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The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

So What’s The Difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig?

I must admit that the hair extensions / hair weaves industry is changing and changing fast. Just when I get used to the idea of one commodity, type of product or installation method here comes another. I’m sure I can not be the only one. I can barely keep up! However, I am always willing to try out the newest sensation. As of lately I’ve been shopping for a new wig and I realized there are probably dozens of people in the same boat but have the slightest clue as to the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig. If that’s you, no worries I’ve  got you covered.


What is a Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig is exactly that. A wig that has a lace frontal. Nothing more nothing less. Should be less confusing already. Right? However, if you need a little more information, a lace front wig or aka a lace frontal wig is a wig that uses a lace frontal at the front of the wig (the portion that sits closer to your hair line) along with wefted or tracked hair towards the back part of the wig. If you don’t know or is unclear as to what a lace frontal is, a lace frontal is simply a piece of sheer lace with hair strands embedded in to the base. Using a lace frontal allows the wearer to give the illusion of a more natural hair line.


Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig

What is a Full Lace Wigs?

Remember what I told you earlier about what a lace frontal is? A Full lace human hair wigs is pretty much the same thing. To make it simple a full lace wig is just like a lace frontal with the same embedded method used over the entire surface or base of the wig. Full lace wigs have a base that is created fully of lace unlike the lace front wig.

In short this makes the full lace wig is more versatile than a lace frontal wig. Mainly, because they can be worn in many different hair styles. You can even part or section the full lace wig anywhere you want and anyway you desire. Versus the lace front wig that will only allow you to part the lace frontal portion of the wig.  Not only that, full lace wigs are typically at a higher price point than a lace frontal wig and have a different method for installation.


I hope this helped you by clearing up some of the confusion when it comes to the difference of what a lace frontal or full lace wig is. Now you should be a more informed buyer and decide what will work better for you.



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