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Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?


Am I the only one that has a huge reliance on weave and hair extensions? Anyone?! I know it’s not just me… Right?! I love Mink Brazilian Body Wave hair and Malaysian Curly hair just as much as the next girl, but sometimes I think I am a little too dependent on other people’s hair.

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave? :

For the past 10 years or so I have relied on hair extensions, weaves and wigs to have the appearance of shinier, healthier and fuller looking hair. For me it’s more about convenience more than anything. I hate having to deal with my natural hair. It’s just so much easier to straighten, curl, bleach or dye hair extension versus damaging my very own hair. For me, all kinds of types of hair extensions have been a life saver for me. You name it, I’ve probably had it. From cornrow, box braids, clips ins or even a full head sew-in. I love them all!

A few months ago, I called myself giving my hair a break from all hair extensions and weaves. I said to myself “you need to let your hair breathe” and “embrace your natural beauty”. I’ve been off of the “weave crack” for the last 6 months and I must admit I am feigning to get my hands on some long flowing luscious virgin hair bundles to have installed in my head.

Am I Addicted to Hair Weave?


I called myself swearing off hair for at least for 1 year. However, I am struggling to keep this promise. I miss my virgin hair and how easy it is to maintain. However, after only six months in I want to sew in some tracks worse than ever. I’ve had to ask myself, why I feel so strongly about wearing weave and I can simply shrug it off for the convenience. But could it be more complex than that?

Do I not feel as beautiful rocking my natural hair? Do I feel less confident without the 20 inches of Brazilian Body Wave flowing down my back?

The truth is, weaves and wigs had become like a security blanket for me and I’m sure for other women as well (as much as they do not want to admit it). I had become addicted to the fantasy and accessibility of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I love hair extensions and don’t thing I will ever just do away with them for good but I have committed myself to being more and  feeling more comfortable in my own beauty. That includes my hair and skin. I guess you can say I’m pulling an Alicia Keys moments, but I think it’s important for woman to feel gorgeous on the inside just as much as on the outside with the assets only God has given them. I am growing and learning to do this. So that way I can have the best of both worlds no matter if I’m wearing my hair or virgin hair bundles.


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