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Peruvian Hair – Loose Curl

Peruvian Hair , Can I Stay Woke & Wear Hair Weave Too?

Peruvian Hair


I have been a supporter for years of Brazilian hair extensions. Whether it be straight or body wave really didnt matter, Both are great. Then I some how dwindled over to Malaysian deep curl when I got a bit fancy and wanted a different look. I have been hearing about all sorts of hair types for years. Japanese, Bohemian, Dominican, Burmese, Arthurian, as well as Peruvian.


Although most of these names sound exotic, the least thought of was Peruvian. Peruvian hair has come up in conversation occasionally with the slightest bit of interest from me. It just seemed a bit foreign to me and I’ll be honest… I DON’T LIKE CHANGE.

Finally 2 months ago a friend of mind who is a freelance photographer had to travel to Asia for 9 months for a job. She had just purchased a bundle deal of the famous Peruvian loose curl hair she raves about so much. As she was complaining about how she cant wear it in Asia cause she always wears braids when on location for jobs.

I saw an opportunity…….being honest I saw the opportunity to possibly get an early birthday present from a friend. But a good friend would at least offer to buy the hair from her” I thought … so I made her an offer, and after a lot of hesitation of her part she finally settled and sold me the Peruvian hair.

Peruvian Hair Extensions

Now I didn’t think much of it at first, just hair extensions from a friend Right?. BOY WAS I WRONG, when I finally got ready for my install I pulled that Peruvian loose curl hair out of the satin bag and I was jealous and mad at the same time. Mad cause I hadn’t looked at it or felt it until that day… and jealous cause now my hair stylist had her hands all through it, complimenting it, talking about the bouncy curls,and soft feel. She even invited a couple other stylist from their stations to come and pet my hair.Yep I got in my feelings about it……


Fast forward , when I left the salon that hair had me on cloud 15……cloud 9 is too low…….it was bouncy, shiny, soft, silky all at the same time….. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and I got a few looks from a group of girls that passed me by twice but didn’t think too much of it….finally they showed up again behind me at the checkout counter. “ your hair is so bomb” while reaching with her hand to begin to touch it. It seemed like her hand was moving in slow motion as my eyes gazed upon its movement.

Peruvian Hair Extensions

Apparently my Mr Tee “I PITY THE FOOL THAT TOUCHES MY PERUVIAN HAIR” expression on my face gave her the message to pull that hand back, and surprisingly enough she did….I practically ran out of the store like I had a lottery ticket on my head so no one would take it from me (or try to touch it) and I as I drove home I thought to myself how the few women I know that wear Peruvian hair rarely wear anything else. They pretty much swear by it. And Now I know why… Thanks friend, and thank god for the freelance job you took in Asia.

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer This Summer: 5 Rules

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer This Summer: 5 Rules

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer :Raise your hand if you have ever left the house on a beautiful summer morning with gorgeous bouncy curls just to return home later in the evening without a curl in site! I personally hate it when this happens. I spend time to curl my hair and make sure it looks perfect just for them to lose the good fight to the summer heat and humidity. What a tragedy!!

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer:

Today I’ll be sharing with you my top 5 secrets on how to make those curls you worked so hard for last all day. Are you READY? BTW these tricks work wonders on virgin hair extensions as well.

Rule # 1: Allow Your Curls to Cool
This is by far one of the most important rules, always and I do mean ALWAYS allow your curls to cool down before you release it. You can simply do this by letting the curl drop into your hand for a few second while keeping the shape of the curl. DON’T disturb the shape, just allow it to rest in your hand. This will set the curl into place. This is normally good enough but if you are extra like myself then you can also use clips or bobby pins to do the pin curl method. I let them set in the pin curls for about 20 minutes or while I’m doing my makeup.  This will definitely ensure your curls last for a longer period of time.


