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Dry Hair in Hair Extensions



One of the main damage caused to hair extension is its tendency to dry. The simple answer as to why hair extension dries up after a few weeks is due to the use of heat, chemicals, and lack of moisture in the hair. The food we eat plays an important role in keeping our hair and body healthy, but this cannot be done to hair extensions. Aside from the fact that hair extension gets dry after use for some time, there is also another defect associated with the use of hair extension. Nevertheless, hair extensions can be taken care of using alternative methods such as:


  • Do not hesitate to brush your hair before bed so as to prevent any form of natural tangle caused by friction or wind.
  • Absent yourself from brushing your hair when wet because that is when the follicles in the hair are most vulnerable.
  • If you’re looking to wash your hair with shampoo, make use of shampoos that are free from sulfate or organic free. Sulfates in shampoo strip the hair of its natural oils as your hair extension don’t get any form of nutrient from your scalp. In order to avoid your hair extension from drying, it is advisable to make use of sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Wash your hair with warm water to prevent your hair extension from damaging.
  • Gently wash your hair in a downward motion making use of your palm. Do not bunch or scrub the hair together as this will open the cuticles and make them rub against each other.



  • Rinse your hair between every wash and wash it 1-2 times.
  • Add a few drops of natural oil to your hair maybe 2 or 3 drops while your hair is still wet. This will make penetration easy and add moisture to your hair.
  • Natural oil is always the best, as it does the work of conditioners. It is more preferable because is it free from any form of silicon or chemicals.
  • Rinse your hair and not your scalp with cold water. This will help close the cuticles and lock in moisture and nutrients in the root of the hair and leave your hair extension nourished.
  • Avoid the use of heat when drying your hair. Allow your hair dry properly with natural air. This is because heat makes the hair swell and dry the strands at the same time.
  • Apply small out of oil (coconut or almond oil) as at when required. These oils are an amazing choice for styling your hair. The coconut hair is most preferred because it keeps the hair moisturized than other types of oils.
  • In order to keep a long lasting hair extension, it is taken care of them just as you take care of your skin and natural hair.





Of all the questions asked by women about their hairs, how to choose the best hair extension? Is one of the most common of them all.

The questions go on and on:

How do I get the best hair extension? What is the best hair extension you can find in the market? What is the best type of hair extension money can buy? The questions are endless. Choosing the best extension as always entails putting into consideration your requirements, personal preferences as well as your available budget. These days, you can find amazing hair extensions at affordable rates from renowned providers. Owing to this, the first thing to determine is the best provider to use as well as the best provider to gain independent advice.

After considering your budget and provider, you should then consider the best types of hair extension there is in the market as well as how to select the best one for you personally.


If you decide to go for the synthetic extensions, one of the benefits that are immediately enjoyed is the price. Though at first, the synthetic extension looks incredible, their lifespan is really shorter compared to their other completion. Due to their fragile state, it is impossible or inadvisable to dye, styled or heated with appliances like hair dryer and curlers.


When you come in contact with a hair professional and ask the question: what hair extension is best? There is a very high chance that their response will be “human hair extension” through the synthetic hair has an amazing potential, but nothing replicate the feeling and the look of human hair “real human hair” the human hair extension are more durable, they can be styled and dyed in the exact same way as you would your own hair.



You shouldn’t look down on the importance of choosing the perfect and ideal color for your hair extensions. Fortunately, the human hair is made available in practically all color as well as shades you could think of. Be it a direct replicate of your existing hair, or something different so as to create an amazing contrast. You should place color into consideration before going ahead, or better still seek the advice of an expert.


There are a variety of ways to attach your hair extension. Amongst all, your requirement should be the determinant of the type of extension attachment to use. You should consider the current hair on your head, the type of extension you are looking to use and most importantly your budget. You should endeavor to discuss this with your stylist so as to get the best available option.


