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Hair Extensions Rewards Program

Get Cash Back Every Time you Make a Purchase

That’s Right, with Dynasty Goddess Hair you not only get Great quality Hair Extensions at an affordable price, you also get cash back on every purchase with our Rewards Program.


Once  you make your 2nd purchase with us, We automatically enroll you in our Goddess Club Cash Back Rewards Program.


This means for every purchase you make with us, 5% of that purchase will be added to your Cash Back Rewards Account.


So if you spend $400.00 today……you will immediately get 2000 points. Every 1000 points equals a $10.00 credit on your Goddess Club Cash Back Account. The next day you can use that $10.00 to buy anything on our website. All you need is your Cash Back Rewards Voucher # to access your discounts.

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These are discounts that you’ve earned, Use them and save even more.

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