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Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

Hi my group. My name is Karen and I am a weave’oholic. Let me start from the beginning. It all begin when I started middle school. I had recently joined the cheer leading squad and I was now starting to take more pride in my appearance. My wardrobe changed, my shoe game changed and of course my hair and nails game changed. After all I was a blossoming young lady and I was feeling myself.

Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

I got my first “hit” of hair extensions when I had to cheer for the first game of the season. I will never forget, the coach required all the girls to have long spiral curled ponytails with a large blue ribbon to match the uniform. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! After all I had been watching my favorite celebrities on TV with long beautiful hair and I wanted some of “that”. I had been begging my mom all summer to allow me to try a more grown up style, like a French roll or tuck. But she wasn’t having it. Finally she agreed to the ponytail and compromised because my hairstylist assured her it would be age appropriate.

Confessions of a Hair Weave’oholic

My mouth dropped to the floor when my stylist spun me around to the mirror so I can see myself for the first time with hair extensions. My mouth almost jumped out of the chair. I was in love and could not wait to show off my new hair style. I cannot begin to express how good I felt and how my self-confidence shot through the roof. You could not tell me I wasn’t the bee’s knees (whatever that means).
 I slung that ponytail so hard from left to right, I’m surprised I didn’t develop permanent whiplash from all the head tossing I did. I loved every long beautiful inch of that ponytail. Don’t get me wrong. I was not a bald headed little girl. I had hair. I had nice hair. But it wasn’t long and glamorous like this spiral curled ponytail. I fell in love with the idea of having long silky hair just like the woman I admired so much from the movies, TV shows and my favorite R&B groups. At an early age I recognized (this ponytail) came me a little extra umph.  For some reason I felt more attractive…… And pretty.
At this point I did not realize I was embarking on the beginning stages of being addicted to weave, I just knew, I loved what I saw and how I felt with hair extensions.


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