Elimination of additional maintenance requirements is one of the highest benefits of getting the human hair extension. If you’re making use of human hair extension, then you don’t need additional effort, just the same care you show for your existing hair. When you go for synthetic hair extension, you should be more careful as these ones are not as strong as the human hairs.


How to Save Money and Still Rock High-Quality Hair Extensions

How to Save Money and Still Rock High-Quality Hair Extensions

How to Save Money and Still Rock High Quality Hair Extensions

Is your budget tight yet you still desire increased hair volume and length by rocking high quality hair extensions? Everyone wishes to get high-quality extensions and still save some coins. Being on a tight budget should not mean wearing low-quality hair extensions. Hair extensions can make you dig deep into your pocket, especially when you have no idea of what to look out for. The pieces of advice shared in this article will help you save money and still wear that extension you have always coveted while not running bankrupt. A tight budget should not limit you!

Why should you avoid low-quality extensions?

Many ladies think that buying synthetic, low-quality extensions is the best way to save money. Such hair comes from untrusted sources and their labels are usually not an accurate representation of what is actually being sold. What’s more, synthetic extensions cannot last for even a month, as they easily get damaged and shed a lot. They say, cheap is expensive.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Extension type

Since you intend to save some coins, you may want to go for the hair extension type that makes you save the most amount of money. Clip-in extensions are believed to be the cheapest type of extension. This is true, even though they are not the only type of affordable hair extension. Some stores have micro rings, i-tip extensions and even tape-ins that cost pretty much the same as clip-ins. You are at liberty to choose from any of these styles.

Identifying the right store

Check out the reviews of the seller you intend to buy extensions from. They should be transparent and trusted. The number of stores that sell synthetic extensions at the same price as Remy hair is huge, and you need to beware of this.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Choosing length

A 30″ mermaid-like extensions may sound appealing, but it is not very necessary. Lesser lengths can still be used to achieve the desired looks. 8-15 inches should help you achieve the style you are aiming for.

Weight guide

Choosing extensions that are reasonably thick could save you some bucks. Their weight is measured in grams and ranges from 40 to 220 grams. For regular use, you do not need a whopping 220 grams. 50-100 grams should give a significant amount of volume and thickness.

Shipping and return policy

If you shop from a store offering free shipping, the cost of your extension will be significantly lowered. Be sure to check that the store has a return option should the extension not meet your preference.

Do It Yourself

Having a hair professional install the extensions for you is much more expensive as compared to installing them yourself. Most installation methods are pretty simple and can easily be done at home.

Rock High Quality Hair Extensions


Maintenance and refitting

Both of these services can be quite pricey if offered at the salon. Clip-ins do not require regular refitting, and might be the best option for you if you are looking to save some coins. Other extensions such as keratin extensions, microbeads and tape-ins require regular refitting and this means an additional cost. Going for simpler extensions would save you money, time and are beginner friendly.

We hope the tips shared will make your shopping experience a memorable one, as you will get to save some money and still wear high-quality hair extensions.



The Love Relationship Between Aloe Vera and Your Hair

The Love Relationship Between Aloe Vera and Your Hair

The Love Relationship Between Aloe Vera and Your Hair

Have you ever considered incorporating aloe vera in your hair regimen? It’s high time you did, because aloe vera posses massive benefits that will not need a lot of time to be noticed. Its ease of availability cannot be neglected, as it is easily available in pharmacies and can also be planted in your garden. Summer is the best time to hunt for the plant, and have it in your garden. Read on to find out what benefits you stand to reap by using this gem.

Here’s the compelling list of aloe vera benefits:

  • Reduced shedding of your natural hair. Hair in extensions can also be maintained by regular application of aloe vera gel.
  • A healthy scalp. Not only will your scalp’s health be improved, but your hair will also be healthy and possess a coveted glow.
  • Your scalp pores will be cleansed, preventing product build up that create problems such as dandruff.
  • It helps in sealing in your hair and scalp moisture resulting in healthy locks.
  • It significantly reduces hair dryness and frizz. Your hair will be smooth and detangled.
  • Aloe vera leaves you mane thick, full and bouncy.

