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How to Put in Clip Hair Extensions

How to Put in Clip Hair Extensions

How to Put in Clip Hair Extensions


Hair extensions have become one of the most popular ways to update hair styles. With just a few minutes, and quality extensions, you can change your hair style from short or medium length to lush, full, and long. Here is how to put in hair extensions.

It is most important to purchase real hair extensions. Synthetic ones can’t be styled very well, so it’s hard to get a more polished look. If you have curly hair plan on either curling the extensions to match, or straightening your natural hair before you put in the extensions.

How to Put in Clip Hair Extensions

• Layer one
Part your hair across the back of your head from ear to ear. The part should be about an inch from the bottom of your skull, where it creases when you tip your head back.
Pull the rest of the hair to the top of your head, out of the way.
Pinch a section of your real hair on one side of your head, and attach a clip.
Do the same thing on the other side of your head.
Add a third clip to the center, and you’re done with the first section.

• Layer two
Re-section your hair as before, parting, again, across the back of your head. Leave a 1 inch strip of natural hair hanging over the clips you just installed.
Pin the extra hair on the top of your head out of the way.
The strip of natural hair you just parted will partially obscure the clips. This also now gives you a strip of hair to attach the next set of clips.
You may need more than 3 clips for this section. That’s ok. Just repeat the steps above, going around the back of your head.
You’ll probably end up with a clip above each ear.


Clip Hair Extensions

• Layer three
Section your hair once again the same way you did the first two times.
Now, you’ll be using the two-clip extensions pieces. Three of these double clip extensions should be enough.
Put one double clip extension on each side of your head, and one in the middle back.

• Layer four
This is the last layer that will go all around the back of your head.
Section your hair for the last time. Make sure there is still hair pulled aside, because you’ll need it to cover the last set of clips.
These extensions will be placed randomly around the back of your head. Just be careful not to line them up with the clips below.
• Finally–You’ll want to take a small section of hair on each side of your head, a few inches above your ears. Clip your last two extensions here


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