedding because of the excessive combing……
Suddenly the Beyonce dream has turned into the Donald Trump nightmare (without the orange tan).. she frantically calls the hair store thinking that she will evoke some sympathy from them, but is quickly told NO REFUNDS… and is dismissed as the “customer they used to care about”… know until they got her money…..Several emotions set in…. frustration… followed by depression, and then down right outrage…… “HOW DARE THEY THINK THEY CAN TREAT ME LIKE THIS”…. She turns to the internet to look up the hair store while simultaneously thinking to herself that she should have done that BEFORE she bought the hair…….
To her surprise she finds complaint after complaint about BAD WEAVE… HAIR MATS, SHEDDING and just plain rudeness by a hair store that should be focusing on customer service and customer retention by looking at their reputation…..But I Digress…….



After it finally sets in that her money is lost, she calms down, and uses those same reviews online to find a company that will sell her good hair quality and keep her budget in tact at the same time. this was my story, from beginning to end……..i found many local stores to be un-comforting and refusing accommodations if their inconsistent hair quality ruined my experience… We buy Virgin Hair Extensions to look good, (for more than a few days). but to look good and most importantly feel good….. touching, combing, handling our hair. We want a natural and beautiful experience… That’s good hair, and that’s why we buy it… 

So to avoid a BAD WEAVE. do your research, Look for reviews, on the site and on google, Facebook and YouTube. If you don’t find any good feed back, then you wont get good hair…. If you find some good, and some bad feedback, then you will get good hair sometimes, bad hair other times… but once you find feed back that’s at least 90% all good…you know that’s the one.. and don’t jump on the latest trending hair company. After all even Steve Harvey endorsed a hair company last year and even had them on his tv show…..but TODAY? the only thing that can be found of that hair company is their bad reviews…. no website, no google , no Facebook…..just dis-satisfied customers….



How To Take Care Of a Men’s Hair Units

How To Take Care Of a Men’s Hair Units

How To Take Care Of a Men’s Hair Units


As you all may know Man units or Man toupees (most commonly known as the man weave now) has been around for years. Although they have gotten a really bad rep over the years, we’re learning new techniques and methods to make them look a whole lot more natural. They’ve come a mighty long way, kinda like the lace front.

If you not sure what a man unit is, they are “custom hair units, commonly referred to as a “man weave,” or  hair extension for men who are thinning or experiencing hair loss due to aging or alopecia.”
For my brothers that are new to the whole idea and/or thinking about getting one for yourself, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to properly take care of your Man unit/ Man weave. I listed a few of the Do’s and Don’ts.

Men’s Hair Units

  1. Always use large-toothed combs or a wig brush on your hairpiece hair. These tools will help with de-tangling and help to avoid shedding.
  2. To avoid a torn hairpiece always brush gently and lightly. Make sure to start from the ends and work your way upper wards to the roots.
  3. Keep the hairpieces clean.  Use only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner so the base and the quality of the hair will not become damaged fast.
  4. After washing DO NOT squeeze the hair UNIT. Let it air dry naturally preferably on a mannequin head. Instead blot the unit with an old t-shirt or very soft cloth.
  5. AVOID using hand held blow-dryers.
  6. Always be extremely careful when removing the hairpiece or go to a professional.
I hope these tips were useful in helping you to maintain and care for your man unit or man weave.
Let me known how you feel about the growing trend of “Man Weaves”. Fellas, are you interested in getting one for yourself? Ladies, are you ok with your man getting a man unit? If so, why or why not? I gotta know!!!


Five Key Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

Five Key Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

Five Key Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

1. Instant and Easy
Clip in hair extensions are the fastest and most effective way to add length to your hair. Unlike bonded hair extensions which involve using specialist glue and technical equipment, clip in extensions can be expertly added within minutes. Quality is so exceptional that no difference is detectable – provided of course they are matched in the initial appointment by a color expert.
2. Multi wefts Add Length AND Volume
Good quality clip in extensions come in ‘wefts’ – these are strips of hair that can be added from the base of the neck up to the crown. This means that not only does the wearer benefit from added length, but volume throughout is increased.
3. Offer A ‘No Risk’ Option
Clip in extensions are a great way to instantly create bigger and better hair without cutting, coloring or chemically altering your natural hair. If the ‘wefts’ are added and removed with care, then you benefit from versatile styling – not to mention an incredible, almost unlimited choice of color options – with no permanent change to the appearance of your natural hair. Many female wearers these days now cite clip in hair extensions as their favorite ‘hair replacement’ option precisely because of the choice of lengths and different colors available.