Need some more convincing? Perhaps the ease with which aloe vera can be applied is the final conviction point. The following example should demystify the application procedure for you.

The Love Relationship Between Aloe Vera and Your Hair

Get one leaf of aloe vera from your garden. Be careful, as the leaves are poky. Gently squeeze out the gel after cutting the leaf open. It may not be easy to tell if you’ve squeezed out all the gel due to its succulent nature. Scoop out any remaining gel and store it safely for future use. Aloe vera gel from the pharmacy is ready to use, and does not require any processing. Here’s how you can apply the gel:

  1. Apply a generous amount on your hair right before shampooing. Let it sit for 20 minutes, so that your tresses can soak all the goodness. You can choose to leave it overnight if you wish to have a deeper cleaning. Be sure to have your shower cup sucured so that your pillows don’t get soiled!
  2. Aloe vera can also be used as a heat protectant when flat ironing your hair. Alternatively, you could choose to have it as a leave-in conditioner after shampooing your hair. Aren’t these aloe vera uses amazing?
  3. For a natural regimen. aloe vera can be mixed with coconut milk and wheat germ oil to create a perfect shampoo that can be used on a daily basis. This technique will leave your tresses looking amazing, and you’d wish you had started using it earlier.

Aloe vera is a beautiful and versatile natural hair product. It not only leaves your hair looking shiny, but also healthy. It can be used as a conditioner, shampoo, or even a leave-in conditioner! It is upon you to take advantage of this natural plant, and truly spoil your tresses with love.

Hair Extension Fever? Here’s What You Should Know

Hair Extension Fever? Here’s What You Should Know

Hair Extension Fever? Here’s What You Should Know



These days, hair extensions are everywhere. Once mostly reserved for glamorous celebrities and models in magazines, hair extensions are now considered as common among the general public as nice clothes or makeup.


Hair extensions can do wonders for your hair, which is why it’s no surprise that they have become so popularly widespread. Short hair can be transformed into flowing locks in a matter of minutes with clip ins, while fine strands can receive a much needed boost of volume with a few well-placed extensions. The possibilities are endless.


It is important to note, however, that not all extensions are created equal! Human hair extensions and synthetic extensions can both look amazing, but the difference in quality is unmistakable. For instance, human hair extensions are quite superior in quality. They look, act and feel just like real hair, which means that you’ll be getting much more freedom in styling, maintenance and durability. It’s the most natural look. Now, it’s pricier than synthetic hair, but the investment is truly worth it.


Synthetic extensions do have their place and time, of course. If you’re on a budget but still want to try out extensions for a shorter period of time, synthetic hair is a good option. Being careful with heat and styling is key, though, as synthetic hair is notorious for tangling and frizz when handled improperly.


Reasons To Go For Hair Extensions


There are quite a few reasons why you might be considering getting hair extensions.


As mentioned, if you’ve got short hair and want a little length added to it, hair extensions are for you. Similarly, if you’re looking for more bounce and body, extensions can give you the results you’re looking for.


Extensions are also great for testing out new cuts, styles and even colours without committing to them fully, saving you the pain of making a permanent change that you can’t undo. You get to see just how well that new look suits you before taking the plunge!


What You Should Keep In Mind


You’ve made the decision to get extensions for the first time, and there’s just one big problem – you’re totally clueless as to how the whole thing goes. Luckily, we’re here to help, providing you with a few simple tips to get the most out of your hair extensions experience.


  • Extensions look their best when they’re installed by a professional hairstylist. Don’t risk doing it yourself, as the results maybe quite far from what you want.
  • Too tight at the root? Bring it to the attention of your stylist immediately, or your mane might pay for it with breakage and hair loss.
  • Your natural hair will still be there after the extensions are removed, so act accordingly! Treating your hair weekly by oiling, washing and conditioning it can help your hair to remain healthy and full.




