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4 Unique Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions

4 Unique Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions

4 Unique Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions

4 Unique Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions , hair extensions, curly extensions, arjuni


Wanna learn 4 different techniques for curling your beauty and luscious virgin hair extensions?

Don’t freak out! I’m sure a ton of you must think I’m crazy. Like, who has the time, space or money to have 4 different curling tools? Not to worry ladies we’re only using 1 curling iron to get almost any curl or wave you want. If you want to learn more….

Just, keep reading for more Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions!
It’s no secret, I love wearing my hair in almost any kind of curly or wavy style. I will wear just about any type if curl, from the Kim Kardashian beach waves all the way down to those bouncy Shirley Temple spiral curls. And what I love most is that I can achieve any look I want using the same curling iron or wand curler by just using different techniques.
Today I’m sharing with you my top 4 favorite curling methods. Which can be used on your natural hair or your hair extensions. For the most part, I only use a 1- inch curling iron to achieve my desired look and style.
This is where it all began for many of us. Mainly because the technique is so easy to master.
First thing first, all you really have to do is mimic wrapping a ribbon on the barrel of the curling iron.  Just make sure the hair is even and flat. As well as minimum space between each wrap of hair around the curling iron barrel.  This will ensure your curls come out neat and perfect.
Before we move on, let me give you these little tips.
  • Hold the hair on the iron for 10-15 seconds at a time. This will allow the curl to set in place.
  • Next, before allowing your curl to fall into place, first hold the hot curl in your hand (no it’s not going to burn you) about for 5-6 seconds to allow it to cool, which will make for better curls.
4 Unique Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions , hair extensions, curly extensions, arjuni

4 Unique Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions

2. Corkscrew Curl
This is by far my most favorite and adored curling styles in Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions. I am in love with this curl pattern. It is just so glam, chic and sophisticated.
All you have to do to get this look is take a small section of hair and tightly twist it around the barrel. Almost as if you were making a rope with your hair.  You want to use a twisting and wrapping motion all at the same time.

See # 3 and 4 Below

3. Small or Tightly Wound Curls
Let’s set the record straight for all of you non-believers and naysayers… Yes… yes you can use a one-inch barrel to create small and tight curls. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself! The trick is to work in very small portions and sections. By doing this you can recreate the classic curl or the corkscrew curl but they will be tighter and smaller curls. Which will give you a completely different look all together.

4 Unique Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions


4. Loose Wave
This is my second favorite option. I feel like Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé when I wear this curl or wavy. This look is just so very sexy and grown woman. But the best part about it is that it can be your “go to look” when you are running short on time. (If you’re anything like me. You spent way too much time scrolling on Instagram, knowing you should be getting dress and now you’re running late lol)
This technique is perfect for getting those big loose “beach waves”. Just take a thick (but not too thick) section and place it around the barrel. With this method you will need to do some slight rolling of the iron. Make sure to curl the front sections of your hair away from your face. So you get that “I have my very own personal invisible fan blowing on me at all times” look
I hope this helped and gave you some inspiration to try some new curling methods. What are some of your favorite techniques to curl your hair or hair extensions? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.



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