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Nadula Hair Vs. Dynasty Goddess Hair

Nadula Hair Vs. Dynasty Goddess Hair

Many of us have heard of Arjuni Hair, but If you haven’t heard of Nadula Hair, Its a hair company out of china that sells hair at a reasonable price. Many things have changed in the hair market over the last 5 years and one of the things is the expansion of the hair extension industry, the other is Dynasty Goddess Hair.
The biggest advantage to buying hair from Dynasty Goddess Hair vs Nadula Hair is that we offer Wholesale and Affiliate Packages. By offering beauty shops, wholesale entrepreneurs, makeup artist and stylist the opportunity to start their own hair extensions brand  and distribution partnerships. With just $650.00 dollars they can start selling  luxury hair extensions under their very own hair extension brand.
The Biggest difference between Nadula Hair  and Dynasty Goddess Hair is  “Hair Extension Price” and “Hair Extension Quality”.
Nadula Hair sources all of their hair from Guangzhou China. Whereas Dynasty Goddess Hair sources are from Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, Burma and Cambodia. The texture of Nadula and Dynasty Goddess Hair are extremely different. Dynasty Goddess Hair Company only sells 100% virgin unprocessed hair, and doesn’t have any synthetic fibers what so ever. Nadula Hair has 20% to 25% synthetic fibers and last 2 to 3 months, vs Dynasty Goddess Hair which can last 1 to 3 years.

Nadula Hair Vs. Dynasty Goddess Hair

The hair extensions price is where Dynasty Goddess Hair separates itself from NADULA hair extensions. Dynasty Goddess Hair sells full bundles at 3.52 oz , starting at $45.00 however NADULA sells 3.50 oz per bundle for $28.99. Do the math and you’ll see the difference, you can get hair that last 8 times longer for a fractional increase in price with Dynasty Goddess Hair vs Nadula Hair.
So the differences with Dynasty Goddess vs Nadula Hair in the Hair Extensions Marketplace is in pricing and Hair Extension quality. You should always Take your time looking for a company that sells virgin hair extensions, do your research and make sure that your purchase is well worth the investment.
The Last major difference with Dynasty Goddess Hair vs NADULA is the price/value of the hair extensions. Dynasty Goddess Hair is competitively priced all over the world. NADULA has reasonable hair extensions, but Dynasty Goddess Hair is priced at a much better value for the consumer. With a money back guarantee, which is something no other company out of china would do. Customer service at Dynasty Goddess is assured as Dynasty Goddess is American Owned and Family operated with 66% of the staff being women that wear hair extensions Look at the comparison and judge for yourself.
If you have any concerns or inquiries about Dynasty Goddess Hair Extensions product selections or Customer Service, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 1-800-285-6210.



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