It all can be tricky to newbies, but just by keeping a few key pointers in mind every time, you’re sure to get the best results there are.

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Are You Considering a Braid Installation? Check this out!

Braid installation has never gotten out of season! They are among the top protective hair styles that allow your hair to grow and rest. The number of styles in which they can be worn are numerous not forgetting how easy it is to work with them. However, just like any other hairstyles, braids require a considerable amount of attention. Here’s what you need to know.

Have your hair ready

Installing braids on prepared hair makes them last longer and ease the installation process. Having a protective style on for a month or so needs a clean scalp with conditioned hair. A dirty scalp results in clogged pores and a stunted hair growth. After clarifying your scalp, restore its moisture because braided hair will need as much moisture as it can possibly get.

Don’t neglect your hair during the night

Take care of your braided hair just as you would your natural hair. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to prevent it from frizzing due to friction. Alternatively, lay your head on a silk pillowcase. This will keep your hair in shape for a longer period, thus reducing the need for touchup.



Braid Installation


Your scalp is bound to dry out more now that you will have your hair in braids and it won’t be washed as often as you would your natural hair. Sprinkle some water on your scalp to hydrate your hair. In addition, apply coconut oil to avoid product build up and sooth your scalp. Keep it clean and ever moisturized to prevent it from being itchy and dry.

Do not leave your braid on for too long

Unravel your braids in time to avoid serious damages. In as much as braids are a protective style and you may be tempted to keep them on for long, protective styles are temporary. Overdoing it will result in pulling your hair and may even damage your hairline! Once an installation is done, keep in mind how soon you will need to take it out.

Let your hair breathe!

Braids may be fun and among the easiest options for protecting your hair. However, you need to give your hair a break and let it breathe before putting on the next style. Utilize the break by deep conditioning, applying strengthening masks and keeping it hydrated.

Braids help your hair grow. To keep your hair moisturized throughout the installed period, we strongly recommend that you use human hair rather than synthetic hair. Check out site for the available perfect options of braids!


The 3 Types of Dandruff and How to Treat Them

The 3 Types of Dandruff and How to Treat Them

The 3 Types of Dandruff and How to Treat Them

If you have ever experienced dandruff, you can acknowledge that getting it to go away is not a walk in the park. You may have tried out a dozen of shampoos, creams, greases, and conditioners that gave you the hope of sorting you out. Just like most people suffering from dandruff, this product may not have been of much help to you. Perhaps these products have been tailor-made for a different kind of dandruff, which may not be the one you have. Since there are different types of dandruff, understanding the difference and their causes will play a key role in helping you finally get rid of them for good.

Dandruff Caused by Fungal Growth 

Mainly caused by unbalanced scalp pH and oiliness, this type of dandruff may be regarded as a chronic condition. It can also be caused by an allergic reaction of your scalp to the kind of products that you use or poor cleansing habits. Try out natural remedies, switch conditioners, shampoos or the styling products that you use. Even though sulfates create a foam during shampooing, it is not necessarily for cleansing your scalp. You could be among the many who are allergic to such chemicals.

Caused by a Dry Scalp

When the skin on your scalp is literally parched and dry, it is bound to flake and fall off, resulting in dandruff. Such a kind of dandruff is common with people whose hair is curlier, drier and have a tight scalp. Hydration and moisturization should be the best friends of such people. Go slow on chemical treatments such as dyes and relaxers as they tend to strip your hair of its natural moisture. In addition hydrate from the inside by taking lots of water (8 glasses a day are recommended) and wait for your hair and skin to thank you!

Stay away from shampoos containing sulfates as this ingredient is among the number one reason for hair become dry and stiff. Massage your hair with a few drops of peppermint oil to activate blood circulation to the scalp. As a result, your scalp will receive oxygen and nutrients that will contribute to its hydration.