Rule # 2: Invest in High Quality Styling Tools

Ladies this means no more dollar store flat irons and curling tools. And yes, this does mean digging into your pocketbook a little deeper. But wait.. wait.. wait.. Before your bit my head off this means BETTER AND LONGER LASTING CURLS.  High quality styling tools are essential in getting those flawless bouncy curls to last all day. And plus there are other pros in getting better styling tools such as less heat damage, better heat distribution, your hair looks and feels more healthy, and they last longer so you don’t have to replace them for at least a few years. It’s a win win situation.

WARNING!!! I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLIST, but I recommend setting your curling iron heat temperature to at least 300-350 F to get the best possible curl and if you are curling virgin human hair extensions I suggest using a lower setting.

How to Make Your Curls Last Longer Continued:

Rule # 3. Use the Right Size Barrel

My go to barrel size is 1’” or sometime a 1.5”. I use these for any and every kind of curl you can think of. Yes, that includes big beautiful beach waves.  I have found that when I use a barrel size that’s too big, often times my curls loosen faster and drop at record speeds (and ain’t nobody go time for that)! When I use a smaller barrel my curls look neater and lasts longer.  Plus I can manipulate the curls to style them however I please.

Rule # 4: Using the Right Hair Products
First and foremost, I hope you have some type of heat protectant in your curl regimen! Doesn’t make much sense to have nice luscious curls if you are damaging your hair in the process. Next, you should have products that aid in keeping your curls alive. I always use a setting foam or lotion on my hair before it dries. This helps to give my curls a good foundation and prolong their lifespan in the summer heat. Also use a good holding spray during and after curling. Make sure to use one that will not make your curls hard and crusty. We want nice bouncy curls not stiff and rock hard curls.
Rule # 5: Left Over Curls

You can thank me later.  So you’ve made it home and your curls lasted all day. Now what? You can do 1 of 2 things. Use the pineapple method so your curls will still be popping for tomorrow or use the pin curl method. Wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet. On the next day hit your curls with a little (just a little) glossing spray and holding spray and you should be good for a least one more day.

I hope these tips and tricks have helped you and your curls fight the summer heat. Let me know how your curls held up in your city’s summer weather.

3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation

Summer is approaching dolls and hair styles are an important part of the summer vacation agenda.
Now depending on where you are located (because some locations are hotter than others) also remember that some locations have more humidity than others. Were going to put together an extensive list of Styles for Summer Vacation that will be versatile enough to wear anywhere.
1. First on the list is Braids for Styles for Summer Vacation…. But not any braids, the oh so popular boxer braids. I know today they are called corn rows, Bo Derek braids etc. but these are a great style when you’re on the go, jumping in the pool, hitting the beach and still have to get to work without spending 2 hours in the mirror the next morning. I like these because they are short, which means when its time to get them redone, it will be less time to restyle, and if using extensions, you don’t need a lot of hair.
3 Best Hair Styles for Summer Vacation , Bob Cut

Styles for Summer Vacation

2. Next on the list is one of my favs, I use this style for the first style of summer as well as the first style of fall… it’s the long bob cut. I try to cut my hair twice a year and this style does it for me with out taking to much hair from my face. the long bob is famous among celebs like Meagan Good and Sharon Stone. It’s a classic cut from the 80’s that still turns heads and never goes out of style. You can use your very own hair or throw 1 bundle of extensions if you want to add a fuller look.
3. The Big Bun Look. The big bun is really just a high ponytail disguised, but if you can’t get a regular hair style due to constant sweating and humidity where you live and travel, the big bun will give you some style without the hassle. Just keep your hair clean and conditioned and get a bun that matches your hair color well…. And don’t forget to add flowers, beads, or bows on special days or just to jazz it up cause you’re make up is really beat that day.
Until next time dolls, Summer is approaching so stay cool, and stay dry.

Cheap Hair a’int Quality Hair

Cheap Hair a'int Quality Hair , wholesale hair extensions , Mink Brazilian Hair Extensions

Quality Hair a’int Cheap , and Cheap Hair a’int Quality

Now I will assume if you’re reading this that you are into quality hair, I’m not talking about that hair you find at the flea market, matting, tangling, and can only get 1 install out of it….

