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3 Easy Steps to Revive Your Old Hair Extensions

3 Easy Steps to Revive Your Old Hair Extensions

3 Easy Steps to Revive Your Old Hair Extensions

Have you used and abused your virgin hair extension? Do you have bags of old hair tucked away in the
back of your clothes closet? Do you have old wigs that look like an old matted dog? Does your hair
extensions now they look dull, tired, lifeless and worn out? Simply because you installed them one too
many times or simply did not take proper care of them. Don’t even worry about it! Today I’ll be giving
you 3 easy steps to revive your old hair extensions to make them look new again. Using these tips will
have your virgin hair extensions looking fresh and shiny, but best of all, healthy. Now go grab those
dusty bags or those old wigs and let’s work a miracle to get them back right.

The thing about human hair extensions is that most of us neglect the fact that its REAL HUMAN HAIR,
and just like your very own natural hair sometimes craves a little extra TLC your hair extensions need
the same kind of maintenance, especially to get those old extensions back to that bouncy, full of body
and flowy state.
Pay close attentions because I’m about to drop some jewels by sharing with you some of the best kept
secrets to use on old hair extensions.

3 Easy Steps to Revive Your Old Hair Extensions

Step 1
Trim your hair extensions. I know you probably bought your hair extensions to add length to
your hair in the first place, but just like your natural hair, you need a good trimming every now and then.
Trimming your hair extensions will get rid of the frazzled split ends and give your extensions a more
healthy appearance.

Step 2
Use a Pre-Poo. If you unfamiliar with the term pre-poo, let me explain. A pre-poo is simply a
nourishing treatment you apply to your hair before shampooing. Hence the work pre-poo, get it? Make
a lot more sense now, huh? A pre-poo can be a hot oil treatment or something more creamy like a blend
of avocadoes and bananas. Using a pre-poo helps to restore natural oils to the hair but is often too
heavy to use without being shampooed out afterwards.

3 Easy Steps to Revive Your Old Hair Extensions

Step 3
Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment. Once you have shampooed and conditioned your hair
extensions try using a deep conditioner treatment. What I personally like to do is place my extensions in
a plastic bags and then put them in my hooded dryer for about an hour. I don’t know what it is about
the heat that actives some extra nourishing properties, but it makes my hair buttery soft again. If you do
not have a hooded dryer you can use your microwave. I MUST WARN you, you should only microwave
your hair for about 15-30 seconds at a time; and DO NOT do any more than 5-6 rounds. Once I have

used a bit of heat, I then let my extensions sit in that same bag for about 24 hours. Rise and allow to air

Ladies, these tricks work like a charm. If you follow these 3 easy steps, your hair extensions will be soft
and manageable. You will think you just received a new set of hair extensions.
I would love to hear from you. If you have used any of these tricks let me know how they turned out for
you or if you have anything you would like to add or share on how to revive old hair extensions, please
leave a comment below.


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