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Read This Before Buying Hair Extensions -Types of Hair Extensions

Read This Before Buying Hair Extensions -Types of Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions (Their Pros and Cons)


Hot Fusion (Keratin Bond Hair)

This type of hair extensions consist of keratin bonds that have been lined with silicone attached to individual hair strands. For the hair extension to be attached to your hair, your stylist will need to place a few stands of your hair between a U-tip and use a hot tool to seal your hair into the keratin bond.



  • If well taken care of, keratin bond hair extensions can last up to six months.



  • The application method makes use of heat and glue. These teo can easily damage your hair.
  • Cannot be reused
  • Since this method requires a highly skilled stylist, finding one can be difficult.
  • The application time can be very long, sometimes up to eight hours.



Micro Link Hair Extensions

Strands of hair are fed into a lock or bead then clamped on your hair with a special tool.



  • Hair extensions can be reused
  • No heat or chemical required
  • If properly maintained, can last up to six months
  • The end look is very natural and can easily be mistaken for your actual hair.



  • The pressure from the clips can sometimes be felt for days post application
  • The application process can be very long, ranging from four to eight hours
  • Finding a skilled stylist for this application method can be difficult as it requires proper prior practice.
  • If one has thin hair, the locks and beads can sometimes be visible in the hair.


Tape in Extensions

This is one of the most popular hair extensions in the current market. A special polyurethane tape is used to attach the extension to your actual hair.



  • Can last 6 to 8 weeks.
  • For an experienced stylist, it will take less than an hour for the application process.
  • Very affordable
  • They don’t require any heat or chemical application
  • They are reusable



  • The glue used could damage your hair
  • Just like other application methods, one can feel the application pressure for several days


Sew In Hair Extensions

Your hair is first braided and then the extensions are sewn onto the braided hair.



  • No chemical application is involved hence minimal damage to your hair
  • They can hardly slip unless the braid unravels



  • The tightness on the scalp can be felt for several days
  • The installation process can take several hours depending on how experienced your stylist is.


Clip-in Hair Extensions

These types of extensions are simply clipped on your hair, just as the name suggests. They are  very popular in the current market.



  • Can be applied and removed any time, giving you an opportunity to switch up between looks as much as you want
  • They are easily found and extremely affordable



  • Not recommended for women with thin hair as they tend to slip.
  • They are not meant for long use


This summary should help you decide on the type of hair extension that is best suited for your style. The best thing about hair extensions is that they came in a variety of colors and textures, giving every woman a chance to find what perfectly matches theu hair.






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