If you like that kind of hair; PLEASE GET YOUR LIFE!!……

I’m talking about quality hair. Some we find is great quality and others we find is just good, but nothing special. I think its important to note that even virgin hair can have variations in quality. Even one bundle to another bundle can be a little different… think about it ladies.. Is your entire head of hair all the same exact texture?, and Can it be maintained with the exact same care? PROBABLY NOT…. Well human hair is just that,…….. HUMAN… and one woman’s head maybe silky smooth and another woman’s head maybe (not as silky and soft) but still very good.

hair blog , quality hair , hair extensions

Here is the secret, BUY BETTER QUALITY HAIR.

Whether virgin or raw hair, if you stick with a vendor or seller that has a reputation for good to great quality, you cant go wrong. Its like Nike or air Jordan shoes, you buy the shoe cause you like the style, but also because you know it will last and allow you to get enough wear out of them to get your monies worth. Seriously, you pay Nike to do checks and inspections to make sure that you leave your home with 2 shoes and be confident that you will come back with the same 2 shoes, TOGETHER and IN TACT…. It’s the same with hair. Stick with a solid brand, and allow them to keep up with quality control programs that will give you quality hair extensions every time. Yes its true a brand will cost more than the flea market pack hair…. But you can use it over and over again…. Just take care of it…you should get many wears out of it. Plus it takes the worry and time out of replacing your hair every week to 2 weeks.
If budget is an issue most hair companies have major sales and even layaway installment plans for those on a budget. Just invest in you. We all know how much having a polished look can do for our confidence, which can affect our job interview, relationship, or just our own self image. Its 2018 ladies , lets all put away the pack hair, and upgrade for our own pleasure. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful.


Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

Beyonce's Hair Stylist , Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

Hi my group. My name is Karen and I am a weave’oholic. Let me start from the beginning. It all begin when I started middle school. I had recently joined the cheer leading squad and I was now starting to take more pride in my appearance. My wardrobe changed, my shoe game changed and of course my hair and nails game changed. After all I was a blossoming young lady and I was feeling myself.

Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

I got my first “hit” of hair extensions when I had to cheer for the first game of the season. I will never forget, the coach required all the girls to have long spiral curled ponytails with a large blue ribbon to match the uniform. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! After all I had been watching my favorite celebrities on TV with long beautiful hair and I wanted some of “that”. I had been begging my mom all summer to allow me to try a more grown up style, like a French roll or tuck. But she wasn’t having it. Finally she agreed to the ponytail and compromised because my hairstylist assured her it would be age appropriate.

Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

My mouth dropped to the floor when my stylist spun me around to the mirror so I can see myself for the first time with hair extensions. My mouth almost jumped out of the chair. I was in love and could not wait to show off my new hair style. I cannot begin to express how good I felt and how my self-confidence shot through the roof. You could not tell me I wasn’t the bee’s knees (whatever that means).
 I slung that ponytail so hard from left to right, I’m surprised I didn’t develop permanent whiplash from all the head tossing I did. I loved every long beautiful inch of that ponytail. Don’t get me wrong. I was not a bald headed little girl. I had hair. I had nice hair. But it wasn’t long and glamorous like this spiral curled ponytail. I fell in love with the idea of having long silky hair just like the woman I admired so much from the movies, TV shows and my favorite R&B groups. At an early age I recognized (this ponytail) came me a little extra umph.  For some reason I felt more attractive…… And pretty.
At this point I did not realize I was embarking on the beginning stages of being addicted to weave, I just knew, I loved what I saw and how I felt with hair extensions.