Clip In Hair Extensions

4. Follicle Friendly
Hair extensions are generally available in two options: temporary ‘clip-in’ as strips of hair “weft” or, permanent ‘bonded’ extensions in tiny strands. The latter option involves special glue and, or heated bonding equipment to fix the extension to natural hair. This means that there is inevitably extra strain on the hair follicle, particularly as bonded extensions are fixed in place 24 hours a day. In contrast, clip in extensions are fitted with small and many clips that evenly ‘grasp’ the hair across the head. Furthermore, clip in extensions are easily removed before bed which means that there is no strain on natural hair overnight and can be worn for just weekends or special occasions.
5. Portability
Many female clients with hair thinning problems do not always want to wear their hair extensions but like to have them ‘on hand’ in case the occasion arises. Thankfully, clip in extensions are portable and incredibly easy to apply – which means they are the perfect accessory to help make the transition from ‘day’ to ‘night’. They are also perfectly suitable for taking on vacation as you will never be far away from a salon capable of fitting them for you.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Extensions 101

Wholesale Virgin Hair Extensions , The 3 Wonders of Hair Extensions

Wholesale Virgin Hair Extensions 101

For years I’ve known that virgin hair extensions have been an essential part of almost every woman’s beauty regime. For many, hair extensions are just as important as makeup or perfume for almost any woman, in any part of the word. Which got me to thinking… Why not start my very own hair extensions company. Not necessarily to get rich, but mainly just to have a little side hustle until I graduate from college.

After doing some research I realized my first steps would be to find a wholesale virgin hair extensions vendor. Which was not as easy as I thought it would be. There are dozens and dozens listed on Google. But the real questions is which one do I trust? I knew I did not want to spend a ton of money testing each company. So I decided to read a ton of reviews and pick the top 3 companies. I ordered hair from each one of the vendors. I tested and wore the hair to figure out which one had the best quality. Although Arjuni Hair was one of the company’s that was better than the other two, the hair was still pretty trashy to me.

Hair Extensions Wholesale , Hair Business , Wholesale Virgin Hair Extensions 101

 Wholesale Virgin Hair:

Finally, I decided to check with a hair company I had already shopped with see if they offer wholesale options on their products or if they could at least point me in the right direction. I thought about using them mainly, because I knew and trusted the quality of the hair. Luckily for me they offered a wholesale program. Thank God!!! This really made it so much easier for me because, they’re prices were great and they did all the heavy lifting by providing me with options like branding, labeling and packaging for my new and on the rise Hair Extensions line. I was so relieved to discover they were basically like a one stop shop.

Now, the hard part was over! Next, all I had to do was let all the girls I came in contact with on campus know that I had BUNDLES for sale. The hair sold like hot cakes!! I had girls knocking on my dorm room door to buy hair all the time. I felt like I was the ol’ skool candy lady. (If you ever lived in or visited the ghetto, you know what I’m talking about).

During my research I read many stories about how to start Hair Extensions Company. When my peers ask me how I did it, I tell them the most important part is finding a trust worthy hair extensions wholesale supplier is the major key.  Because if the quality of your product is bad, it can ruin your company’s reputation before it even really develops a name for itself. 


4 Positives of Using Clip in Hair Extensions

4 Positives of Using Clip in Hair Extensions

4 Positives of Using Clip in Hair Extensions

The possibilities that come with clip in hair extensions are virtually endless. A high-quality clip in extension is a perfect solution to add a lot of hair in an instant. Whether it is for thickness or extra length, there are a variety of positive reasons to look at the availability of these natural looking pieces.
Here are four of the benefits of using clip in hair extensions:
1) No long-term commitment
One of the major qualities of using this type of fashion accessory is the ability to change as often as necessary and when it is  required. It is possible to use the extension for a short period, such as a special event or occasion. However, they are also used on an everyday basis if preferred. Because of the ease in attaching the hair extensions there is no need to be concerned with sewing or gluing the pieces in place.
2) Preferred hairstyle
The clip-in style makes it possible to achieve the desired look and style without too much styling experience. Clip in pieces come in many different sizes and lengths, which make it possible to replicate a look without too much difficulty.

Using Clip in Hair Extensions

3) Low maintenance
If you are searching for a low maintenance, easy, and quick solution to enhance the appearance, the clip in hair extensions are certain to be practical. Glued in or sewn in extensions take a lot more time and effort to maintain at a high standard. Plus, it is usually necessary to rely on a professional stylist to achieve the desired look with the long-term extensions. Once the piece is clipped in place it is just a matter of styling to get the right shape and volume.
4) Minimal damage
Clip in hair extensions makes it easy to place and take out the new pieces without causing much damage to the natural hair underneath. Over time the glued in pieces can cause breakage or thinning of the original hair, but this isn’t the case with the clip-in style pieces. A major reason for this is the original hair doesn’t get pulled as much. Plus, clip in hair extensions are easily removed and don’t need to sit permanently on the head and strain the original hair.
So, for those searching for a super quick fix to give extra length, shape, or volume, the clip in hair extensions are certain to provide a practical solution to create the super-glam style for any special event.