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Cheap Human Hair, and Those Who Love It

Cheap Human Hair, and Those Who Love It

Cheap Human Hair

“I love cheap human hair”, says no woman ever. Although, we may not want to pay for top grade hair extensions we still want the look of high quality expensive hair. I must admit, a lot of women tend to ask for way too much when it comes to buying hair extensions on a budget. They want to pay $9.99 and expect the hair to be made out of gold.
We go on sites like Aliexpress and see those gorgeous bundles (at least the pictures of the bundles are gorgeous) with prices and deals like, buy 4 – 30 inch bundles for the low low price of $49.99. We get excited, make the purchase and wait for our beautiful hair to come in the mail. While most of us have made this “steal” of a purchase out of sheer impulse, or based on the fact that the hair seems like its “good hair” just because of the pictures they use.
Just to later find out, after a few days of wearing the hair, that we’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the images they used and the fancy word play. “DANG IT!” we say to ourselves “I fell for it again!” As we shake our head in disbelief and try to rationalize how the hair had to be “good hair”. We thought we had a winner.

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Cheap Human Hair, and Those Who Love It

After going through this time and time again, I’ve finally learned that if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Let’s be real. People say it all the time, “good hair isn’t cheap and cheap hair isn’t good”. Although I’ve had several cases of trial and error when it comes to buying hair extensions, I’ve finally learned what they mean by this saying. The statement is very much true!
I’ve wasted a ton of money on buying weave, trying to be cheap or save the few extra dollars. After I did the math, it makes more sense to do the initial investment and pay more money upfront versus paying for low quality hair and paying more on the back end. In my experience, its best to buy higher quality hair, because they’ll last a lot longer than re-buying cheap inferior quality hair that only lasts a few months at a time.
I understand that not everyone can go and spend a few hundred dollars on virgin hair in one sitting. I get it! If that is the case, then be sure to get the best quality hair you can on your budget. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy the first cheap thing that looks good. Do some extra digging by researching the company. Check to see if the company has any Google reviews or YouTube reviews. Read the comments and make a decision based off what the previous customers have to say about the company and the quality of the hair.



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