We’ve all heard the term used before, by our mom, auntie, or best friend. They went out and purchased hair extensions at a store or someplace else without checking reviews, and after they install the hair, they feel like a Beyonce video double………..UNTIL a few days later, when her hair HAS not, WILL not ,  and CANNOT untangle naturally with the fingers… combing after combing … and don’t forget the shedding because of the excessive combing……
Suddenly the Beyonce dream has turned into the Donald Trump nightmare (without the orange tan).. she frantically calls the hair store thinking that she will evoke some sympathy from them, but is quickly told NO REFUNDS… and is dismissed as the “customer they used to care about”… know until they got her money…..Several emotions set in…. frustration… followed by depression, and then down right outrage…… “HOW DARE THEY THINK THEY CAN TREAT ME LIKE THIS”…. She turns to the internet to look up the hair store while simultaneously thinking to herself that she should have done that BEFORE she bought the hair…….
To her surprise she finds complaint after complaint about BAD WEAVE… HAIR MATS, SHEDDING and just plain rudeness by a hair store that should be focusing on customer service and customer retention by looking at their reputation…..But I Digress…….



After it finally sets in that her money is lost, she calms down, and uses those same reviews online to find a company that will sell her good hair quality and keep her budget in tact at the same time. this was my story, from beginning to end……..i found many local stores to be un-comforting and refusing accommodations if their inconsistent hair quality ruined my experience… We buy Virgin Hair Extensions to look good, (for more than a few days). but to look good and most importantly feel good….. touching, combing, handling our hair. We want a natural and beautiful experience… That’s good hair, and that’s why we buy it… 

So to avoid a BAD WEAVE. do your research, Look for reviews, on the site and on google, Facebook and YouTube. If you don’t find any good feed back, then you wont get good hair…. If you find some good, and some bad feedback, then you will get good hair sometimes, bad hair other times… but once you find feed back that’s at least 90% all good…you know that’s the one.. and don’t jump on the latest trending hair company. After all even Steve Harvey endorsed a hair company last year and even had them on his tv show…..but TODAY? the only thing that can be found of that hair company is their bad reviews…. no website, no google , no Facebook…..just dis-satisfied customers….



The 3 Wonders of Hair Extensions

Wholesale Virgin Hair Extensions , The 3 Wonders of Hair Extensions

The 3 Wonders of Hair Extensions

What do you do when you suddenly discover that the mop of hair you had always prided yourself on has slowly started thinning? Grit your teeth and prepare to face the fact that you are no longer turning heads? Or try and do something about it? Modern cosmetic methods can now help you retain your youthful looks if you are prepared to spend a little money and time. You can, of course, buy yourself a wig, but it maybe difficult to hide this appendage from suspicious eyes. What you could try instead is a course of hair extension. Want to know what this entails? We’ll try and give you an idea about the basics of this procedure in this article.
Hair Extension basically involves attaching real or synthetic hair to a person’s own hair so that he or she appears to be blessed with a thicker and fuller growth than is actually the case.
There are several different types of hair extension methods that you can choose from and we would like to tell you about these.

The 3 Wonders

First, there is a procedure where the additional hair is attached to the real hair by means of a bonding substance such as glue. This bonding agent is applied to a person’s actual hair and then the hair extensions are attached to the original crop. Although the method appears to be basic, it can be very effective when carried out professionally, and people will be unable to make out that part of your hair is not your own. However, some bonding agents can be harmful to your skin so it is essential to check out this aspect with your stylist.
A second method of extension is the clip-on variety. It’s exactly as the name suggests where the additional hair is clipped into a person’s natural hair. The benefit of this procedure is that one can remove the hair extensions whenever one wants. You can thus sport a different hairstyle whenever you feel your usual one is becoming boring.
Finally, there is the “weaved or sew-in” method of hair extension. This process entails actually sewing the hair extension into a person’s natural hair. The original hair is weaved around various threads thus creating a track after which the hair extension or weft is sewn in. The overall effect can be extremely natural and it would be almost impossible for an onlooker to figure out that part of the hair is not real.
These  are just a few of the ways in which you can have extensions done. You will have to choose what material you would prefer for your extended hair as there are several alternatives. But we will discuss this aspect in our next article.