Dandruff Caused by Product Buildup

This is probably the most common type of dandruff. When someone with an otherwise healthy scalp and mane piles up styling products, for example layering serum on top of wrap lotion on top of hairspray on top of scalp oil and so on. Dandruff of this kind is more likely to be in form of tiny balls of dirt and less like flakes. Since these products attract and trap a lot of dust, such tiny balls are usually brownish in color. This kind of dandruff usually appears when the hair is in need of a wash and is sporadic in nature.

To get rid of dandruff caused by product build-up, regularly wash your hair and reduce the number of styling products you use on your hair to a maximum of 3.

Many queens tend to associate all types of dandruff to a dry scalp and end up piling hair oils in an attempt to compensate. Others believe that it is due to oiliness or product buildup and end up stripping their hair of its moisture by the use of astringent cleansers. Little do they realize that there are different types of dandruff and each needs a unique kind of treatment. That’s why you need to understand the kind of dandruff your hair has, so that you kind apply the correct remedy to it!


What your Damaged Hair Actually Needs

What your Damaged Hair Actually Needs

What your Damaged Hair Actually Needs: Mayonnaise!


What your Damaged Hair Actually Needs

What your damaged hair really needs: There is a high probability that you may have noticed the increased number of hair products adding the tag “mayonnaise” to them.

These are deep conditioning treatments that aim to restore your hair’s moisture, repair the damage and strengthen it…at a cost! The good news is that you can actually reap the benefits of mayonnaise from your everyday sandwich spread mayonnaise!

The “Science” Behind it

The two vital building block that make mayonnaise among the best conditioners are fat and protein. Genuine mayonnaise is made from pure vegetable oils and eggs. The form in which the oils are is perfect for moisturizing dry hair and the egg protein play the role of rebuilding damaged strands while strengthening them. (Note: You are safer sticking with real mayonnaise as sandwich spreads like Miracle Whip may contain additional ingredients such as carrots bits and pickles which may not be what you need in your hair.)


Damaged Hair Actually Needs

Application Procedure

This one of the easiest things you can ever do. Ensure that you are in clothes that you won’t mind if they got a little messy. Apply 2-3 tablespoons of real mayonnaise to dried hair, just enough to coat your hair strands once you have thoroughly worked on it. Do not apply too much of it as it is bound to create a mess once it starts dripping.

Let it sit in for 20-30 minutes as you go on with your house chores or sit under a warm dryer. The heat helps in opening your hair follicles, thereby letting the fats and proteins in.

Thoroughly rinse your hair in the kitchen sink-avoid the shower because the slippery nature of mayonnaise might cause you to slip, not forgetting the smell. You can then gently shampoo your hair to get rid of any residue and style as you please. Your hair should have acquired a healthy, shiny look that will make the heads turn!

Why Your Hair Extensions Don’t Last Long

Why Your Hair Extensions Don't Last Long

Why Your Hair Extensions Don’t Last Long

To be honest, stating that a number of hair extensions that you buy won’t last is an exaggeration. You’d be surprised at how long the cheapest of all extensions can last, should it get proper care and treatment. Having said that, there are still a number that will never meet your standards regardless of the amount of care you give them. If you’ve been regarding your extension’s care more of a chore than a necessity, let’s find out what is bound to happen.

Non-Authentic Human

I can imagine how disappointing it can be chunking out a good amount of money with the intention of acquiring an authentic extensions only to discover it is far from authentic. This is why it is highly advisable to conduct a thorough research before deciding on what (and where to buy. Stalk the company you intend to purchase from, check out their review and get a clear picture of who they really are. Avoid a company that sells hair that’s not authentic like a plague. Even inform your friends of your finding so that they don’t have to go through the trauma.

