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Arjuni Hair vs Dynasty Goddess Hair

Arjuni Hair vs Dynasty Goddess Hair

Arjuni Hair vs Dynasty Goddess Hair

Arjuni ?,
We have all heard of Arjuni hair, in fact if you haven’t then you can’t quite call yourself an O.G. of the hair extensions game. Arjuni  was at one point the penical of the virgin and raw hair extensions industry. Many things have changed since the late 2000’s when Arjuni was in its hey day and one of the things is the expansion of the hair extension industry, the other is Dynasty Goddess Hair.
A very distinct advantage to Buying from Dynasty Goddess  vs Arjuni is that we offer Wholesale Packages. By offering beauty supply stores, wholesale entrepreneurs, makeup artist and hair stylist the opportunity to start their own hair extensions business. With as little is $500.00 dollars you can start selling premium luxury hair extensions under your own named brand.
The Biggest difference between Arjuni and Dynasty Goddess Hair is simply put “Hair Extension Price” and “Hair Extension Weight”.
Arjuni sources all of their hair from Cambodia. Whereas Dynasty Goddess  sources are from Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Peru and Malaysia. The texture of Arjuni and Dynasty Goddess hair are extremely similar. The only differential is Dynasty Goddess  doesn’t offer Cambodian curly hair extensions at all.

Arjuni Hair vs Dynasty Goddess Hair

The hair extensions weight is where Dynasty Goddess Hair separates itself from ARJUNI extensions. Dynasty Goddess  sells full bundles at 3.52 oz , however ARJUNI sells 2.67 oz per bundle. Do the math and you’ll see, you can get more hair per bundle piece with Dynasty Goddess Hair vs Arjuni Hair.
As stated there are differences with Dynasty Goddess vs AJ  in Hair Extension weight and Hair Extension pricing. You should always
Take your time choosing a company that sells luxury hair extensions, do your homework and make sure that your purchase is a wise investment.
The second major difference with Dynasty Goddess Hair vs AJ is the price of the hair extensions. Dynasty Goddess Hair is competitively priced all over the world. AJ has great hair extensions, but Dynasty Goddess is priced at a much better value for the consumer. Look at the comparison: AJ 20 inch bundles are starting at $194.00 dollars, and  At Dynasty Goddess  our 20 inch bundles of Malaysian Hair Extensions start at $81.00 dollars, Peruvian Hair Extensions $79.00 dollars, Burmese Hair Extensions $85.00 dollars, and Mink Brazilian Hair Extensions $79.00 dollars.
If you have any concerns or inquiries about Dynasty Goddess Hair Extensions product selections or Customer Service, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 1-800-285-6210 and ask for Diane Stones.


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  1. DorcaJuicy says:

    Hello. I do miss arjuni, but im glad i found dynasty goddess hair. nice read

  2. cwcgirls says:

    awesome article and awesome hair

  3. mysideandme says:

    hair is my life

  4. sami says:

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  5. Briana Neal says:

    Dynasty goddess is great but arjuni was sooooooooo good, rest in peace arjuni

  6. Willz says:

    I have never found hair like Arjuni ever again!!! Arjuni was special! I Truly love this site

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