Top 3 Best Edge Control for Hair Extensions

Top 3 Best Edge Control for Hair Extensions

Top 3 Best Edge Control for Hair Extensions

No matter if you are an afro puff wearing natural sistah, rocking a fresh relaxed style, or slaying those 26 inch Mink Brazilian bundles, there is one thing we all have in common. And that’s laying those edges and baby hairs hun’ty!

I for one, feel as though slicked edges are a must when it comes to any style. It just completes the look and gives your style a nice finished and polished appearance. However, there is one problem when it comes to doing so. You have to pick the right edge control. Otherwise, you get that greasy, white-casted residue left behind, or your baby hairs starts curling up and you get that “I just sweated out my perm look”. And ain’t nobody got time!

edge control, baby hairs, mink hair , Top 3 Best Edge Control for Hair Extensions

When picking out an edge control, you need a product that’s actually gonna control those edges. An edge control that will lay and smooth your edges without it curling back up on you. Lucky for you, I’ve come to save the day and put together a list of my top favorite picks. So that way you don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations like myself, and believe me, the struggle was real!

 Top 3 Best Edge Control

1.    Design Essentials

When I say I LOVE this formula, I mean I LOVE this formula! It gives you a great hold for DAYS! And yes, that does apply to natural hair. Even though it’s a water based product, the consistency doesn’t make your hair revert back to the kink, curl or wave. And on top of all of that, it smells like heaven in a jar.

2.    Keracare Edge Tamer

OMG!! Talk about AMAZING!! I can go on and one, but we’ll be here all day. Let me give you the run down. Non Greasy, perfect for smoothing and sleeking down them baby hairs, great for molding relaxed / natural hair, and doesn’t cause your hair to revert back. I was sold after non greasy. This is just an all-around fantastic product.


edge control, baby hairs, mink hair , Top 3 Best Edge Control for Hair Extensions


3.    Gorilla Snot or Moco de Gorilla

Before you going jumping down my throat… I know, I know! This is technically not a traditional “edge control” but Baby, when I say, if nothing can get those edges and baby hairs in line, it would definitely be this. This stuff is like magic. It will lay even the roughest of edges. No questions asked. This stuff is like heavy artillery. It takes the criminal down. Your edges won’t budge with this product. No matter what the weather it like.

When I say I have been on the hunt for years trying to find the best edge control products and these are 3 products I swear by! They are my holy grail of all edge controls, these products will keep your edges laid like nobody’s business. I recommend trying each one to determine which product works the best for you and your hair type and texture.

I would love to hear from you! Please let me know if you have tried any of these products and if so, how did it turn out for you?

Hair Extensions in NYC Can Make A New Person Out Of You

A little dedication towards maintaining a proper after-care procedure will ensure that you can fully utilize the benefit of hair extensions. We can now also get rid of the monotony of the same hairstyle and look different every time we look into the mirror.

Hair Extensions in NYC Can Make A New Person Out Of You

We have often seen in movies that a person can completely disguise his or her looks by just adopting a new wig. This has been a time tested ploy for the villains to escape from police and the good guys to hideout from the bad guys. The point to be noted here, is the impact that a hairstyle can have on our appearance. Just changing one’s hair color or getting a haircut in a different style can make a person look stunningly different.
Even the family and close friends react to you when you simply changed your hairstyle. Then imagine the impact of adding length to hair when friends and family have recently seen you with a shorter length maybe just a day before. Yes, hair extensions in NYC or any other state can make this possible.
Beyonce Hair Extensions, Arjuni,

Many of us do not opt for any kind of hair styling or hair treatment as we fear the consequences of chemicals being used on our precious hair that could permanently damage it. Hair extensions can completely relieve you of this worry as it is a process where only natural human hair is attached to your original hair to increase the length, volume and style. A painstaking effort is made to ensure that a perfect match is found for your hair in terms of color and texture so that even a close inspection will not make your hair extension look artificial. Most reputed stylists offering hair extensions procure natural hair from various places across the globe directly from the owners and hence the authenticity and quality is assured.