You haven’t been using sulfate free products

The number one rule in caring for your hair extensions should be the use of proper products. Unhealthy hair product should be the first thing to eliminate. Say a big NO to sulfates ladies. This is among the top chemicals that are going to leave your hair extensions looking dull and worn out.

Your hair extensions have been processed with chemicals.

Buying at a very high price is like buying high valued organic food. Imagine if this food contains chemicals-it won’t make any sense. There are companies that sell human hair extensions that have been processed, essentially depriving the hair the value you are paying for. So, if you are finding it hard to keep your tresses soft and luscious, they might have undergone the chemical processing.

Too much stress on your hair extension

Human hair extensions are pretty much like your natural hair, as they can be dyed, flat ironed, chemically treated and even swam in. This is why they are bound to get damaged due to too much of anything. So if you are ever making salon trips to change its color and then flat ironing it, you better reduce these trips and treat your hair extensions as you would your hair.

Non-Remy quality hair extensions

Even though human hair extensions are meant to be of higher quality than their synthetic counterparts, not all of them are of a good version. You may have noticed a variance in the market price of hair extensions, and this is because of their varying qualities. Better quality comes at an extra cost, and Remy hair tops this list. Remy hair comes with its cuticles intact and is simply the best.

Correct installation plays a key role in the durability of any hair extension. I cannot overemphasize on why it is important to opt for high-quality extensions, hair products, and proper fixing. We have you covered for the first two, and the only role you need to play is the third one! Shop with us if you are looking for high-quality and sulfate free hair care products; you won’t be disappointed.

Is it Okay to Shower with Your Hair Extension on?

Is it Okay to Shower with Your Hair Extension on?

Is it Okay to Shower with Your Hair Extension on?

When it comes to taking a shower with your hair extension on, many ladies usually have a number of concerns. Some include “Is it okay to get my extension wet?”. We want to address all concerns that you may have, just so that we are sure you understand what is needed to maintain the highest quality of your extension.

Just after Installation

Once you tape-in your extension, you will need to give it at least 48 hours if you intend to take a shower with them on. This will allow the extension to hold better hence stay longer. if you need to get them wet within a shorter period, consult your hair stylist to find out if they have any applicable suggestions. Should you need to shower right after your hair appointment, we’d suggest that you move it to a later time. Such investments need to be given the care and attention they need to avoid wasting your time or money.


The frequency of hair wash mainly depends on the type of hair. The ideal number of times would be twice a week unless yours is thick and heavy. For such a type of hair, it is advisable to do it once a week. Should you feel that your scalp is getting too oily, apply dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil. Sulfate-free products are highly recommended as they help in making your hair extension last longer. In addition, you can be sure that your hair’s natural oils won’t be stripped off.

Scrubbing of Hair

Avoid scrubbing your hair, especially on the wefts. Channel your focus on your scalp and the hair just below the extension’s wefts. Vigorous scrubbing might result in loose wefts hence a shortened lifetime. Do not forget to gently apply some conditioner from the mid of your hair strands and all the way to the ends.

In-Shower Conditioner Application

 Should you feel that your hair needs some moisture, do not hesitate to apply some moisture treatment at the bottom of the hair extension, not very close to the scalp. Placing it too close to the scalp may weigh your hair down and result in damaged wefts.

Hair Drying

Avoid brushing through your hair while it is still wet. We highly recommend that you do not flip it upside down or wrap it in a towel. Gently pat, detangle and start working on your hair from the ends upwards. This will make your extensions to last longer and look as vibrant as when you first installed them.


Even though swimming is not part of showering, we have to mention it because there are some water and chlorine involved. A swimming cup would come in handy should you need to go to the gym or happen to be on a vacation and would love to swim. Chlorine damages hair wefts, making them loose. A swimming cap would protect your hair from any harmful chemicals. If you don’t fancy swimming caps and would prefer swimming without one,  do not soak your hair in water for long. Once you get out of the ocean or pool, dry your hair gently as soon as you can.



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