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Five Key Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

Five Key Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

Five Key Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

1. Instant and Easy
Clip in hair extensions are the fastest and most effective way to add length to your hair. Unlike bonded hair extensions which involve using specialist glue and technical equipment, clip in extensions can be expertly added within minutes. Quality is so exceptional that no difference is detectable – provided of course they are matched in the initial appointment by a color expert.
2. Multi wefts Add Length AND Volume
Good quality clip in extensions come in ‘wefts’ – these are strips of that can be added from the base of the neck up to the crown. This means that not only does the wearer benefit from added length, but volume throughout is increased.
3. Offer A ‘No Risk’ Option
Clip in extensions are a great way to instantly create bigger and better hair without cutting, coloring or chemically altering your natural hair. If the ‘wefts’ are added and removed with care, then you benefit from versatile styling – not to mention an incredible, almost unlimited choice of color options – with no permanent change to the appearance of your natural hair. Many female wearers these days now cite clip in hair extensions as their favorite ‘replacement’ option precisely because of the choice of lengths and different colors available.

Clip In Hair Extensions

4. Follicle Friendly
Hair extensions are generally available in two options: temporary ‘clip-in’ as strips of hair “weft” or, permanent ‘bonded’ extensions in tiny strands. The latter option involves special glue and, or heated bonding equipment to fix the extension to natural hair. This means that there is inevitably extra strain on the hair follicle, particularly as bonded extensions are fixed in place 24 hours a day. In contrast, clip in extensions are fitted with small and many clips that evenly ‘grasp’ the hair across the head. Furthermore, extensions are easily removed before bed which means that there is no strain on natural hair overnight and can be worn for just weekends or special occasions.
5. Portability
Many female clients with hair thinning problems do not always want to wear their hair extensions but like to have them ‘on hand’ in case the occasion arises. Thankfully, clip in extensions are portable and incredibly easy to apply – which means they are the perfect accessory to help make the transition from ‘day’ to ‘night’. They are also perfectly suitable for taking on vacation as you will never be far away from a salon capable of fitting them for you.


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