Hair Extensions in NYC Can Make A New Person Out Of You

A thick volume of good quality hair is a matter of pride for all the owners. It earns them flattering compliments at any social gathering and also enhances their looks and personality. However under certain circumstances such as a prolonged illness people may lose their hair, which affects their looks and causes their self confidence to dip. Hair extensions can be the perfect solution even in such cases where loss of hair can no longer be a hindrance to our lifestyle.
Also in today’s world where the fashion industry and the media in general are promoting the idea of physical beauty and equating it with success, everyone wants to move with the times. Hair styles also keep changing with the fashion.
Beyonce Hair Extensions, Arjuni

We are left with limited scope of changing our hair style unless we vary the length of our hair. However once the length has been shortened we cannot increase it within a short duration. Hair extensions can  now provide us with the option of increasing the length of our hair at will.
A little dedication towards maintaining a proper after-care procedure will ensure that you can fully utilize the benefit of hair extensions. We can now also get rid of the monotony of the same hairstyle and look different every time we look into the mirror. A simple hair extensions procedure can change your look and make you feel like a new person all over again. It helps to add a new charm to your life and is sort of a revitalizing process for you. 




We all know the holiday season is amongst us, so why not get that special lady in your life something you know she’ll love. Bundles! That’s right long, beautiful, luxurious virgin hair bundles. What girl wouldn’t want to find that in her stocking this year for Christmas? I know I would surely love it. Plus, it’s something that you know nobody else will think of, so it puts you on the “he thought outside the box this year” list.
Which I’m sure will get you some extra brownie points.. (if you know what I mean.. wink.. wink lol).
Just like any gift you must first take into consideration what she likes, her personal style, and what she needs. When it comes to buying her hair extensions you’ll have to dig a little deeper.
HOW TO BUY HAIR EXTENSIONS AS A GIFT , Gift Guide hair extensions, human hair wigs, natural hair, wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, hair, wig, wigs, wig store, best places to order hair, artificial hair integrations

Step 1.
How does she wear her hair? Does your girl like it simple or full on drama? If your girl is more of a simple hair weave wearer I would suggest getting 3 bundles to achieve that look, but if she is full on drama and like it super full, I would go for at least 4-5 bundles and I would even splurge for a frontal or closure.
Step 2.
What is her hair type and texture? If your girl normally wears closures or frontals this is something you really don’t need to worry about. However, if she like the more natural look and likes to wear some of her hair out, you need to know what hair type and texture to buy to best compliment her hair texture. If her hair is straight, think about buying straight hair or body wave hair. If her hair is more on the wavy or curly side, hair textures like loose deep and deep curl might just do the trick.
HOW TO BUY HAIR EXTENSIONS AS A GIFT , Gift Guide hair extensions, human hair wigs, natural hair, wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, hair, wig, wigs, wig store, best places to order hair, artificial hair integrations

Step 3.
Make your Order Early! I repeat MAKE YOUR ORDER EARLY!!! Do not wait until the last moment to place the order for hair extensions. Depending on what company you order from it can sometimes take a few days to a few weeks.
Step 4.
Don’t be CHEAP! When buying someone hair extensions and shampoo basket sets as a gift opt to get the good stuff. You want to buy great quality hair extensions for your lady. It’s best to buy top quality hair because at least you know it will last for years to come.
HOW TO BUY HAIR EXTENSIONS AS A GIFT , Gift Guide hair extensions, human hair wigs, natural hair, wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, hair, wig, wigs, wig store, best places to order hair, artificial hair integrations

Step 5.
When you get the hair extensions, if they come packaged in a satin bag make sure to wrap the satin bag. If they do not come packaged in a satin bag, I would suggest placing them in a silk clothe and then proceed to wrap them as normal.
I hope this guide has helped you with the process of buying hair extensions as a lovely gift this year. I’m sure you will be truly loved for such as amazing gift idea. And at least you know she’ll use it and will wear them all year round.